Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


          The Southwest Superchargers most recent appointment was at the New Amarillo Dragway Amarillo, Texas. Fourteen superchargerd hopefuls hauled their equipment north for the meet.
          Qualifying for our SWSC racers and crews began under pleasant skies with warm temps and potent but managable breezes. Bill Norman/Norman Bros/Bennett & Oliver debuted for the day with a 7.7751/173.59. Clay Cunningham/Waynes World Racing went 7.7069/177.08. Brittny Blakelys mount performed well with a 7.7781/174.46. Lyle Byrums ATI Racing car ran a nice 7.6761/173.59. Recent winner Julian Moody/Pipeliner  team made a 7.8047/172.58. Mike Jones/Voodoo Child first SWSC pass of 2010 was a 7.6662/182.96. Showtime Racings Doug Meshirer went 7.8508/162.47. Buck Woolen ran a very nice 7.6309/176.50. Andy Mears Banzai Racing team ran a great 7.6062/173.59. The Quick Thrill Gary Hill rattled the Goodyears and displayed a 8.1640/170.42. Sue Stringers Twisted Sister team ran a soft 8.2409/152.01 on their new horizontal Enderle f.i. But Jacob Penner (Just For Kicks Racing) topped out with his 7.5959/180.63. Marvin Boyle (slingshot) didn't run, Don David (U.S. Army backed) lost oil pressure, and Gilbert Tejeda was a no-show in Q-1.
          In the second round of qualifying for the SWSC, Andy Mears ran an SWSC-ignored 7.3732/187.32. Julian Moody improved to a 7.5321/177.22. Clay Cunningham went 7.5881/176.34. Sue Stringer went too fast (7.4282/172.48) when her tuner missed the mark widely. Brittny Blakely ran an excellent 7.6058/177.93. Mike Jones Q-2 pass was 7.6392/182.87. Bill Norman went 7.6821/179.37. Gary Hill made his Goodyears stick to the Amarillo surface for a 7.7263/173.61.
          Donnie Powells computer showed the qualifying ladder to be #1 Jacob Penner (.0041 off index) #2 Brittny Blakely (.0058) #3 Andy Mears (.0062) #4 Clay Cunningham (.0119) #5 Buck Woolen (.0309) #6 Mike Jones (.0392) #7 Julian Moody (.0689) #8 Lyle Byrum (.0761 off).   Outside the 8-car qualified field was #9 Bill Norman (.0821...7.6821 on a 7.600 index) #10 Gary Hill (.126) #11 Doug Meshirer (.2508) and #12 Sue Stringer (.6409 off index).
          Round 1 SWSC Eliminations started with Lubbock neighbors #3 Andy Mears and #6 Mike Jones flogging their drive trains into racing condition. In a close 7.6249 to 7.6371 pass Mears "Banzai" team took the win on a holeshot with the slower e.t., .0549 to .0771, a final win margin of just .010 sec, a Southwest Supercharger pass! Next #1 Jacob Penner and #8 Lyle Byrum heated the tires to get ready for their duel. Penners car fell off to a 7.8622/155.10 and #8 Lyle avanced to the semi-final on his 7.7660/171.21. #4 Clay Cunningham and #5 Buck Woolen next advanced from bleach box to starting line. Bucks 7.7131/173.71 was out-run by Clays 7.6610/162.49. And Buck had the best r.t. of the round with his .0139. The last pair of Rd 1 was #2 Brittny Blakely vs. #7 Julian Moody. Julian came out with a 7.6983/163.08 but had to concede this round to Brittnys superior 7.6428/171.07. Good Job!
          The SWSC semi-final round commenced with #3 Andy Mears facing #2 Brittny Blakely. Mears left the Amarillo starting line first...but it was .029 before the green light disqualifying his 7.8038/172.54 in favor of Brittnys spot-on 7.6069/176.48. The other half of the SWSC final would be either #4 Clay Cunninghem or #8 Lyle Byrum. Clay put up a nice 7.6941/167.22 but Lyle dominated with his 7.6282/166.60.
          Now the SWSC final was shaping up to be a burner. Both competitors sport motors in the 600-inch range. Both also run the competitive Top Dragster class regularly. And this was the first SWSC final for both drivers. After a respectable r.t. by both, Brittny got to the stripe first...but too soon on an under-index pass of 7.5709/173.25 to Lyles winning 7.6300/177.08. A grand SWSC Congratulations to first time winner Lyle Byrum & CC Bobby Brown & the ATI Racing team. And "kudos" to the runner-up team of Brittny Blakely & Paul & Lisa Blakely. Great Job, All!

 Winning team Lyle Byrum











Runner Up Brittny Blakely.










          Special thanks to the new owners/operators of the New Amarillo Dragway for contributing and extra $500 from ticket sales to the John Wayne Cancer Fund and another $100 out of their personal pocket on top of that. Our sincere appreciation. We understand you liked our show. Hope to see you again next year.

          Now pay attention as the SWSC next returns to Midlands Desert Thunder raceway June 26. The points race is heating up and the racing is tightening up! See You at the Races!
          For the Amarillo Dragway fans the Southwest Superchargers made:
18 passes on-index 7.60s
12 passes off-index 7.60+
8  passes under-index
31 passes over 170 mph!
Mears Mazda #1 Qualifier Bonus to Jacob Penner
Mears Mazda #2 Qualifier Bonus to Brittny Blakely
Mears Mazda #3 Qualifier Bonus to Andy Mears
Sunset Racecraft Progressive Qualifier Bonus to #9 Bill Norman

Good Vibrations Quick Lite Award goes to Buck Woolen .013 r.t. rnd 1.

Jerry Norman Driver Bounty to Jacob Penner for out-leaving Lyle Byrum in Rd 1 .0817 to .1238

      Fuzzy Gearhead