The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


      GPR Darkness/Greg Powell Repeats @ Big Country Raceway

     The Southwest Superchargers latest adventure onto the Texas pavement was September 7 @ Abilene, Tx, The Big Country Raceway and Greg Powell again took home the winners share in his funny car GPR Darkness.

     Qualifying began as eight Southwest Superchargers took to the TBCR concrete eighth mile. Jason Wise made a decent pass out of the box of 4.7753/148.27 with Don David making a great 4.7056/145.40 opposite. What a way to start, on the SWSC 4.70 index! Greg Powell likewise put down a tough 4.7094/145.21 vs. Clay Cunningham's 4.6598/148.81. Jacob Penner went a ladder-topping 4.7041/147.06 against Mike Jones pedaling 4.9851/124.97. Lyle Byrum's funny car ran a nice 4.7110/147.93 beside Joe Navar's 4.7912/140.71. Tough group. Four 4.70’s and a 4.71 in the first session.

     In Q-2 the pack was up for the challenge of getting to the top half. Jason Wise improved in Mike Aton's car with his 4.6653/149.85 and Don David was so ready he left early, no time. Greg Powell went under index with his 4.6500/146.91, not as good a pass as Clay Cunningham's 4.7117/140.63. Joe Navar had to pedal and steer clear of Lyle Byrum who was going awry in the opposite. Both cars emerged from the near-hit unscathed, Lyles pedaling 5.2633/94.88 softer than Joes 5.0020/120.74. Finally, Jacob Penner quickened up his attempts with a sub- 4.6890/147.44 to Mike Jones altereds way-loose pass, so loose he finished the pass in the opposite lane from where he started, no time!

     After coaxing the SWSC laptop to give up the relevant numbers, we found the ladder to be #1 Qualifier Jacob Penner @ .0041 off index. His opponent in Rd 1 would be #8 Mike Jones with a pass of .2851 off. #2 Qualifier on the ladder was Don David, .0056 off, and he would meet #7 Joe Navar, .0912 off. #3 Greg Powell, .0094 off, was destined to run #6 Jason Wise, .0912. And #4 Lyle Byrum, .0110, would run against #5 Clay Cunningham, .0117 off index.

     After the run order was settled, the day cooled off, and the sun set, Round 1 Eliminations for the SWSC began in earnest. #3 Greg Powell loaded up to do battle with #6 Jason Wise. At the stripe in a double-breakout duel, Greg took the win with a less-serious 4.6894/132.43 to Jason's 4.6516/148.42. Next #4 Lyle Byrum met #5 Clay Cunningham. Lyle advanced on the basis of his 4.7166/139.23 (and his holeshot advantage) over Clays quicker 4.7085/139.10, difference in e.t. of .0081. WOW! Tough loss! Next up #2 Don David fired up to meet #7 Joe Navar. Dons car left violently, jumped straight up, settled down, but Joe was already gone. Joes 4.7719/134.25 upset Dons softer 5.1309/142.45. #1 Jacob Penner got a comp bye when #8 Mike Jones couldn’t make the call for Rd 1, so Penner advanced on his 4.7568/145.21 to the semi-final round.

     Rd 2 Elims started with #4 Lyle Byrum's funny car lining up opposite #1 Jacob Penner. Lyles super r.t. of .011 narrowly won the pass 4.7397/139.62 vs. Jacobs red-light-initiated 4.7275/144.0. Win margin of just .0122 without the red light figured in. Next #3 Greg Powell prepped to run #7 Joe Navar. After seeing an r.t. difference of just .009, Greg took the win light with his 4.7902/124.28 to Joes engine-exploding 5.5573/87.

     So we come down to this, the first final in Southwest Supercharger history where funny car meets funny car. As #3 and #4 on the ladder, both Greg Powell and Lyle Byrum were sooo up for the run! By the narrowest of margins (as getting to be our norm), the closest pass of the weekend came off. Lyle ran an under-index pass of 4.6955/145.44 to Gregs winning 4.7083/143.91. Lyle went under by just .0045 seconds, and Greg took the light by just .0446 seconds. Spectacular! Gotta love this kind of side-by-side, supercharged, non-electronic, alcohol-fed action! What a great race. Ya shoulda been there!

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Winner Greg Powell in Abilene. Our first multi event winner of the year!

Lyle Byrum runner up in Abilene.

OK, here come the bonus awards!

Good Vibrations Best R.T. of Elims Lyle Byrum .0114 Rd2

ATI Jet Fastest Qualifier Clay Cunningham 4.6598

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Greg Powell

Mears Mazda R/U Bonus Lyle Byrum

SWSC/Gary Smith Best e.t. to Index Greg Powell Final Round 4.7083

Thanks, Sports Fans, for keeping up. We still have a couple surprises up our sleeves, as we next return to Desert Thunder Raceway/Midland October 19. Come join us for some of the tightest best drag racing in the Southwest, the Southwest Superchargers! We’ll see you at the races!