Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


        Penner Wins Race 2 of 2010


     The Southwest Superchargers assembled for their second race April at Desert Thunder Raceway in Midland.  Jacob Penner came out on top of a faster car field.

    Qualifying began for our SWSC brethren early as near-perfect conditions made everyone eager to begin.  El Paso’s Julian Moody roared off to a 4.74/148 pass with Jacob Penner displaying a 4.570/153 in the right lane (4.80 index).   Alamogordo’s Buck Woolen, Sr ran 4.690/148 vs. Lubbock’s Andy Mears, 4.952/141.   Sue Stringer went 4.979/139 in qualifying round 1 as Randy Kiscadon struggled with Gary Hills Mopar, 7.659/95.  Lyle Byrum pass was 4.680/151 against Don David’s U.S. Army –sponsored 4.689/148.  Midlands own Doug Mershirer ran 4.862/149 with Bill Norman 5.011/143.  Russ Padgett brought out a 68 Camaro and searched for a tune-up,7.460/83.   And the long-awaited debut of Greg Powell’s funny car allowed a 5.444/131.  Nice looking piece, by the way.   Nicely detailed, looked to handle well, all around a welcome addition to our SWSC family of cars.

     Qualifying 2 started with Byrum making a legal 4.843/144 vs Dons 4.645/152 (two runs too fast).   Randy again tried and missed, 11.212/46 along side Andy’s 4.710/151.  Doug Mershirer ran under 4.743/153 when Buck Woolen ran 4.769/141.  Sue improved slightly 4.898/140 and Buck Woolen, Jr. made a decent 4.991/140.  Jacob displayed an under-index 4.770/128 vs Julian’s 4.749/148.  Bill Norman’s final attempt yielded a nice 4.835/145.  Russ Padgett’s run was 6.856/93 and Greg Powell’s flopper stepped up to 5.292/135.

     After going over the Desert Thunder Raceway Accutime printouts, the ladder was revealed:  #1 Qualifier was Jacob Penner, #2 Buck Woolen, Sr. #3 Bill Norman, #4 Julian Moody, #5 Lyle Byrum,  #6 Doug Meshirer, #7 Andy Mears, and #8 Sue Stringer.   Outside was #9 Buck Woolen, Jr.,  #10 Don David, #11 Greg Powell, #12 Randy Kiscadon and #13 Russ Padgett.

     Round 1 of SWSC Eliminations arrived as #2 Buck Woolen and #7 Andy Mears fired and moved toward the burn-out box.   Buck stumbled broken transmission could only run 5.457/98 and surrendered to Andy’s 4.916/129.  Next #3 Bill Norman met #6 Doug Meshirer.  Doug snapped a trans and Bill got the win 4.945/135.  #4 Julian Moody ran #5 Lyle Byrum and a super-close decision next to Moody 4.835/140 to Lyles 4.879/146.  But Lyle Byrum collected the Jerry Norman Race Cars Driver Bounty on Julian with a better reaction,  .0629 to Julian’s .0866 (.023 better).   Finally #8 Sue Stringer reluctant ride refused to spin so #9 Buck Woolen, Jr., moved in to run #1 Jacob Penner.  Penner came out on top with his 4.849/124 vs Jr’s. struggling 5.896/87.

     The SWSC semi-finals began with #1 Penner and #4 Moody squaring off in the bleach box.  Another super close SWSC spectator-perfect pass displayed 4.811/138 for Penner to Moody losing 4.838/145 (.027).   Then #7 Mears met #3 Norman and the closest pass of the day.   What a pass!    Normans 4.8538/144 relenting to Mears 4.8382/146!  Margin of victory .015 seconds!   Giving the fans their moneys worth!

    The final was #1 Jacob Penner and #7 Andy Mears.  Mears gave out an under-index pass of 4.782/147 and Penner finished on top with a near-perfect 4.8082/130 on the SWSC 1/8 mile index of 4.80!  .008 off!   Excellent!  Great Job Jacob, Benny and Darrell.


    Sunset Racecraft Progressive Qualifier:   #11 Greg Powell


    Mears Mazda  #1 Qualifier:     Jacob Penner

                              #2 Qualifier:     Buck Woolen, Sr

                              #3 Qualifier:     Bill Norman


Jerry Norman Race Cars Driver Bounty:    Lyle Byrum


4.80s     12

4.90s      5

4.70s      5



Many SWSC thanks to the Staff and Management of Desert Thunder Raceway for the best surface we’ve seen in many a/race.     Good Job Guys!



Floyd Stringer