The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


        Southwest Superchargers End Race #1 2016 Early

      The Tate Branch/Southwest Superchargers held their first race of the 2016 season May 28 @ San Antonio Raceway. All went well at the Texas dragstrip until the final, as rain forced an early end to competition.

      Six SWSC blower-equipped cars made the trek to the city of the Alamo. The SWSC was a part of the larger Night Of Fire race. Buck Woolen and Buck Woolen Jr. were both in attendance and chose to make a family run at the San Antonio clocks as the first pair in time trials/qualifying. Both red lighted (ready to make the first pass of the year?) and Buck Sr's new tune up yielded a 4.6447/148.96 to Jrs. 4.8384/140.63. As a side note, San Antonio is the only track on the SWSC schedule under 1000' altitude. Accordingly, we adjust our index to 4.50 for our race fans and our racers. To continue, next up was a rookie driver in SWSC competition, Christian Leffew running with a SWSC oldtimer, Jacob Penner. Jacob came up lame after the burnout, but Christian went on to a positively stunning 4.5107/154.53! Nice pass! Our final pair in Q-1 was SWSC head Don David and SWSC 2014 Points Champion Joe Navar. Don's car went a nice 4.5567/152.03 to Joe's 4.5902/147.78.

      The Pro Mod's on the property had a few problems in their field, which delayed Q-2 for the SWSC, but we enjoyed the down time, spent visiting and tweaking the tuneup's for the 3000' d.a. air. When our turn came, all were primed. As is often the case, Don and Jacob chose to run each other. Don improved slightly, 4.5489/150.25 to Jacobs game but lame 5.2196/134.01, obviously something amiss there. Next Joe Navar met Buck Jr. Joe went to the top of the SWSC ladder with an oh-so-close 4.998/152.75 to Jr's. improving 4.6923/144.83. Lastly Buck Sr and Christian ran off, Bucks 4.6565/149.60 out running Christians 4.6729/135.50.

      When the paper work was done and the numbers were sufficiently crunched, the SWSC competition ladder was arranged like so...#1 Qualifier for the first race of the year was Joe Navar ( dragster/ Dell City, Tx). Joe went .0002 under the SWSC index. Can't get much closer than that. ( Just seconds before, I told Christian Leffew I didn't think anyone would get under his pass of .010 off index. Wrong!) Joe would get a bye in the first round due to how the ladder falls on a six-car show. #2 Qualifier was Christian Leffew (dragster/ Alamogordo, NM). On his rookie competition pass with the SWSC he went just .010 off index, a 4.510. Christian would also get a bye as we set up a six car field on an eight car ladder. #3 qualifier was Don David, just .048 off index ( dragster/Cloudcroft, NM). Don raced #6 Jacob Penner (dragster/Seminole, Tx.) who made one pass .719 off. #4 qualifier happened to be Buck Woolen, Sr., .144 off index (dragster/Alamogordo, NM). As luck would have it, he would meet his son Buck Jr. ( dragster/ Alamogordo, NM) who was #5 on the ladder with a 4.6923, .192 off.

      The SWSC Competition started after the sun had gone down, the humidity had increased, and the temperature had relented to below London broiled. #3 Don David vs. #6 Jacob Penner was our first pair. Jacob's popular "Just For Kicks" car could only eek out a soft 5.6484/115.59 to Dons winning 4.8254/120.10. Next up was the solo run of Joe Navar and, to keep with the SWSC attempt to never run without two cars, Christian Leffew's single opposite. Both would advance to E-2, no winners, no losers, no limits. Joe put up a 4.4465/153/64 to Christians 4.6125/151.98. Lastly we had the family pass of Father vs. Son, Buck Sr. against Buck Jr. Jr. came out on top with his 4.8115 defeating Dads wounded 6.1250/94.

      Round 2 had a traditional 4-car field. #3 Don David met #2 Christian Leffew. Don got the win light with a nice 4.5691/148.27 to Christians valiant 4.8125/151.92. #1 Joe Navar squared off vs. #5 Buck Jr. next. Joe advanced to the final on his 4.4592/152.18 after Buck Jr drew the dreaded red light start, and ran 4.6336/147.98.

       We were all watching the weather app on our iphones, but couldn't do anything but watch. As our final two competitors suited up, the rains came, lightly but effectively. San Antonio called it an event, and all went home safely. An anti-climactic end to a great time, but the SWSC will return to San Antonio in October. We'll see you there!





All the action shots provided by James Racing Photography. Pic up pics of your car today!

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Award Don David (.015)

Gary Hill #1 Qualifier Award Joe Navar

SWSWC/Gary Smith Best Pass Joe Navar (4.4592)

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Joe Navar

Our thanks to all our partners/sponsors! Tate Branch Family of Dealerships, Good Vibrations, ATI Jet, Gary Hill, Gary Smith, TR Chassis, Gary & Mark Jones Racing Engines

OK, SWSC fans & racers, we're off to Albuquerque in just two weeks, June 11. Let's go racing!

Floyd Stringer