Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


          Wise Wins @ Caprock

     The Southwest Superchargers held their latest race @ Caprock Motorplex outside Odessa, Texas, July 9. Thirteen supercharger enthusiasts attended to try and take home the money and bragging rights.

     Ricky Esparza started timed runs off with his officially-ignored sub-index pass of 7.4578 on the SWSC 7.600 index. Mike Jonesí first pass was a decent 7.6962. Andy Mears ran a 7.4596, under index. Bill Normans team gave him a tune up to envy, a PERFECT 7.6004! Havenít seen one of those in a long time! Jacob Penner went 7.5279 on his first attempt on the concrete quarter. Clint Caudell showed up to drive Marvin Boyles nostalgia slingshot and could only eek out a 9.2846. Gary Smith displayed a barely-legal 7.5101. Jason Wise went a respectable 7.7291 in Mike Aton's car. Eddie Tidwell showed and struggled to an 8.0396. Lyle Byrum squirted out a nice 7.5640. And Jack Bartlett (we heard) burned a piston on a 8.1604. Bummer.

     Q-2 began and the Sun was still high in the sky and warm as burnt toast. Gary Smith slowed to an 8.034/161.60 vs. Andy Mearsí 7.972/158.31. Jason Wise improved with a 7.676/177.11 against Bill Normans 7.523/181.74. Mike Jones went 7.403/183.71 to Al Seelig's legal 7.536/178.49. Eddie Tidwell made a bye and barely made a 12.19/61. And finally Jacob Penner went 7.649/173.50 with Lyle Byrum's 7.659/172.43 in the opposite lane. Tight!

     The Caprock Motorplex printouts proved the SWSC #1 Qualifier would be Bill Norman (.0004 off index!) and would meet #8 Andy Mears in Rd#1 (.372 off). #2 Lyle Byrum (.036 off) would meet #7 Mike Jones (.096). #3 Jacob Penner (.049) would race #6 Gary Smith (.090). And in the middle of the ladder #4 Al Seelig (.064) would get to race #5 Jason Wise (.076). Let the duel begin!

     #4 Al Seelig began the round with #5 Jason Wise. Al moved first (.025 reaction time) but Jason went by him in the lights for the win, Als 7.839/140.31 losing to Jason's 7.711/167.08. Next #3 Jacob Penner met #6 Gary Smith. Gary got the win light as his legal 7.621/171.0 outpaced Penner's tardy 7.479/177.22. #2 Lyle Byrum ran #7 Mike Jones and Lyle got the light narrowly as his 7.662/176.93 outstripped Mikes close 7.683/177.71. Nice Pass! #1 Bill Norman went up against #8 Andy Mears and Andy took the win light with a 7.624/179.68 when Bill ran under the index slightly, 7.591/158.18!

    Rd 2 Eliminations came around after 11:00 as #2 Lyle Byrum fired up to meet #1 Bill Norman, who was replacing a broken Gary Smith (brake caliper mount). Lyle ran the closest pass-to-index of the weekend, a winning 7.608/171.52 vs. Bills sub- 7.417/174.16. #5 Jason Wise warmed up the Big Block to run #8 Andy Mears. Andy's 7.728/178.22 couldnít keep pace with Jason's 7.640/177.77.

     As the night finally cooled and the racers and fans dwindled, our final two SWSC racers came out for their last battle of the night. #2 Lyle Byrum and #5 Jason Wise started their respective cars and moved to the bleach box. But it all ended prematurely as Lyle lit the red light by .013, handing the win to Jason and his 7.643/169.54 vs. Lyles 7.596/169.54. Great run, Guys!



     A Big SWSC Thank You to the Wright family for having us down, we look forward to returning next year!

     OK, SWSC Fans, itís on to Hobbs Aug 11 for the Lindsey Callaway Memorial Children's Hospital Race and SWSC Race #5. Weíll See You There!

          ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Gary Smith (7.510)

       Good Vibrations Quick Light Award Jason Wise (.021)

     SWSC Closest to Index Pass Lyle Byrum (7.608)

  170 + mph 16

  7.60s 12

  Spread .462 (7.972-7.510)

  7.59 or quicker 13