The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


              D. DAVID DEMOLISHES the SWSC

The Tate Branch/Southwest Superchargers rallied for their latest attack on the drag racing pavement Sept 27 @ Albuquerque Dragway. Eleven supercharged enthusiasts made the trip.

     Time trials/qualifying began around 10:30 a.m. as slingshot driver Ricky Esparza rolled through the water to start the program opposite Sue Stringers rear engine car. In a nice close pass, Ricky carded a 4.9139/144.42 to Sues 4.9010/139.75. Next Buck Woolen Jr. made a 4.8053/144.87 vs. Joe Navar's sub-index 4.6349/148.08. SWSC chief Don David met SWSC first-timer Paul Roybal in the next pair. Roybal's good-looking small-block altered went 5.1209/137.45 to Dons 4.7578/144.74. Lyle Byrum's funny car (hemi) went 4.7696/146.01 against Jacob Penner's b.b.c. powered 4.7461/146.39. Rickie Weeaks brought his Ford-powered altered from Roswell to meet points leader Gary Hill. Weeaks' tranny still has issues, 5.6637/84 to Gary's 4.7340/143.86. Topping off the first round of qualifying was another SWSC first-timer, Janna Skinner and her Chevy-powered r.e.d. Her first trip with the SWSC yielded a close 4.8419/146.20. Nice.

Q-2 got under way with David vs. Byrum. Don went to the top of the SWSC ladder with his 4.7286/146.15 to Lyle's 4.8009/144.37. Sue improved 4.8827/148.51 vs. Bucky's 4.8316/142.27. Jacob got a bye when Roybal broke a trans case on the burnout, 4.9791/136.82 (transmission). Ricky Esparza went 4.9393/139.71 against Gary Hill's 4.7980/141.42. Joe stepped up to a sweet 4.7320/148.03 to Weeaks' wounded trans pass, 11.74/46. And Janna again finished qualifying with her 4.8977/144.74.

After deciphering all the Alb Dragway printouts, the SWSC competition ladder went: #1 Qualifier Don David (.0286 off the 4.70 ) would meet #8 Sue Stringer (.1827). #2 Joe Navar (.0320) vs. #7 Janna Skinner (.1419). #3 Gary Hill (.0340) would run #6 Buck Woolen Jr (.1053). And #4 Jacob Penner (.0461) would go against #5 Lyle Byrum ( .0696). #9 Ricky Esparza (.2139), #11 Rickie Weeaks (1.0363)and #10 Paul Roybal (.5209) would likely sit this out.

However (surprise, surprise!), due to Jacob Penner's broken trans, we have a substitution! Ricky Esparza would run as alternate, move onto the ladder in the #4 position vs. #5 Lyle Byrum's funny car. In that pass, Ricky got the win on a 4.7781/146.10 vs. Lyle's oh-so-close 4.7900/145.54. Next #3 Gary Hill met #6 Buck Woolen Jr. Gary got the win light for his 4.7794/142.09 vs. Bucky's 4.8438/139.97. Next #1 Don ran #8 Sue. Sue had trans troubles and couldn't back up, so Don took the win on his 4.7589/146.15. #2 Joe Navar and #7 Janna Skinner made a pass and the SWSC rookie beat the reigning SWSC points champ, 4.7474/149.75 to Joe's slowing 4.8108/128.31. That's gonna leave a mark!

In Rd 2 SWSC Elims, Gary Hill met Janna in the first pair. After a surprisingly long count on the tree, Janna won with a 4.7652/144.42 to Gary's 4.8360/141.24. Both drivers lost concentration and were startled by the long tree. Don retired Ricky on a 4.7291/146.53 to 4.6691/149.01. Best pass-to-index and only under-index pass of the day.

So in the SWSC final we had the #1 Qualifier Don David vs. the SWSC rookie #7 Janna Skinner. Once again the SWSC continues to provide the closest racing around. A 4.741 to 4.744 was won by one of the closest margins of the 2015 season, Don David eeking out the win over Janna. Congratulation to both. Don's first SWSC win in several years, and Janna's first final in her first appearance! Good Show!

Winner Don & Lisa David.









Runner Up Janna Skinner.

Let's give away some bonus awards!

Kudos to all our competitors. Tate Branch Dealerships and the SWSC paid a $75 bonus to the winner of Alb Dragway Jr. Dragster program, and a $25 bonus to the runner-up. Congratulations!

Our Thanks to Albuquerque Dragway for inviting us, we hope to return next season! Great track and great staff!

Awright, troops, stay with us as we drive around the Southwest racing! We may have a new race on the SWSC schedule, El Paso Motorplex Oct 10! We'll let you know when we have that firmed up. And San Antonio Dragway Oct 24! See you at the races!

Fuzzy Gearhead

TR Chassis/ Esparza Race Cars Progressive Qualifier
#4 Jacob Penner

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus
Ricky Esparza (.003!)

Gary Hill #1 Qualifier Bonus Don David

Gary Smith/SWSC Best Pass Don David (4.7291)

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Don David

Mears Mazda Winner! Don David

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Bonus
Janna Skinner