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     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


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     Mears Mops Up @ San Antonio

     The Southwest Superchargers recently performed at San Antonio Raceway and Lubbock's own Andy Mears took home the winners share of the purse.

     Nine SWSC hardcore racers appeared to run the San Antonio quarter mile. Qualifying began promptly at 6:00 p.m. and the adjusted index was gonna take a beating. Because of the advantageous altitude offered there (635 elev.) the usual SWSC index of 7.60 was moved to a quicker 7.50, no 1/10 second margin allowed. Let the fun begin!

     Right off the line, Andy Mears ran an under-index 7.4595/179.86 pass with Sue Stringer in the opposite lane. Sue pedaled when her car skittered a tad and managed a 9.8527/154.91. Julian Moody went a 7.4315/178.36 vs. Brittny Blakely's 7.9206/168.86. Lyle Byrum put up a 7.4247/179.43 against Don David's 7.5626/165.08. Bill Normans front motored machine ran 7.3499/185.26 with Jacob Penner going 7.2599/186.88. Finally a local joined the fray with his ‘23T altered (all I got was Randy?) and managed a decent 7.7695/171.30. However, Randy was not an SWSC member and volunteered not to be a part of the elimination field so as not to upset any members chance at SWSC points. Also, as an aside, Bill Ort attended with his fuel coupe to make the last of his licensing runs.

    Keep in mind any runs under the 7.50 index were being ignored, so everyone had to run the number to get in. All passes below 7.50 would get in the program, but at the bottom of the ladder. Q-2 started as the temp had dropped to 60 degrees and the density altitude was approaching 2200’. Lyle Byrum improved to a 7.8285/ but was on the skids to only 138.42. Jacob Penner's Q-2 was 7.7996/168.92. Bill Norman got the Fat Boys team in with his 7.7820/159.01. Don David actually slowed to a 7.8503/171.76 on his second attempt. Sue improved enough to get in the field but an out of place rocker arm held her time to 8.1955/167.85. Brittny Blakely improved nicely with a 7.6408/173.21. Julian Moody had another sub-index pass of 7.4588/178.29. Andy Mears topped the SWSC ladder for Q-2 runs with his 7.6120/160.05. Randy the ‘23T slowed and Bill Ort didn’t show for Q-2.

     So, after entering the data from the print-outs, Lisa Blakely's laptop displayed the SWSC qualifying ladder as: #1 Qualifier Don David (Odessa, TX) .0606 off the 7.50 index. #2 Andy Mears (Lubbock).1120 off, #3 Brittny Blakely (Anthony, NM), .1408 off, #4 Bill Norman (Odessa), .2820 off, #5 Jacob Penner (Seminole, TX), .2996 off, #6 Lyle Byrum (El Paso), .3285 off, #7 Sue Stringer (Alamogordo, NM), .6955 off, and #8 Julian Moody (El Paso), -.0412 under index.

     Round 1 SWSC Eliminations began around 8:00 and the weather was downright brisk, especially with the breeze. #3 Brittny Blakely and #6 Lyle Byrum decided to be the first pair out, with Brittny taking the right lane. As the ‘tree came on, the dreaded red eye lit in Brittnys lane, giving the automatic win to #6 Lyle Byrum, who ran an under-index 7.4516/178.29 to Brittnys 7.4769/178.36. What a nice side-by-side pass! And almost identical m.p.h. Next #2 Andy Mears brought #7 Sue Stringer to the San Antonio to the line. Andy's nice 7.6562/158.51 outdistanced Sues pedaling 8.0396/172.28. #1 Don David next called out #8 Julian Moody. Dons illegal 7.4370/169.75 was overtaken by Julian's winning 7.5207/162.28. Finally #4 Bill Norman and #5 Jacob Penner rolled through the box toward the start line. Penner took the win on a nice 7.5481/177.51 vs. Bills red-lighting initiated pass (no times).

    In E-2 #5 Jacob Penner drew #8 Julian Moody. In one of the tightest races off the night Julian's great 7.5418/164.41 surrendered the win to Penner's superior 7.5081/172.68. NICE! Next up #2 Andy Mears ran #6 Lyle Byrum and Andy's quicker 7.3833/184.05 (.0045 R.T.!) got the win light when Lyle started the pass with a foul start (7.4055/179.00).








     OK, so we went to the final with Jacob Penner trying to get as many points as possible toward his first SWSC Championship, against #2 Qualifier Andy Mears. But again the dreaded red bulb lit in the right lane and disqualified Jacob and his 7.551/173 vs. Andy's winning 7.4975 (.0025 under). And the SWSC had its seventh different winner in as many races!

     Alright, SWSC Race Fans! We’re outa here on our way to our final race of the 2012 season @ Roswell Dragway, Roswell, NM Oct 20th. The 2012 SWSC Championship is still up for grabs, so watch for a full field of cars trying to get those points! Stay with us as we wind up our thirteenth season!

Winner Andy & Jan Mears,  Lubbock, Tx.


Runner Up Jacob Penner,  Seminole, Tx

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Don David

Good Vibrations Quick Light Andy Mears (.0045)

SWSC Best Pass to Index Jacob Penner (7.5081)

  Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Andy Mears

                                                                 Mears Mazda Runner Up Bonus Jacob Penner

180+ mph 3

170+ mph 17