The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


      Lyle Byrum Wraps Up 2013 Season and SWSC Championship

     The Southwest Superchargers held their final race of the 2013 season October 19 @ Desert Thunder Raceway Midland. Nine SWSC regulars appeared to share in the final SWSC purse and take a last shot at improving their standing in the points chase.

     The first qualifying session commenced around 5:00 p.m. with Buck Woolen Sr. squaring off against #1 Son Buck Woolen Jr. The DTR surface yielded up a great side-by-side pass as Buck Sr. went under index with a 4.62 to Buck Jr.s ladder topping 4.72. Nice run, Guys! Next up was Don David and Sue Stringer. Both cars spun the Goodyear's and showed only modest e.t.s of 6.781 and 5.3567, respectively. Third pair was Jacob Penner vs. Joe Navar. Both cars hooked admirably. Joe displayed a sharp 4.750 to Jacobs sub-index pass of 4.6519. Lyle Byrum and Eddie “Munster” Tidwell were the final pair of Q-1. Eddie rolled the line (LB3A, no time), but Lyles fuel coupe made a great 4.6372/151+. Jason Wise took a bye as the ninth car on the property for the SWSC, and went a soft 6.1944/79.

     Q-2 started as Don David rolled up to the bleach box with Sue Stringer in tow. Sue again had to lift to keep the car straight, but Don David's camo car went a decent 4.8343/129+. The Woolens again chose to compete against each other. Buck Jr.s car died after the burnout, but Buck Sr. went on to a 5.922 @ 148. Joe Navar made an officially ignored pass of 4.581 @ 151 opposite Jacob Penner's equally illegal run of 4.555/144. Eddie Tidwell's slingshot launched wheels up on its way to a 4.598/145 on a bye. And Lyle Byrum managed a 4.9243 vs. Jason Wise’s much-improved 4.6629/146.

     So, the SWSC competition ladder came out to be: #1 Qualifier Buck Woolen Jr (4.728, .028 off index) would meet #8 Sue Stringer (best pass of .6567 off). #2 Jason Wise (.0371 off) would run #7 Don David (.134). #3 Jacob Penner (.0481) vs. #6 Buck Woolen Sr (.0798). And in the middle of the pack #4 Joe Navar (.0503) would run #5 Lyle Byrum (.0628). Left out was #9 Eddie Tidwell (Q1 no time, Q2 too fast). Let the fun begin!

     Round 1 Eliminations got under way when #4 Joe Navar and #5 Lyle Byrum came through to start the round. Joe's r.e.d. blazed the tires unmercifully (5.979) and watched Lyle's funny take the win with a 4.8216/141. Next up was #3 Jacob vs. #6 Buck Sr. In a close double-breakout affair, Buck Woolen Sr advanced when his less egregious 4.6623/148 won over Penner more serious 4.6363. Great run! Next #2 Jason Wise met #7 Don David. Don’s car again lifted the tires and skittered right requiring a pedal job, rewarding Jasons 4.7448 @ 135 the win over Dons softer 5.047. Finally #1 Buck Jr and #8 Sue Stringer met. Buck’s mount refused to fire and it appeared Sue would get a comp bye. But her car was putting out trans fluid and was shut off after the burnout! No times, no winner/loser!

     The Semi-final round began when Buck Woolen Sr (#6) prepared to run Jason Wise (#2). At the hit, Jason's car smoked the tires like a pair of expensive sausages, and Buck Was off to the stripe! Only to look up and see he had made an under index pass of 4.671/150 and Jason would get the win with a 14.00 sec e.t.! OW, that hurt! The final pair was #3 Jacob Penner (subbed as fast loser from Rd 1) and #5 Lyle Byrum. Lyle winning time of 4.855/136 was 1/10 sec slower than Jacobs tardy but quicker 4.736. Another big OWIE!

     By now Lyle Byrum had secured his third SWSC Points Championship, with one round of competition to go in 2013. He would meet #2 Qualifier Jason Wise in Mike Aton’s “Comfortably Numb” dragster. Both cars smoked the tires like they owned stock in the company, but Lyle recovered early enough to clock a winning 5.7656 vs. Jason's later 7.9326. WOW, how exciting. A pedal fest to beat all in the SWSC. Great competition, great competitors, nice show by all!







 A big SWSC Thanks! to Jacob Penner for putting on the feedbag w/fajitas! in the SWSC pits! Always a treat.

Buck Woolen Sr. won the ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Bonus for his 4.62 effort

Buck Sr. also won the Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus for his .416 in Round 2 Elims.

SWSC/ Gary Smith Best Pass to Index Bonus went to Jacob Penner (4.6363 in Rd 1)

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus to Lyle Byrum

Mears Mazda R/U Bonus to Jason Wise

Floyd Stringer, SWSC

Congratulations to all the SWSC winners of 2013, and to all of our competitors, we love ya! Race Fans, stay tuned as the Southwest Superchargers heads into it’s THIRTEENTH year of existence! We promise more supercharged, heads-up, methanol-fed, non-electronic racing action then ever before!