Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


                                        Moody Mops Up @ SWSC Season Opener

     The Southwest Superchargers opened the 2012 racing season May 5 at El Paso Dragway with a bang. Julian Moody and the Pipeliner Team took the win over a 12-car field of blower fanatics.
     The winds played havoc with the schedule early in the day, and the opening round was postponed in hopes the problem would resolve itself. The weather man came through and after 4:00 p.m. the breezes became manageable enough to finish prepping the track without making it a 1320’ sheet of sandpaper. On with the show!
     Jacob Penner (Seminole, TX) started the season off for the SWSC with a tire-frying pass past half-track which garnered him a 8.7366/110.59 as Jack Bartlett (Sweetwater, TX) had a similar experience and displayed a soft 8.4826/127.73. (Hey, Jack, long time no see! Glad you made it!). Next up was Al Seelig (El Paso) driving Chuck McBride's dragster. Al’s first pass in a rail netted him a 8.2377/169.43 vs. Greg Powell's (Andrews, TX) Mustang-bodied flopper, 8.4042/121.65. Buck Woolen Jr. (Alamogordo, NM) arrived with his new pipe to see how it would perform, and showed a fine 7.7228/175.58. Good Job! Another second generation racer made a great pass beside Buck, Ray Stringer (Alamogordo, NM) put up a too-fast 7.4465/179.14. Check the SWSC rules page and understand any passes more than .1 under the SWSC index of 7.60 are officially ignored. Nice pass, just doesn’t officially exist. Alamogordo's Buck Woolen Sr. joined with Brittny Blakely (Anthony, NM) to make the next competing pair. Brittnys excellent 7.5916/180.36 launched her to the top of the SWSC ladder, and Buck displayed a 7.7256/176.06. SWSC 2011 Points Champ Lyle Byrum (El Paso) started his burn out ritual coupled with Julian Moody (El Paso). Lyle made a 7.5687/169.49 vs. Julian's too-quick 7.4611/180.22 on their new big block. Finally two steel Camaros ran side-by-side, Charlotte Schmidt (El Paso) and the early model of Doyle Story (El Paso). Doyle annihilated the tires, one of the worst instances of tire shake this old drag racer has ever seen, and coasted to a meager 17.6502/63.58 to Charlottes sashaying 9.9756/93.21. WOW!, what a handful!


     Rd 2 began with Julian and Buck Sr. launching out of the water box. Julian ran a legal 7.6856/174.89 to get in the program. Buck slowed slightly, 7.7392/175.85. Al Seelig made a rare SWSC bye-run and went a respectable 8.0119/173.14. Charlotte and Ray went next and Charlotte again had traction problems and had to lift, 15.3011/61.77 to Rays 7.4959/177.58. Doyle's Camaro ran against Lyles dragster and Doyle spun to a 15.8673/63.48 vs. Lyles 7.6665/160.03. Jack B. ran a soft 8.3616/163.93 with Buck Jr. in the opposite. Buck displayed a great 7.6602/176.13. Brittny slowed to a 7.9194/174.28 against Jacobs 7.8193/168.41.


     Jerry Anderson and his educated laptop hammered the printouts into shape and came up with a ladder that went like this: #1 Qualifier Brittny Blakely (.0084 off index!) vs. #8 Jack Bartlett (.7616), #2 Lyle Byrum (.0313) would run #7 Al Seelig (.4119), #3 Buck Woolen Jr (.0602) vs. #6 Jacob Penner (.219), and in the middle of the pack #4 Julian Moody (.0856) would get #5 Buck Woolen Sr. (.1256). Outside the qualified field was Greg Powell (broke in Q-1), Charlotte (2.37 off), Doyle Story (8.26 off), and Ray (two passes too quick).


     SWSC Eliminations started as #2 qualifier and SWSC 2011 Points Champ Lyle Byrum rolled through the box with #7 Al Seelig in tow in Chucks digger. Als foot did the trick but the tires wouldn’t cooperate and Lyle took the stripe 8.1881/136.65 to Als rubber-burning 11.2746/80.14. #4 Julian Moody and #5 Buck Woolen Sr next appeared out of the night. Buck conjured up a red light from some where (.3995) and Julian got the win light with his 7.5733/176.54 to Bucks 7.5236/181.60. #3 Buck Woolen Jr started his burnout with #6 Jacob Penner in the other lane. But Bucks new pipe died in the burnout and had a small fire in the rear of the motor and wouldn’t restart. Automatic win for Jacob on a 7.6730/178.71. The last pair in Rd 1 was #1 Brittny Blakely and #8 Jack Bartlett. Jacks lackluster 8.2123/172.35 couldn’t keep pace with Brittnys 7.6791/158.23.


     Rd 2 Elims rolled off as #1 Brittny squared up against #4 Julian. Brittny came up short at the stripe with her 7.72 falling in behind Julian's superior 7.70! Immediately #2 Lyle and #6 Jacob pulled through for their semi-final match up. In this pair Jacob went to the final by running a 7.55 to Lyles farther under 7.50.


     The first SWSC Final Round of the 2012 season was gonna be a barn-burner. The last race for the SWSC at El Paso had been won by Jacob. And Julian is a 7-time SWSC Points Champ. No gimmes here! The SWSC gave the fans their moneys worth as Julian Moody took the win with a nice tight 7.6296/175.99 over Jacob Penner's close 7.6816/167.72! Great Pass, Guys!

  Winner Julian Moody and his team from El Paso, Tx.  

   Jacob Penner and his team from Seminole, Tx. Runner Up.


     Awright, Race Fans! Load up, we’re on our way to Midland, Texas, and Desert Thunder Raceway. We’ll see you there June 2. BE THERE!

  Mears Mazda #1 qualifier bonus went to Brittny Blakely.  $75
  Mears Mazda #2 qualifier bonus went to Lyle Byrum.        $50

   Brittny Blakely also got the Good Vibrations "Quick Lite" award. Her .417 r.t. in eliminations was the best of the night. $50

   No beat Lyle in the r.t. department in eliminations, so the "Jerry Norman Race Cars Driver Bounty" remains no Lyle Byrum. $100


  7-second passes 24!
  175mph+ 18!
  Start Late and Finish Early!
  12 CARS for an 8-CAR SHOW!



  Floyd S.