The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


      Byrum Bests the Crowd @ Hobbs

    The Southwest Superchargers held their sixth race of the 2014 racing season October 25 @ historic Hobbs Motorsports Park, Hobbs, N.M. Sixteen supercharged racers showed as the points season nears an end.

     Qualifying for the 8-car field began with Jacob Penner's dragster and Ray Stringers funny car rolling through the water box and lighting up the tires. On our traditional 4.70 index, Penner's first pass was 4.6397/150.96 to Rays 4.7936/145.07 And away we go! Ricky Weeaks altered faced off against Sue Stringers r.e.d. Ricky is still searching for the tune-up in the Ford-powered car (5.6792/118.89) and Sue displayed a game 4.8101/143.68. Rodney Ferguson (driving the dragster of Wayne's World/Wayne Reinert) next met Don David's dragster and Dons 5.0923/141.87 was outrun by Rodney's nice 4.7205/147.69. Gary Hills Mopar powered dragster ran Joe Navar's r.e.d. and the result was 4.7141/143.77 for Hill to Joes 4.7467/143.86. Ricky Esparza's slingshot met Eddie Tidwell's front-motored car next and the two wowed the Hobbs crowd with Ricky's 5.0285/139.32 trailing Eddies chart-topping 4.7044/147.78. Keith Mauldin attended as the new driver for Mike Aton's Artesia-based dragster and ran Andy Mears in Q-1. Mauldin's game 4.8265/144.69 was bested by Mears 4.6860/146.87. Brittny Blakely attended in a borrowed car (courtesy of the Navar family) in which she and Dad had installed their potent Pontiac-style big block. She ran Lyle Byrum in Q-1 and Lyles 4.7154/149.01 out qualified Brittnys faster-but-disallowed 4.5861/150.50. Nice pass, Ya'll! Buck Woolen Jr.s first pass went 4.9411/133.57. Newcomer Eddie Bell (Andrews, Tx/r.e.d./small block) went pretty much as planned, a respectable 5.1503/123.69. Two other attendees were Bill Ort (funny car/Lovington, N.M.) and former NHRA TAFC racer Tate Branch. Tate was licensing in his Dickie Harshey-prepared slingshot equipped with an all-aluminum 500+ inch Hemi/Powerglide in the 165-inch chassis. Remarkable wheelie and the team was off to the chassis shop for longer wheelie bars. But what a sharp piece of equipment. We look forward to seeing more of this car/team next year with the SWSC. Bill Orts long awaited debut was one soft pass from the new-looking flopper also loaded with Hemi power but with clutch and Lenco. Should be a super ride when they finish chasing the gremlins out of the tune up.

     Q-2 got off to a great start as Don David met Sue Stringer. Sue lit the red and double stepped to a soft 5.0924/139.23 vs. Dons better 4.7293/142.90. Ricky Esparza met Rodney Ferguson in the next pair. Ricky's 4.8662/143.82 trailing Rodney's super 4.7050/149.90. Buck Woolen got a qualifying single when Brittny Blakely popped a trans tailshaft seal in the burnout. Buck went 4.8633/142.86. Gary Hill slowed slightly in Q-2 to a 4.8005/142.81 to Joe Navar's 4.6953/144.51. Rickie Weeaks struggled to a 5.7878/84 vs. Andy Mears' 4.7525/145.82. Ray Stringer again met Jacob Penner. Ray repeated his Q-1 time of 4.7958/144.23 to Jacobs perfect 4.7006/150.05! How close can you get! Lyle Byrum did a single, 4.6933/148.56 (WOW). Eddie Bell went a consistent 5.1637/139.62. And Keith Mauldin's mount struck the tires and slowed to a 5.6721/95.

      After struggling with a qualifying sheet longer than a Texas' State Troopers ticket book, the ladder came out as the closest in SWSC history! #1 Qualifier Jacob Penner was just .0006 off the 4.70 index and would meet #8 Qualifier Don David, who was a miniscule .0298 off. A spread of less than one half of one TENTH of a second. Are these people bad or what! #2 Qualifier was Eddie Tidwell (.0044 off) and would run #7 Gary Hill (.0141). #3 on the ladder was Joe Navar at .0047 off vs. #6 Andy Mears (.0140). #4 in the middle was Rodney Ferguson (.0050) and would run #5 Lyle Byrum (.0067). #9 Ray Stringer (.0936), #10 Sue Stringer (.1101), #11 Keith Mauldin (.1265), #12 Buck Woolen Jr (..1633), #13 Ricky Esparza (.1662), #14 Eddie Bell (.4503), and #15 Ricky Weeaks (.9792). #16 with no SWSC legal qualifying times but a super first pass on a borrowed car, Brittny Blakely (4.5861, under the index).

     Rd 1 SWSC Eliminations commenced with #1 Jacob Penner doing battle with #8 Don David. As the tree started, Jacob left .041 early lighting the red, handing the win to Don. But as Don David went toward the finish, his dragster drifted into the guard rail, damaging the right slick and severely bending the right rim, rendering him unable to return for Round Two. And Jacobs 4.6481/150.65 was a tad under the index. Next up was #2 Eddie Tidwell vs. #7 Gary Hill. Tidwell uncorked another near-perfect 4.7032/147.49 to Hills under-index 4.6276/144.74. #3 Joe Navar met #6 Andy Mears and Navar came out the winner with his 4.7404/128.46 (BRAKES!) over Andy's too-fast 4.6985/141.24. Finally #4 Rodney Ferguson met #5 Lyle Byrum. Ferguson went under and lost 4.6404/146.72 to Lyles winning 4.7418/138.04.

     E-2 got off to a running start when #1 Jacob Penner (reinstated when Don hit the wall) met #5 Lyle Byrum. Penner ran under the index, 4.6686/139.02 to Lyles legal and winning 4.9693/147.35. #2 Eddie Tidwell met #3 Joe Navar in the other half of the semi final round. Eddie slowed and lost with a 4.8124/148.66 (after a .401 r.t.!) to Joes winning 4.7441/128.24 (404 r.t.!). These guys are tough!

     In the SWSC final we had #3 Qualifier and current SWSC points leader Joe Navar, five time 2014 finalist vs. 2013/2012 SWSC Points Champion Lyle Byrum, and #5 qualifier. In a double breakout battle of the West Texas Blown Brotherhood, Lyle Byrum won at the hit as Joe Navars ride red-lighted. The times were 4.6281/150.00 for Lyle to Joes 4.6691/144.97. Gentlemen, I have run out of superlatives to describe this race. Congratulations to our Winner and R/U, and to all the SWSC competitors who participated, great job!

Spread (A NEW SWSC RECORD?) .0292 sec.

OK, SWSC Race Fans, NEXT Weekend we run our final race od 2014 @ Caprock Motorplex, Odessa/Penwell, Tx. BE THERE!


Winner Lyle Byrum El Paso, Tx

Runner up Joe Navar.


SWSC/Gary Smith Best Pass to Index Eddie Tidwell Rd1 4.7032

Good Vibrations Best Reaction Time of Elims Eddie Tidwell Rd2 .4019!

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Andy Mears 4.6860

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Lyle Byrum
Mears Mazda R/U Bonus Joe Navar

Floyd S.