Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


     The Southwest Superchargers ran one of their patented heads up blower events September 8 @ El Paso Motorplex. The crowds were fine, the show better, and the weather perfect. Thirteen blower cars made appearances to try and get in the 8-car field.
      Around 6:00 p.m. under clearing skies and pleasant temps, Q-1 started with Al Seelig rolling to the burnout box opposite Gary Hill. Looking for a 4.70 e.t. on the 1/8 mile event, Seelig went 4.8545/147.30 in Chuck McBride's dragster. Gary Hill ran a nice 4.7178/145.44. Next up was Sue Stringer and local hero Ricky Esparza in his and Dads slingshot. Sues 4.9063/147.69 outpaced Ricky's spin-plagued 5.4955/91.11. 2011 SWSC Points Champion Lyle Byrum and Don David paired up in Q-1 and Lyle made a 4.6717/148.81 vs. Dons 4.8880/143.95. Jacob Penner pulled out against Bill Norman and Jacob had the better 4.8526/141.96 as Bill slid to a 7.0450/62.63. Ray Stringers small block came out to run Brittny Blakely and the result was a nice close 4.6868/147.78 for Ray to Brittnys 4.7192/151.77 (!). Best m.p.h. of the weekend!  Past SWSC Champ Julian Moody went 4.9198/142.90. Buck Woolen Jr. and Jason Wise had the closest pass of the year when Buck went 4.8990/141.87 to Jason's 4.8998/145.30 (.0008 difference in e.t.!). SWEET!
      Q-2 saw Gary Hill go to the top of the SWSC chart with a 4.7100/146.34. Al Seelig improved nicely, 4.6765/149.06. Ricky Esparza still spun but handled it to a 4.9792/139.41. Jacob Penner had a worse time of it and made a 5.0731/136.61. Bill Norman likewise 5.0699/142.86 in his front motored car. Ray Stringer fared no better with his 5.2829/146.68. Julian stepped up with a 4.7933/145.30. Buck Woolen Jr. nuked a timing gear just past 60’ and coasted to a 11.5201/32/43. Jason Wise could only urge Mike Aton's dragster to a spinning 5.5467/143.59. Brittny Blakely slowed slightly on her second attempt, 4.7938/148.17. Sue improved a tenth, 4.8115/148.27. And Lyle Byrum made a consistent 4.6467/149.20.
      After gathering up enough info, Lisa Blakely's laptop gave us the standings. #1 qualifier Gary Hill (.0100 off index) would meet #8 qualifier Jacob Penner (.1526 off). #2 Ray Stringer (.0132) would get to run #7 Sue Stringer (.1115). This one would be worth the price of admission. #3 Brittny Blakely (.0192) met #6 Julian Moody (.0933). And #4 Al Seelig (.0235) got #5 Lyle Byrum (.0283 off the 4.70 index).
      Around 9:00 as the temp had dropped to a cool 63 and the wind had shifted ninety degrees, Rd 1 SWSC eliminations came to life. #4 All Seelig and #5 Lyle Byrum met in the El Paso Motorplex bleach box and Lyle came out on top 4.8635/143.59 to a 4.8398/147.20, but it was Jason Wise filling in as Al's car would not turn over and the #9 alternate got make a show of it.  Next #3 Brittny Blakely ran #6 Julian Moody. Brittnys 4.7569/133.45 overcame Julian's 5.1149/139.71. #2 Ray Stringer warmed up to run against Mom’s big block and Ray took the stripe but not the win when his sub-index 4.673/143.22 surrendered to Sues spinning 8-second pass! Finally #1 Gary Hill lined up to run #8 Jacob Penner. Gary's winning 4.6604 moved on vs. Penner's red-light initiated 5.3463/147.69.
      Rd 2 saw #3 Brittny Blakely meet.... Ray Stringer! Ray had been substituted into the second round as fast loser from Rd 1 when Sues 515 motor came up lame in the first lap. So...Brittnys great r.t. of .411 yielded to Ray at the finish when her e.t. showed to be below index by just .0030, 4.6970/144.65 against Rays off-pace 5.0001/137.45. Next Gary Hill met Lyle Byrum and the #1 qualifier moved to the final with a super 4.7069 vs. Lyles sub-index 4.6831/136.94 (brakes).
      The final round for the El Paso money came off after 1:00 a.m. as #2 Ray Stringer and #1 Gary Hill began their burn-out rituals. As the two left the line, Ray had the advantage but the win light came on in Gary's lane as Ray ran under-index 4.6659/147.69 to Gary's better and legal 4.7923/144.51.


Congrats to Gary Hill and crew guy Sierra County Under Sheriff Glenn on a well-raced win! And to R/U Ray Stinger and his mighty mouse motor!







We would like to welcome "One Seven West Photography" ,Jeff Moore took some great pics in El Paso this

 past weekend make sure you click thru to check out the photo gallery and buy a picture or two.


Spread of qualified field .1809
Best MPH 151.77 Brittny Blakely
ATI Jet Fastest Qualifier 4.6717 Lyle Byrum
SWSC Closest Pass to index 4.7069 Gary Hill (also #1 Qualifier & Race Winner!)

  Good Vibrations Best r.t. of elims .4115 (TWICE!) Brittny Blakely


OK, SWSC race fans! Follow us to San Antonio October 6 as we quickly approach the years end! We’ll see you at the races!