The Southwest Superchargers 2010 season started with a roar March 14 @ El Paso Motorplex. Sixteen cars attempted runs to qualify for the 8-car field. 

          On a bright warm but windy Sunday afternoon Q-1 saw Randy Kiscadon (driving Gary Hill's "Quick Thrill" Mopar wedge powered dragster) break a mag shaft in the burnout. Sue Stringers 427 Chev dragster spun yielding a sub-par 9.185. Doug Meshirer's "SHOWTIME" Midland-based dragster kicked off 2010 with a nice 7.820. Local racer Lyle Byrum began with an officially-ignored 7.408. And a big SWSC "Thank You" to Lyle and the team for all the equipment and assistance in prepping the facility. David Chestnutt's Hemi-powered monster went a barely-legal 7.513. Don David's new back motored car turned a 7.435. SWSC 2009 Points Champion Julian Moody started 2010 with a superb 7.62. Ray Stringers Alamogordo based small block went 7.582. The Waynes World dragster went 7.594 with Clay Cunningham driving. Andy Mears new paint-n-pipe started with a 7.881. Jacob Penner's big block ran 7.641. The 500 inch big block of Buck Woolen made a 7.580. The "Flashback" funster of the Norman Bros want a sub-index 7.489. Brittny Blakely's new ride turned a super-quick 7.32. Buck Woolen Jr. had made the trip, ran a t-n-t pass Saturday night, broke the oil pump and couldn't make a run Sunday.

          Q-2 witnessed Don David go a legal 8.313. Moody went closer to the index, 7.596. Penner slowed to a 7.830. Chestnutt went under 7.375. Lyle made a legitimate 7.506. Andy got in with his 7.704. Sue spun again 9.218. Bill Norman Q-2 pass was faster, 7.463. Brittny slowed slightly, 7.36. Clays second shot was a consistent 7.570. Buck Sr. had a vibration in the burn out and rolled through.

          At this point allow this scribe to remind all our readers of the SWSC rules governing qualifying. All runs count toward a drivers position on the SWSC ladder except any runs more than 1/10 second faster than the index of 7.60 (1/4 mile). Those runs 7.499 and quicker are officially ignored, as if no run was made. Also, all runs between 7.500 and 7.600 will be considered equally with all runs slower than the index. So, a 7.594 can out-qualify a 7.607 (.006 off index vs. .007 off). That said, numbers given in parenthesis are off-index, + or-.

          On the ladder, Julian Moody was #1 with his best run of 7.596 (.004). #2 Qualifier was Clay Cunningham based on his 7.594 (,006). #3 Buck Woolen went a best of 7.586 (.014). Ray Stringer was #4 7.582 (.018). According to our numbers #5 was Jacob Penner 7.641 (.041). #6 David Chestnutts best was 7.513 (.087). #7 was Lyle Byrum with his 7.506 (.094). And Andy Mears anchored the first SWSC field of 2010 with his 7.704 (.104). #9 Doug Meshirer 7.820 (.220). #10 Don David 8.313 (.713). #11 Sue Stringer 9.185 (1.585). #12 Bill Norman no legal passes #13 Brittny Blakely no legal passes. #14Randy Kiscadon no times #15 Buck Woolen Jr no times.

          Rd 1 SWSC Eliminations roared to life as #3 Buck Woolen fired to run #6 David Chestnutt. Both big block cars stormed off into the El Paso night and Chestnutt got the nod in a double breakout 7.55 to Buck worse 7.47. Next #2 Clay Cunningham won with a near-perfect 7.608 over  #7 Lyle Byrum. #4 Ray Stringer lost (7.80) to #5 Jacob Penner (super 7.61). And #1 Julian Moody advanced over #8 Andy Mears.

          Rd 2 began late and cold. #1 Moody advanced with a sub-index 7.58 when #5 Penner went red on the tree. #2 Cunningham went to the final over #6 Chestnutt 7.634 vs. 7.53 (Under).

          The SWSC Final shaped up perfectly as the #1 and #2 Qualifiers met. Both Moody and Cunningham pounded the pavement on the way to the stripe and gave the spectators a spectacular side-by-side 7.680 to 7.688...with #2 Clay Cunningham making the quicker e.t. and taking the win despite a slightly slower r.t. Congrats to the Waynes World Team of the Amarill area (Hereford & Dumas, Tex.).

          Awright, fans, load up! We're off to Midland and Desert Thunder Raceway April 3 for our first 1/8 mile race of 2010. We'll See You at the Races!




7.60s        7
7.50s        10
7.70s        1
7.80s        2
7.40s!       4
7.30s!      3


Closest to index in elims    7.608   Clay Cunningham

Tightest  race                    7.68 - 7.68 Final

Honorable Mention            Brittny Blakely and the Family 7.30s! (BRAKES!)