The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


        Munster Mashes SWSC @ DTR
The Southwest Superchargers held the third race of the 2014 SWSC racing season July 19 @ Desert Thunder Raceway/Midland, Texas. Ten supercharged machines attended to put on a show for the Texas race fans.

    Qualifying began around 7:00 p.m. after the West Texas sun had relented a little. SWSC Chief Don David paired up with SWSC rookie Brian Beasley. Both cars left early (LB3A) but recorded times of 5.1727/144.5 and 6.2182/145.4 respectively. Ricky Esparza and Sue Stringer were next. Sue spun slightly and only showed a 5.2434/139.62 to Ricky’s nice 4.8770/142.14. Third pair consisted of Brittny Blakely and Joe Navar. These young guns in the SWSC went 4.6765/155.01 (!) and 4.7760/144.74. WOW! Nice runs! Gary Hill brought his Mopar powered entry up to run with the small block slingshot of Eddie Tidwell. Tidwell’s “Munster” mobile left early and tricked the clocks into revealing a soft 5.2235/121.07 to Gary’s 4.8791/143.54. Newcomer Rodney Ferguson came up for a rookie single driving the Wayne’s World entry of Wayne Reinert of Hereford, Tx. Ferguson clicked off a fine 4.6854/150.65 pass. Also, SWSC rookie Rickey Weeaks of Roswell got a full run in for his nice Ford-powered ‘23 T with a soft 6.4185/75.96 after the ‘chute deployed early (gotta move that switch!).

Round 2 Qualifying got under way after 9:00 and the weather was fine. Moderate temps, no precip, and mild breezes. Fine. Don went to the top of the SWSC ladder with his fantastic 4.7056 (4.70 index). B. Beasley likewise improved significantly, 4.6825. Ricky Esparza went a nice 4.8001 and Sue again spun and drifted enough to lift, 5.3658. Brittny got on the right side of the index with her 4.7662 to Joe’s better 4.6980 (Hello #1 Qualifier). Hill stepped up with a 4.8172 to Eddies much better 4.7453. Ferguson displayed a dead-on-consistent (see Rd 1) 4.6855. And Rickey W slowed some after spinning and sashaying all over DTR to a 9.4806.

Also, this needs a mention. In Q-2, Don David ran off the end after a late ‘chute. No major damage, but Don and the SWSC staff wish to recognize ALL the SWSC Family of racers who came over and asked and helped and pitched in and worked to get Don ready for Rd 1 Elims. Wayne R., Ricky (Sr. & Jr.), Navars (all), Blakely’s, Bill Norman, Earl Bennett, everyone should be proud of everyone in this outstanding Family of racers. Thank you all. (Gives me goose bumps).

    The SWSC professional pencil pushers in the tech trailer produced a ladder that went like this: #1 Qualifier Joe Navar (.0020 off index) would run #8 Qualifier Gary Hill (.1172 off). #2 Don David (.0056 ) would meet #7 Ricky Esparza (.1001). #3 Rodney Ferguson (.0145) would get #6 Eddie Tidwell (.0453). And #4 Brian Beasley (.0175) would meet #5 Brittny Blakely (.0235). Notice the top six qualifiers were lass than one tenth of a second off index. Good close SWSC racing. #9 Sue & #10 Rickey Weeaks.

Rd 1 Eliminations began with #4 Beasley and #5 Blakely firing their respective respectable rides to duke it out on the DTR eighth mile. Brian had a decent light (but a tad slower than Brittny’s) but surrendered to a break-out pass of 4.6725/145 to Brittny’s winning 4.6972/149. Double break-out, .0275 vs. .0028. Holy Cow, what a way to start elims! Next #3 Rodney Ferguson ran #6 Eddie Tidwell. Ferguson left early and lifted, 5.1140/105 to Eddies slippery winning 5.4751/83. #1 Qualifier Joe Navar fired to run #8 Gary Hill next in the run order. After the burn-out Joes mount stalled and died. The DTR starter immediately turned to Hill and signaled a single. Before Hill finished staging, Joe restarted but the starter sent Hill on his way. After much rehashing, hand-wringing and discussion, the decision was made to re-run the pair, based on the fact every competitor has a right to a reasonable time to stage, and a right to one re-start. That and the starter was so quick to pull the trigger on the decision to send a single. Hill got the win of course, but we would have our first rerun in SWSC history. The last pair in Rd 1 was #2 Don David vs. #7 Ricky Esparza. Ricky got the win light when Don’s mount spun viciously (after a terrific .004 r.t.) and recorded only a soft 8.3957/41 to Ricky’s winning 4.7511/146.53.

In that rerun necessitated by the first round faux pas, Gary Hill ran Joe Navar and Joe got the win on a 4.8096/134.73 to Gary’s under-index 4.6890.147.01. Joe advanced to the semi-final round. We regret that was necessary, but feel had the tables been reversed, the other team would have demanded and received the same treatment.

Rd 2 SWSC Elims started with #1 Joe Navar and #5 Brittny Blakely facing off in the DTR bleach box. Joe got the win light on an outstanding 4.7010/142.05 vs. Brittny’s game 4.7836/148.56. Great pass, Y’all! #6 Eddie Tidwell met #7 Ricky Esparza in the other half of the semi final round. Ricky left first with a .0534 light but lost by .01 sec. going a 4.7354/147.83 to Tidwell's quicker 4.7013/145.02. Another SWSC run of the day!.

The SWSC Final @ DTR came around unfortunately late for the spectators, around 2:30 a.m. #1 Joe Navar and his big block rear motored dragster met #6 Eddie Tidwell in his small block slingshot. Eddie's been doing a front motored thing for about umpteen years, Joe was the SWSC 2013 Rookie of the Year, and finished 2nd in points last season. So there were not gonna be any gimmes on this run. Joe stepped out there first but ran under index by a MINISCULE .0018 (4.6982/142.95) as Eddie went a PERFECT 4.7000/140.36. A Southwest Superchargers perfect run. How could anyone expect a better more side-by-side perfect pass than that by any class. Perfect is a superlative I’ve over used in this report, but the racing demands it. Excellent!

    Wow! Now (on Monday morning) as I try to recover from the weekend’s festivities, I reflect on the event. By any standards, a great memorable time was had. Hopefully the fans got an eyeful, we hope we lived up to your expectations. Hope to see you again. Follow us as we travel to Little River Raceway in Temple, Tx Aug 16. We’ll see you at the races!


The Tidwell's enjoy a long over due win! Congrats guys!! Great outting.


The entire Navar team. Great job once again, 2 final round appearance's.  Congratulations Joe!

4.70’s 11

4.60’s 11

145 mph+ 6

150+ 2

Spread (#1-#8) .002-.1172 .115



   Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Award Don David Rd 1 .004

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Brittny Blakely 4.6765

Gary Smith/SWSC Best Pass of Elims Eddie Tidwell 4.7000!

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Eddie Tidwell

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Bonus Joe Navar


Don and Lisa David.


Eddie Tidwell   "Munster Racing"  I love that small block!!!

Rick and Rickey Esparza from Las Cruces. Great to see you guys out. A semi final outting.

Wayne Rienert and "Waynes World Racing" is BACK! Nice to see you guys out racing again. Great numbers first time out. Congrats.

Gary and Barbara Hill from T or C.


Floyd and Sue Stringer ,  Alamogordo NM.