The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


       Jones Takes First “Jerry” @ Caprock

The Southwest Superchargers put on their first show of 2013 @
Caprock Motorplex Saturday April 13 and Lubbock’s Mike Jones took home the SWSC “Jerry “ trophy.

      Eleven Southwest Supercharger cars took to the Caprock quarter mile after 3:00 p.m. for the first qualifying pass. Lyle Byrum (El Paso/funny car) started the field off with a nice 7.700. Jack Bartlett (r.e.d./Sweetwater) and his small block went 7.7092. Mike Jones (Lubbock/altered) almost nailed the index with his 7.634. Bill Norman (funster/Odessa) coached his Hemi to a 7.787. Jason Wise (r.e.d./Odessa) the home town hero ran the closest pass to index in the history of the SWSC, a STELLAR 7.60003!! Yes, the clocks told us that many places past the decimal. Outstanding! Andy Mears (r.e.d./Lubbock) made a soft 7.859. SWSC rookie Joe Navar (r.e.d./Dell City) made his first pass in competition count, 8.851. Don David, the other local Odessa racer in the group, went well under index for an officially ignored pass of 7.414. Sue Stringer (r.e.d./Alamogordo) made an uncharacteristic 9.103. Jacob Penner (r.e.d./Seminole) failed to get past the bleach box after staying up all night installing his drive train to make the race (fuel system). And Clay Cunningham (r.e.d./Dumas) went 7.407 under index. What a way to start a new year.

     Q-2 began around 4:30. Jason Wise had an equipment “issue” and could only manage a meager 10.322/68 mph when his ‘chute deployed early in the run, disappointing all who were waiting to see if the team could repeat their spectacular first round e.t. Jack Bartlett slowed to an 8.99/148. Mike Jones spun and slid his altered to a 8.92/115. Andy Mears improved with a 7.76/170. Brother Bill Norman moved up the ladder with a great 7.63/179. Joe Navar made an astonishing 7.59/173, astonishing because this was this teams first time in SWSC competition. Good Work, team! Don David got in the program on a legal 7.51/151 (barely). Lyle Byrum nuked an aluminum Hemi and displayed an 8.00/151. And Clay Cunningham missed the legal field when he again went under the index by more than 1/10 second, 7.26/169.

     After poring over the spread sheets of digital material showing times & mph’s, the ladder came out looking like: #1 Jason Wise (.000 off index!) would meet #8 Andy Mears (.165 off). #2 Joe Navar (.005) would run #7 Jack Bartlett (.109). #3 Mike Jones (.034) would get #9 Sue Stringer (standing in for a wounded #6 Lyle Byrum). #4 Bill Norman (.034) and #5 Don David (.089) took up the middle two places on the SWSC ladder.

     Let the fun begin! First pair up was #4 Bill Norman vs. #5 Don David, Hemi vs. Chevy. Don’s dragster rolled the lights, and Brother Bill got his first win light of 2013 on a 7.83/173. Next #3 Mike Jones ran #9 Sue Stringer. Jones chopped down the tree and never looked back, 8.19/146 over Sue’s tardy 8.39/169. #2 Joe Navar and #7 Jack Bartlett came through the bleach box next. Jack’s car made an unhappy “BOOM” late in the burnout, followed by loud whining noises from the blower, and the run was over for Jack and team. As Joe had to shut off to wait for Jacks team to remove his wounded ride from the track, the SWSC rules mandate no bye-runs whenever possible, so #10 Clay Cunningham was installed as an alternate. When racing rezoomed, Clay took the win light when Team Navar went under index by a miniscule amount (7.539 pass, .061 under) and surrendered the end of a sweet day. Finally in Rd 1 #1 Jason Wise and #8 Andy Mears squared off on the starting line. Mears struggled to a 7.78/167 and Wise moved on via his 7.65/160.

     Rd 2 SWSC Elims saw #4 Bill Norman meet #1 Jason Wise. Bill’s red light start (and 7.90 pass) allowed Jason to hang it out, showing a 7.42 and the win light and advanced him to the final. The other half of the semi-final round was #3 Mike Jones and #10 Clay Cunningham. Clay was on the loud pedal with a nice 7.82, but Jones was not to be denied today and ran an excellent 7.601! Step Up! On to the final!

     So... Jones and his “Voodoo Child” altered had lane choice in the final round. But he was facing the #1 Qualifier Jason Wise in Mike Aton’s (Comfortably Numb 3) dragster. As the two neared the finish, somebody pedaled audibly, and the win light came on in Mike Jones left lane. Wise had pedaled, thought better of it, stroked it again and ran .002 UNDER index, giving away the win to Mike Jones, who ran 7.802. Our Congratulation on a hard fought pass by both drivers, and to Mike Jones, our first SWSC Winner of 2013!

 Make sure to scroll to the bottom and check out the GREAT pics from Jeff Moore and One Seven West Photography and then check out his website to order some pictures!!

Winner Mike Jones and his team

Runner UP Jason Wise

Good Vibrations Quick Light Award Clay Cunningham .017 r.t.

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Don David (7.511)

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Mike Jones

Mears Mazda R/U Bonus Jason Wise

Gary Smith/SWSC Best Pass Bonus Mike Jones (7.601)

One/Seven West $50 Gift cert Winner Mike Jones

One/Seven West $25 Gift cert bonus Jason Wise

Thanks to the Wright family for hosting the first race of the 2013 season by the Southwest Superchargers. We had a great time. Hope your fans had a great time, too.

Stay tuned, race fans, as the SWSC next travels to Midland, Tx. to the 1/8 mile at Desert Thunder Raceway May 25! We’ll see you at the races!