The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers met for the final final of the 2016 season October 22 @ San Antonio Raceway. Seven supercharged faithful made the trek to the City of the Alamo.

     Qualifying began as Buck Woolen Jr. (Alamogordo, NM) and Andy Mears (Lubbock, Tx.) fired their respective rides for the first pass of the weekend. Buck made a great 4.5366/149.75 to Andy's under pass of 4.4074/158.79. Next Jacob Penner (Seminole, Tx) met Joe Navar (Dell City, Tx). Penner's superior 4.5036/157.29 overshadowed Joes 4.7946/151.902. SWSC Top Dog Don David went 4.8180/152.49 vs. Christian Leffew's 4.6410/150.70. Bill Ort went alone and made a sweet 4.6729/149.85, his best of the season with the SWSC.

     Q-2 started with Andy's 4.6607/149.60 outrunning Christians 6.5754/147.25. Don improved to 4.5442/150.91 against Jacobs 4.6244/148.96. And Joe slowed to a 5.1153/150.80 vs. Bills even slower 7.1797/88.86. Bucky sat this qualifier out.

     The SWSC pencil-powered calculator with the oversized eraser led us to believe the #1 Qualifier was Jacob Penner @ only .0036 off the SWSC 4.500 index. He would run unopposed in Rd-1 due to the short 7-car field. #2 on the ladder was Buck Woolen Jr., .0366 off. His opponent would be #7 Joe Navar, an uncharacteristic position for that competitive team. #3 Don David (.0442) would run #6 Bill Ort (.1729). And #4 Andy Mears (.0925) would meet #5 Christian Leffew (.1410) in the first round.

     The final SWSC race of the season kicked off as #3 Don David prepared to run #6 Bill Ort. Bills high-powered altered clutch-equipped altered left hard enough to jump off the ground, allowing Don the win, 5.2003/122.78 to Bills 5.7035/90/ Next #2 Buck Woolen ran #7 Joe Navar. Joes dragster spun viciously, handing the win to Bucky 4.7273/129.24 vs. Joes 8.4734/58. #5 Christian Leffew failed to make the call for Rd-1 (parts failure), so the SWSC opted to run #4 Andy Mears and #1 Jacob Penner as side by side dual bye runs, in keeping with the SWSC policy of never sending singles down the track. Both cars would advance to the next round. Jacob displayed a 4.5684/152.96, Andy a 4.5798/152.70, just .014 difference.

     Rd-2 Elims saw #2 Buck meet #3 Don David. Dons dragster went into the tallest wheelie the SWSC has ever seen! As he lifted, Buck Jr. headed for the finish, 4.5916/130.25 to Dons wounded 7.8124/42. WOW! #1 Jacob fired to run #4 Andy. Jacob went the better pass (4.5183/154.53) but Andy took the holeshot win with his 4.5877/154.37.

     So, the Final Final of the 2016 SWSC season came down to #5 in points Buck Woolen Jr. vs. #6 Andy Mears. Andy came out on top with a 4.6534/131.20 to Bucks slowing 4.8447/142.27. Andy Mears repeats, having won the previous race. And Buck holds onto the coveted Top 5 position in SWSC points.

     The other story here is....JOE NAVAR repeats as Southwest Superchargers Points Champion for 2016. Our Congratulations to Joe and the team on a well-fought successful season.

     Our heartfelt Thanks to our sponsors who have supported the SWSC and drag racing in general for the 2016 season, we hope to continue to advertise for you and promote your businesses alongside the SWSC program. Tate Branch Family of Dealerships of New Mexico, Mears Mazda-Volvo of Lubbock, Good Vibrations/Drag Parts of Whittier, Ca., ATI Jet Executive Charter of El Paso, TR Chassis of Las cruces, NM, and our helpers Gary Hill (#1 Qualifier Bonus) and Gary Smith (Best Pass-to-Index Bonus). We couldn't do it without your participation!

OK, Race Fans! Let's do it again in 2017! Watch for info on our spectacular awards banquet. Plans are just beginning to take shape.
We'll see you at the races!

Floyd Stringer

For the second race in a row Andy and Jan Mears took home the 1st place trophy. What a great way to end the year.
Congratulations you two!!!

And for the second time this year Buck Woolen Jr. and Scott Leffew took home runner up honors. Buck and Scott have had to thrash as of late to make these last few races.

Glad to see it pay off. Great way to end the year guys!

Lets give away some bonus money!

Mears Mazda Winner .......Andy Mears

Mears Mazda R/U ........Buck Woolen Jr.

TR Chassis Progressive Qualifier #1 Jacob Penner

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Don David

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Andy Mears

Gary Smith/SWSC Best Pass Bonus Jacob Penner

Our thanks to all our partners/sponsors! Tate Branch Family of Dealerships, Good Vibrations, ATI Jet, Gary Hill, Gary Smith, TR Chassis, Gary & Mark Jones Racing Engines and Andy Mears from Mears Mazda.