The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



    The Southwest Superchargers got together for their fourth race of 2014 August 16 @ Temple Texas' Little River Raceway and Texas native Joe Navar won the event.

    In positively oppressive conditions (99 degrees, 65% humidity), qualifying began after 6:00 p.m. as 10 SWSC attendees started the quest to get in the qualified field. Brian Beasley of Belen, NM made a super 4.7291/141.46 (4.70 index, 3200' d.a.). Don David (Odessa, Tx.) went 4.7694/144.76. Sue Stringer (Alamogordo, NM) lifted prematurely and posted a soft 5.9201/130.97. Newbie Larry Bradford of San Antonio (in a slingshot he had yet to make a pass in) had problems with fuel escaping at the launch, 8.220/53. Joe Navar (Dell City, TX) and the family put up an under-index 4.6559/146.63. Lyle Byrum (El Paso) ran 4.6503/148.91. Andy Mears of Lubbock went 4.6347/150.35. Brittny Blakely of Anthony, NM made a quick 4.6309/151.21. And Jacob Penner (Seminole, Tx) ran the quickest pass of Q-1, 4.6179/151.87. Now might be the best time to remind everyone of the unique rule in the SWSC of all runs up to .100 under the index as legal to qualify.

    Q-2 began around 8:30, and weather conditions were almost as severe, normal to locals but extreme to those of us from the high dry desert. Andy made a better 4.7453/145.63. Don went closer to index, 4.6462/144.89. Sue improved with her 5.1070/140.23. Bradford tripped the clocks, but got no time. Rodney Ferguson, who got no time in Q-1, made a decent 4.6670/142.99. Joe went further under with his 4.6481. Lyle likewise, 4.6273. Jacob got closer with his 4.6344.149.11. And Brittny Blakely made an officially ignored 4.5451.

    After warming up the Carl Meador SWSC Pairing Program, the pairings sheet went like this: #1 Qualifier Brian Beasley (.029 off index) would run #8 Qualifier Brittny Blakely (.069 off). #2 Rodney Ferguson (.033) got #7 Jacob Penner (.056). #3 Joe Navar (.044) would run #6 Don David (..053). #4 Andy Mears (.045) would meet #5 Lyle Byrum (.049).

       Eliminations for the SWSC began after 10:00. First pair out was #4 Mears vs. #5 Byrum. Lyle jumped the gun displaying the red light and Mears took the win, 4.7792/146.53 to Lyles 4.6897/146.82. Nice pass Guys! Next up was #3 Joe Navar and #6 Don David. Joe got a comp bye when Don's master shut-off tripped due to tire shake. Joe went a great 4.7199/142.59. #1 Brian Beasley came up for his run vs. #8 Brittny Blakely. As Brian began his burnout, about 60' into it, the Powerglide in Brian's car exploded, throwing cast aluminum and trans fluid and the whole torque converter on the track. A minor fireball resulted, though short-lived. No injuries to driver or spectators. The first time we have ever experienced anything like that. Analysis is something locked up the trans at max burnout r.p.m., causing the input shaft and stator shaft to shear, which then broke the pump, bell housing, and converter bolts, and the converter wound up against the fence next to the starting line. Exciting, but not something we want to see often. KUDOS! to the track crew and management of Little River. After a lengthy clean-up, the track was EXCELLENT! Dr. Hooks legacy is Alive and Well in Temple! After all that, Brittny made a 4.6780/149.45 bye to advance to Rd 2. #2 Rodney Ferguson in the Wayne's World machine finally got to meet #7 Jacob Penner. Penner took the win light on a holeshot, 4.8648/128.98 to Rodney's 4.8371/139.02. WHEW!

    Rd 2 Elims started with #3 Navar and #7 Penner prepping their respective rides. Despite Jacobs .017 light, Joe got the win with a 4.7632/136.03 vs. Jacobs 4.8390/138.12. Next #4 Andy Mears met #8 Brittny Blakely. Andy advanced to the final on his 4.8279/122.98 to Brittnys better 4.7122/148.51. Another holeshot win in Rd 2.

    The SWSC Final round of eliminations came around in the not-so-wee hours of the morning. #3 Joe and #4 Mears did their burnouts and staged. But Mears fouled by .023, giving Joe Navar the win on a 4.7132/142.59 to Andy's 4.7973/145/35. Great Race, SWSC!

    A Special apology to the crew and management of Little River. We have never caused a mess like that in our history. Great job on the track and response to Beasley's fire and explosion. We hope to see you again next year!




 OK, SWSC Fans, we are off to El Paso for Race #5 Sept 6. Watch that points race! We'll see you at the races!

Our Winner in Temple Tx, The Navar Family. A new force to be reckoned with in SWSC Racing!!!!
Congratulations to you guys on a great win!

Runner Up, Andy and Jan Mears.  Good Job guys!

Gary Smith/SWSC Best Pass of Elims B. Blakely (4.7122 Rd 2)

Good Vibrations Quick Light of Elims J. Navar (.0141 Rd 1)

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier B. Blakely (4.6309)

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus J. Navar

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Bonus A. Mears

Floyd S.