The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Southwest Superchargers held their second race of the 2014 racing season June 7 @ El Paso Motorplex . Sixteen supercharger hopefuls appeared to try and take home a portion of the purse.

     After a midday high temp of well over 100 degrees, qualifying began around 7:00 p.m. to allow the Texas sun to relent. Buck Woolen of Alamogordo, NM ran a decent 4.833. Brian Beasley (Belen, NM) went 4.8246. Ray Stringer’s funny car (Alamogordo NM) made a 4.9118. Ricky Esparza (slingshot) of Las Cruces went 4.9188. Buck Woolen Jr (Alamogordo, NM) ran a nice 4.7791. Club C.O. Don David (Odessa, TX/Cloudcroft, NM) went 4.7527. Local track owner Lyle Byrum (El Paso) pushed his flopper to a 4.7517. Newbie Rickie Weeaks (FORD powered altered/Roswell, NM) had steering issues, no time. Joe Navar (Dell City, TX) went a soft 5.020. Al Seelig (El Paso) made an easy but straight 5.8045 in his altered. Brittny Blakely (Anthony, NM) ran 5.9626, still searching for that last lonely gremlin. Jason Wise (Odessa, TX) went 5.1006. Andy Mears (Lubbock, TX) made a super sub-index 4.6902. Charlotte Schmidt (El Paso ‘57 sedan delivery) had a hard time hooking up, 6.3749. But Gary Hill (T or C, NM) made the best run of the round, 4.7068 on the 4.70 index.

     Q-2 came around just as the temp went under 90 and the d.a. went under 6800 ft. Gary Hill’s second run was another stellar 4.7019. Mears made a 4.7524. Lyle went 4.672. Don David ran 4.7956. Buck Jr slowed slightly, 5.146 (rocker arm). B. Beasley improved to a 4.6348 (and had a perfect .400 r.t.!). Buck Sr. ran a better 4.7397. Ray’s funny made a 4.940. Joe Navar stepped up to a 4.6683. J. Wise’ run showed an improved 4.9308. Al Seelig went 6.461. No time for Ricky Esparza for Q-2. Brittny no time. Ricky Weeaks no show.

     The SWSC digitally enhanced technically advanced pencil worked the numbers to death and came up with a run ladder of: #1 Qualifier Gary Hill (.0019 off index!) would meet #8 Qualifier Buck Woolen Jr.(.079 off). #2 Qualifier Andy Mears (.010 under) was to run #7 Qualifier Don David (.052). #3 Qualifier Lyle Byrum (.028 under) would meet #6 Buck Woolen (.039). And in the middle of the 8-car qualified field #4 Joe Navar (.032) would get #5 Brian Beasley (.034 off index). I always like to remind everyone of the SWSC rule where qualifying runs up to .10 under index are still legal qualifying runs and are laddered as off-index as are all others. But breakout rule applies in eliminations, no “cushion”. Missing the field were #9 Ray Stringer (4.911),#10 Ricky Esparza (best 4.918), #11 Jason Wise (4.930), #12 Al Seelig (5.804), #13 Brittny Blakely (5.962), #14 Charlotte Schmidt (6.3749). No Times for Ricky Weeaks, but we expect to see his Ford- powered blown altered again, a first for the SWSC. No time for Sue Stringer, no runs.

     SWSC Eliminations began as the cool (!) Texas air took hold down in the Lower Valley. #2 Andy Mears and #7 Don David rolled up to the water box and started their battle. D. David ran a great 4.71 but was a tad tardy and surrendered the pass to Andy slower 4.78. Sweet! Next up was #3 Lyle Byrum vs. #6 Buck Woolen. If I got this right, Buck won the pass with a 4.75 over Lyle’s break-out pass of 4.67. Nice job. #4 Joe Navar met #5 Brian Beasley in the third pair. Brian surrendered the run when Joe put up a 4.71 for the win. Finally #1 Gary Hill came through to run #9 Ray Stringer (substituted for a broken #8 Buck Woolen Jr.). Rays funny struggled to keep up (5.01) as Gary took the stripe with a 4.81.

     In E-2 #1 Gary Hill met #4 Joe Navar. As staging was wrapping up, Gary had an equipment failure (trans brake), rolled the lights, and Joe made a fantastic 4.70 for an eye-popping pass! Nice run! #2 Andy Mears ran #6 Buck Woolen in the other pair of the round. Buck turned on the dreaded red bulb as Andy ran a 4.80 for the right to advance to the final.

     The SWSC final then was #3 Andy Mears vs. #4 Joe Navar, couple o’ Texas boys. In what appeared to be the closest race of the night, Andy Mears squeaked by Joe for a 4.78-to-4.79 victory, and one for the SWSC history books. Nice job, Gentlemen and Teams! Great Race!

     Thanks, Race Fans and Racers, we had a great time, and one of our biggest fields ever. The El Paso Motorplex Team and management were excellent, as was the track surface! Our Thanks to them. Hope to see you again in 2014.

     Stay with us as we travel to Midland July 19th to Desert Thunder Raceway for our next SWSC event. We’ll see you there!

4.70’s 16

4.60’s 4

Spread .079 #1-#8


And may I mention how great it was to see all the old familiar faces of El Paso drag racing! Bob A., Keith M., Billy G., Donnie P., Al S., John H., Ben F., Gary J., and so on. See you again!

Winner in El Paso Andy and Jan Mears..


Runner Up Joe Navar and a very big team! Congrats guys!


    The Good Vibrations “Quick Light” award for best r.t.  Andy Mears

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Brian Beasley (4.6348)

 SWSC/ Gary Smith Best Pass to Index Joe Navar (4.70)

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Andy Mears

Mears Mazda R/U Bonus Joe Navar