Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Southwest Superchargers held their latest event at Hobbs Motorsport's Park August 11. Fifteen "quarter pounders" arrived to make an attempt at the eight-car field.
The warm afternoon's qualifying began with Greg Powell rolling forward to line up against Gary Smith as the first pair. Gary's Hemi pedaled and made a 5.1242 on the 1/8 mile index of 4.70 but his mph was 146.91 vs. Greg's 4.8133/145.77. Next up was Bill Norman (last months top qualifier) and Buck Woolen. Bill's Hemi powered entry spun and yielded a soft 5.5569/141.29 to Buck's 4.9684/140.23. Andy Mears and Julian Moody (in his fuel coupe style racer) were next through the box. Andy ran a great 4.6747/149.45 to Julian's spinning and crossed-up 4.9331/138.42. Ricky Esparza's slingshot lined up with Lyle Byrum and a nice close pair went off. Ricky showed a 4.8087/142.31 to Lyleís 4.7717/146.39. Points leader Jacob Penner and Gary Hill squared off and Gary's Max Wedge displayed a 4.8418/142.00 to Jacobís 4.7733/148.17. Most recent SWSC race winner Jason Wise went next with Brittny Blakely in the opposite lane. Jason's soft 4.9456/142.21 was a touch slower than Brittny's 4.8236/147.01. The last pair in the first session was Al Seelig and Sue Stringer. Sue's first pass on her new 515 bbc was a soft 5.1777/144.42 to Als better 4.8691/146.34. Pretty nice session considering the density altitude was over 6500' and the track surface was HOT!


     Around 8:00 p.m. Q-2 started with Julian improving to a 4.6589/148.27 vs. Greg's ladder-topping 4.7031/148.12. Nice! From a small block Chev! Next Brittny stepped up with a 4.6393/152.80 to Sues better (for her) 4.8624/144.97. Ricky left early and posted a 6.4946/147.44 (!) against Buck's 4.8515/143.68. Andy went 4.6601/146.39 to Gary Hill's 4.7443/144.60. Gary Smith improved to a 4.7963/144/05 against Jacob's 4.7826/148.32. Lyle's second pass was 4.7480/148.47 vs. Jason's 4.9126/143.27. And Billís 4.8636/142.72 was run against Al's best of 4.7231/151.67. Mike Jones made the trip to Hobbs but had a major electrical failure while unloading.

     The Hobbs Motorsport's Park Accutime system gave us winners reports that assured the ladder would go like this:
 #1 Qualifier Greg Powell (slingshot) .0031 off index, would race #8 Jacob Penner (r.e.d.) .0733 off. #2 Al Seelig (r.e.d.) .0231 off against #7 Brittny Blakely (r.e.d.) .0607. #3 Andy Mears (r.e.d.) .0253 and #6 Lyle Byrum (r.e.d.) .0480. #4 Julian Moody (funny car) .0411 vs. #5 Gary Hill (r.e.d.) .0443 off index of 4.70. #9 Gary Smith (.0963 off, missing the field by .0230), #10 Ricky Esparza (.1087, .0254 off the bubble), #11 Buck Woolen (.1515, .0782), #12 Sue Stringer (.1624, .0891), #13 Bill Norman (.1636, .0903), and #14 Jason Wise (.1691, .0958 off the #8 position) were alternates.
     Round 1 SWSC Eliminations got under way with #1 Qualifier Greg Powell calling out #8 Jacob Penner for the first pair. Penner's tardy r.t. added insult to injury as he lost the pass to Greg's superior 4.7153/147.59 vs 4.7502/150.25. #4 Julian Moody next came out to run #5 Gary Hill and two Mopar mounts squared off. Gary's wedge got the win with a 4.6943/146.10 running closer to index than Julian's 4.6598/144.88. Next #3 Andy Mears ran #6 Lyle Byrum. Andy took the stripe once again with a less offensive 4.6768/147.01 to 4.6687/148.47 (.008, closest pass of elims!). Finally #2 Al Seelig and #7 Brittny Blakely fired up to make their pass. Brittny took a holeshot win over Al with a 4.7315/144.23 to Alís quicker/faster 4.7186/147.49.


     Now around Midnight the SWSC began Rd 2 as #3 Mears and #7 Brittny rolled up to the starting line. Brittny earned the right to move to the SWSC final with a great pass of 4.7089/148.27 vs Andy's too-quick 4.6540/144.88. #1 Greg Powell then pulled #5 Gary Hill out for the other half of the semi final round. Gary had a "moment" on the line resulting in Greg taking the win 4.7353/147.73 to 4.7732/144.97. Getting' close!

     So, for the final we would see our SWSC #1 Qualifier Greg Powell in Dad's s.b.c. slingshot run against #7 Qualifier bbc Brittny Blakely. Brittny's former r.t.'s were .416 and .424, so we were expecting something. But Greg r.t.'s were .444 and .471, after a .405 in Q-2. Both had run a .70 previous... Aw let's get on with it! Brittny left second (.4442) and Greg won with a better r.t. (.413) and made the best of it, 4.7421/147.35 to Brittny's 4.7281/148.66. WHEW! What a race! Holy Cow, you guys know how to put on a show! M.O.V. of .0172. Nice!


     OK, SWSC Race Fans! Were off to El Paso September 8 for a 1/8 mile SWSC race on the El Paso Motorplex property. Yes, 1/8 mile! We'll see you there! Stay in touch!













ATI Jet Fastest Qualifier Brittny Blakely (4.6393)


Good Vibrations Quick Light of Elims Greg Powell (.413)


 SWSC Closest to index- Elims Brittny Blakely (4.7089)

Mears Mazda Bonus Winner Greg Powell

                                                                                                   R/U Brittny Blakely

4.70ís on index 17

 140+mph 38!
 150+ 3
 Spread of field .1340 (fastest to slowest)
 Long distance Gary Hill (T or C NM)