The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


        Rain Restricts Racing @ El Paso Motorplex

     The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers assembled their fifth event of the 2016 racing season August 27 @ El Paso Motorplex in El Paso. Eleven supercharger aficionados attended as the points race tightens and the drama increases.

     Time trials/qualifying began late in the day as SWSC Chief Don David and Buck Woolen Jr rolled through the bleach box to start the days activities. Bucks mount spun down track, 5.1846/166.88 to Dons 4.6578/147.44. VIDEO
 Next SWSC newbie Janna Skinner and Jacob Penner lit their respective big blocks to check their tune-ups. Janna made a 4.7629/151.46 to Jacobs 4.6567/149.70. Christian Leffew vs. Al Seelig was (were?) next. Al's "Alcoholic" hot pink altered went 4.8452/142.18 to Christians 4.6550/147.69. VIDEO
A long-absent Gary Hill met Joe Navar in pair 3. Gary's new motor and tune-up went a soft 5.1949/132.55 to Joes under-index 4.5766/148.12. The Ford-powered altered of Rickey Weeaks went a damn nice 5.0805/143.91 versus Ricky Esparza's 4.9825/137.03. Now Rickey Weeaks gets the mention 'cause that's his best pass to date in the 410 c.i.d. Ford altered. Another Congratulations to the driver and Crew. Finally in Rd1 TT's Lyle Byrum rolled up to make a pass in the funny car of Bill Terrell from Western Technical Institute, El Paso. Lyles first full pass in the car yielded a 5.779 @ 84mph.

     About an hour later everyone towed toward the staging lanes for Q-2. Joe Navar neared the index, 4.5964/147.16 (instant #1 Q). Ricky Esparza's slingshot made a 4.8398/143.91, best pass we've seen from that slippery ride in a while. Good Job, driver & crew! Lyle improved to a 5.1736/122.05. Don David stepped up with his 4.6263/149.01. Janna Skinner went to the #2 position on the ladder via her 4.6145/152.49. Christian Leffew red lighted then double stepped, 4.7053/144.83. Buck Woolen Jr again had traction problems, 5.4886/144.46. Gary Hill got it together in the tune-up department, 4.8087/141.55. Rickey Weeaks got a little crossed up and did a pedal job, 5.7943/89. And Al Seelig went 5.2119/127.55.

     As we were preparing the SWSC ladder board, the storm skimmed the property, just showering us with rain, and more importantly dirt and dust. After a lengthy clean-up and total re-prep of the racing surface, the run order emerged as #1 qualifier Joe Navar (.0036 off index) would race #8 Al Seelig (.245 off). #2 Janna Skinner (.0145) would meet #7 Ricky Esparza (.2398). #3 Qualifier was Don David (.0263) vs. #6 Gary Hill (.2087). #4 Christian Leffew (.0550) got #5 Jacob Penner (.0567). Jacob had only one qualifying pass.

     Round #1 SWSC Eliminations kicked off with #4 Christian Leffew meeting a surprise, #10 Lyle Byrum in the WTI funny car. Jacob Penner #5 qualifier had broken a bearing in the rear end, and first alternate Rickey Weeaks had elected not to take the opportunity to run as alternate, leaving Lyle the pass. After all that had transpired, the track would no longer hold the SWSC blower horsepower, both struggled to get to the finish line under power, Christian first with his 5.0652/106.86 to Lyle's 5.9679/98. VIDEO
Next #3 Don David met #6 Gary Hill. Don's red light surrendered his 5.3212/94 to Gary's 5.6909/106.48. Pair 3 was #2 Janna Skinner and #7 Ricky Esparza. Both spun and slid past 400', with Ricky coming out on top, 5.0660/137.45 to 5.4438/102.39. VIDEO
 #1 Joe Navar fired to run #8 Al Seelig, but Al's altered had no oil pressure, so Joe's win on a single was a 5.2664/102.97.

     Rd 2 Elims started with Ricky Esparza meeting Gary Hill. Gary squeaked out a win when his 4.7951/141.51 beat Ricky's 4.9773/132.28. Not bad for conditions. Then Joe Navar retired Christian Leffew for the night, 4.8412/131.50 to 4.9658/139.71. VIDEO

     Just as the SWSC was moving up for the final round, the rains began, lightly but enough to call it unsafe. A 10-minute wait made no difference, so the race was called. The final will be run at our next SWSC race September 17 in Roswell at Alien City Dragway. We'll all have to wait til then for a winner, and see who gets the winners share of the points.

More videos here from one of SWSC biggest fans Joe Barajas; LINK HERE    
Of course no Mears Mazda Winner or Runner-up....yet!

So come on and join us at Alien City Dragway September 17 for Race #6 Southwest Superchargers style! We'll see you there!


The two teams that made the final in El Paso, Gary Hill and theNavars.

Lets give away some bonus money!

Mears Mazda Winner .......

Mears Mazda R/U ..........

TR Chassis Progressive Qualifier
Christian Leffew

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Lyle Byrum .011 in Rd 1

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Joe Navar

Gary Smith/SWSC Best Pass Bonus Gary Hill Rd 2

Gary Hill #1 Qualifier
Joe Navar

Our thanks to all our partners/sponsors! Tate Branch Family of Dealerships, Good Vibrations, ATI Jet, Gary Hill, Gary Smith, TR Chassis, Gary & Mark Jones Racing Engines and Andy Mears from Mears Mazda.