The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Southwest Superchargers made their latest adventure to the dragstrip September 6 on El Paso Motorplex. Fourteen supercharger specialists came to compete for a spot in the 8-car field.

     Qualifying commenced under threatening skies with moderate temps and warm West Texas breezes. Buck Woolen Jr. and Jacob Penner kicked off the round by going 5.6477/95 and 4.7751/146.29 respectively. Bucks new combination was gonna take some work. Next old friend Julian Moody came out of quasi-retirement with his famous dragster (first pass in a couple years) and had a rare equipment failure (trans brake), no time. His opposite was Ricky Esparza, who guided his and Dads slingshot to a 5.1081/143.77 SWSC C.O.O. Don David spun to a 5.4789/90 vs. Sue Stringers slippery 5.2740/112.25. Gary Hills Mopar went 4.8224/140.67 against Brian (Boomer) Beasley's nice 4.7469/145.49. Rickie Weeaks Ford-powered altered ran 5.3018/134.97 when Joe Navar went a near-perfect 4.7084/144.05. Track owner Lyle Byrum's flopper ran under the SWSC index at 4.6812/147.20 with Ray Stringers funny in the other lane, 4.8064/142.41. Finally, Brittny Blakely made an excellent 4.7088/149.35, but Charlotte Schmidt put up the run of the session when her '57 Nomad displayed a 4.6993/151.06! #1!

     Q-2 started with Jacob Penner (fresh away from the wok, cooking fresh fajitas for the entire SWSC group, all 50 or so of us!), meeting Julian Moody Both impressed. Moody's 4.7768/137.74 to Penner's 4.7810/148.37. Next Joe Navar went a sub 4.6541/144.79, and Weeaks altered rolled the start, no time. Ricky Esparza made a nice 4.7475/143.86 vs. Don David's slippery 5.4436/101. Sue made her best pass in Q-2, a 4.8808/144.28 against Buck Jr.s 5.1616/133.89. The funny's again paired up, Ray going 4.9403/138.63 to Lyles 5.3037/147.20. Brian Beasley went 4.8501/146.39 to Brittnys 4.7426/148.96. Charlotte slowed slightly from Q-1, a 4.8768/117 and Gary Hill quickened up to a 4.6916/146.96.

     After beating the pairing sheet into submission, it surrendered the ladder. SWSC #1 Qualifier was Charlotte Schmidt ('57 Nomad, .0007 off index!). She would meet #8 Jacob Penner (r.e.d., .0751). #2 Gary Hill (dragster, .0084) would run #7 Ricky Esparza (slingshot, .0475). #3 Joe Navar (r.e.d., .0084) vs. #6 Brian Beasley (dragster, .0469). And in the middle of the pack, #4 Brittny Blakely (r.e.d., .0088) and #5 Lyle Byrum (.0188). A total spread of just .0558 seconds! #9 Julian Moody (.0768), #10 Ray (.1064), #11 Sue (.1808), #12 Buck Jr. (.4616), Rickie Weeaks (.6018), and Don David (.74 off).

     Round 1 SWSC eliminations began as #3 Joe Navar started his mount to meet #6 Brian Beasley. Navar got the win light due to his great .412 light coupled to a 4.7694/134.57 to Brains 5.4752/90. #4 Brittny Blakely ran #5 Lyle Byrum and Brittny advanced to the SWSC semi-final round when Lyle lit the dreaded red light. #2 Gary Hill met #7 Ricky Esparza next. Ricky clobbered a couple of centerline cones on his way to a 4.9084/124, losing to Gary's better 4.7331/137.74. Finally #1 Charlotte Schmidt met #8 Jacob Penner. Charlotte took the win at the start when Jacob also left a tad early (throwing away a 4.7623/148.37), fouling out to Charlottes 4.9220/116.55.

     Rd 2 saw the women run each other and the men meet. #1 Charlotte started her Nomad but immediately shut off, some mechanical gremlin causing her to surrender the run to #4 Brittny, who ran a nice sub-index 4.6857/149.11. The other pair, #2 Gary Hill vs. #3 Joe Navar, was won by Joe on a double break-out affair. Joes less serious 4.6999/143.68 won over Gary's faster 4.6827/136.28. Joes pass was 1/100,000 sec under!

     Around 1:a.m. Sunday morning, the two SWSC finalists pulled out for the last pass of the race. #4 Joe Navar (Dell City, Tx), vs. #4 Brittny Blakely (Anthony, NM/Tx). Dare I say these two have become a couple off the track as well as at the races, so a friendly rivalry was in the offing. Joe had a poor r.t., but coupled it to a nice 4.7109/139.79. Unfortunately for Joe, Brittny had a .405 light and a 4.7808/138.04, for the win! Margin of victory, just .067 sec. Congratulations to both. And to all our SWSC racers and crews.

 Field Spread 4.6993 (#1) to 4.7751 (#8) .0758! SWEET!

    Make Sure you scroll all the way down to see the photo album. The Photographer in El Paso wanted to make sure he got credit for the pics, but I dont see his name anywhere and i couldnt hear him at the track...... Great pics!!







 OK, Race fans, next on the SWSC 2014 schedule Odessa October 4, Caprock Motorplex. Stay tuned, we'll see you at the races!

Winner in El Paso, Brittny Blakely. Congratulations Brittny, you were on all night!

Then Entire Navar racing team/ Family. Great job guys!! This is the 3rd final of the year for Joe.

Fuzzy Gearhead

SWSC /Gary Smith Best Pass to Index Joe Navar (4.7109)

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Brittny Blakely (.4050)

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Lyle Byrum (4.6812)

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Brittny Blakely
Mears Mazda R/U Bonus Joe Navar

Floyd S.