Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Southwest Superchargers held their final race of the 2012 season October 20 @ Roswell Dragway. Thirteen SWSC regulars made appearances to try and take home the winners money and points.

      Qualifying began around 4:00 with Ricky Esparza (Las Cruces, NM) and Sue Stringer (Alamogordo) rolling out to take a shot at the Roswell clocks. Sue left early (no time) but Ricky posted a spectacular (if un-recognized) 7.3167/187.81. Next Buck Woolen Jr (Alamogordo) and Brittny Blakely (Anthony, NM) paired up. Brittny spun unmercifully to an 8.1293/170.33 vs. Bucky's better 7.6959/175.17. Ray Stringer (Alamogordo) and Julian Moody (El Paso) were next. Julian put up a chart-topping 7.6152/176.68 to Rays illegal 7.3766/179.57. Gary Smith (Lubbock) met Jacob Penner (Seminole, TX) next. Gary's legal 7.5189/178.71 was better then Jacobs sub- 7.2844/178.29. Then Lyle Byrum (El Paso) and Jason Wise (Odessa) ran. Jason (driving Mike Aton's rail) went a decent 7.7468/178.36 but Lyle could only get the opposite lane to hold an 8.3009/176.33. Don David (Odessa) met Andy Mears (Lubbock) in the last pair. Andy's loose 7.8101/168.92 was still better than Don slippery 8.5608/173.48. Finally Mike Jones (altered, Lubbock) ran a single and nearly swiped the Roswell barrier on a pedaling 11-second pass.

      Allow me to remind everyone of the unusual rule for the Southwest Superchargers whereby any runs MORE than .010 second UNDER the official index (in this case 7.600) are officially ignored. We act as if they didnt happen. Thus the reference to legal, illegal, ignored, etc. for passes below 7.500. However, any amount of run-under (breakout) during eliminations will result in the racer being eliminated. Double breakout rule enforced.

     Around 5:30 the SWSC lined up to start Round 2 Qualifying. Jacob Penner and the hemi of Gary Smith met and Gary climbed the SWSC qualifying ladder with a very nice 7.6283/162.87 vs. Penner's 7.5516/181.82. Ray Stringer and parent Sue Stringer went off next. Rays 7.5443/177.51 looked pretty good, til we looked over to Sues scoreboard and realized she had just taken over the #1 spot on the ladder with her 7.6108/183.67. SWEET! Buck Woolen Jr and Ricky Esparza were the next pair to cross the threshold. Ricky's 7.5400/178.71 got him in the qualified field right ahead of Bucky's 7.5168/177.24. Next Andy Mears ran Julian Moody. Andy went under by a wide margin, 7.3545/178.93 to Julian's barely-legal 7.5058/176.96. Brittny Blakely met Don David for the next pair. Brittnys soft 8.2110/168.48 (equipment problem) was no match for Dons nice sub- 7.4524/166.79. Lyle Byrum vs. Jason Wise was the last pair in Q-2. Lyle made the field with a decent 7.6527 to Jason's loose 8.1090/174.15. Mike Jones again made a bye and ran a good 7.7319/173.61.

     Now over the years weve seen lots of close racing from the SWSC. But watch these next paragraphs, cause Ive never seen anything like these from the SWSC before. To me its just phenomenal. More close passes, more side-by-side, check-the-computer runs than ever. We expect to do this a lot of the time, but this race took the prize.

    Lisa's educated laptop revealed the SWSC pairings as this: #1 Qualifier Sue Stringer (.0108 off index) would run #8 Buck Woolen Jr (.0832 off). #2 Julian Moody (.0152) vs. #7 Ricky Esparza (.0600). #3 Gary Smith (.0283) would run #6 Ray Stringer (.0557). #4 Jacob Penner (.0484) vs. #5 Lyle Byrum (.0527). By the way, just to add to the drama, Jacob was the points leader, and was gonna run last years SWSC points champ, Lyle. If Jacob wins, the championship is his. If not, Lyle had to go to the final to knock Jacob off the lead. #9 was Mike Jones (.1317), #10 Jason Wise (.1468), #11 Andy Mears (.2102), #12 Brittny Blakely (.5293), and #13 Don David (.9608).

     First pair was #1 Sue Stringer (515 c.i.d.) vs. #8 Buck Woolen Jr. (468). These two had almost identical r.t., but Buck soon took over the lead and got the win 7.6568/167.29 to Sues slower 8.5514/159.12 (push rod). Next up was #3 Gary Smith (525 hemi) and #6 Ray Stringer (355). Rays took a slight hole shot advantage and hung on for the win, a spectacular side-by-side pass. Gary ran a stellar 7.6154/166.54 (!) only to come up short vs. Rays 7.6003/155.07! How close to index do you have to be! No losers on that run! Next #2 Julian Moody (565) met #7 Ricky Esparza (540). Once again a great pass by Ricky (7.6596/174.28) LOST to Julian's superior 7.6055/164.84! These guys just keep coming up with em! Finally #4 Jacob Penner (427) and #5 Lyle Byrum (565) were next through the water. Lyles winning 7.6473/175.17 got the light over Jacobs under- 7.5392/167.54. Lyle moved on toward the points lead!

     In the SWSC Semi-final round, #3 Julian Moody ran #6 Ray Stringer. In the closest race of the 2012 season, Julian took the win light with a 7.6802/157.67 vs. Rays 7.6806/177.73! Difference in e.t. of just .0004 seconds! Next #5 Lyle Byrum met #7 Buck Woolen Jr. If Lyle could win this pass, he would take over the points lead. Bucky's ride slowed slightly (7.8534/169.62) and Lyle got the win with his better 7.7485/158.12, and with that the 2012 SWSC Points Championship!



     So we went on to the final SWSC pass of the 2012 season. New SWSC Points Champion Lyle Byrum (#5 Qualifier) would meet #2 Qualifier Julian Moody. Both cars from El Paso, both with 565 cid motors (I think). Here are the numbers, compare for yourselves: J Moody r.t. .0466, 7.6109/174.28, L Byrum r.t. .0638, 7.6098/177.44!! Lyle was faster on the track by .0011, but Julian was quicker on the trigger by .0172! Margin of victory .01621. How special was that! WOW!

Winner Julian Moody/ Crew Chief Henry Keller

Runner Up Lyle Byrum/ And your new SWSC 2012 Series Champ!

     Awright, sports fans, Im worn out just reliving it here on the keyboard! Hope you enjoyed the exploits and competition this season. We promise to return in 2013 with more great heads-up, supercharged, no-electronic, alcohol-fed, side-by-side action! Drag racing the way it should be, the Southwest Superchargers!

Floyd R Stringer, contributor

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Buck Woolen Jr (7.51)

SWSC Best Pass to Index Ray Stringer (7.600)

Good Vibrations Quick Light of Elims Julian Moody (.0466)

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Julian Moody

Mears Mazda Runner Up Bonus Lyle Byrum

Spread of field .0948 (less than one tenth of a second!)

170+ mph runs 27!

7.60s on index 14!

Our Thanks to the Management and Staff of Roswell Dragway, we hope to see you in 2013! We had a great time!

Watch for an announcement about the 2012 SWSC Awards Banquet and Ceremony. Wed like to see you there!

A thank you from all to Jacob Penner and his team for serving all the SWSC racers and their families dinner.. Man Jacob makes a mean fajita!!



  Good Nite... and everyone have a safe and wonderful off season!