The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Southwest Superchargers put on their seventh race of the year October 1 @ Tucson Dragway. Thirteen SWSC made the drive West to the well known former SIR.

     Qualifying for the 8-car field began @ 5:44 p.m. in great weather conditions, 84 degrees, 5500' d.a., no rain in the forecast. First up to the line was Christian Leffew in Sue Stringers car and Janna skinner of Albuquerque. Janna went a bit under the 4.60 index, 4.578/153.54 to Christians close 4.632/148.54. Buck Woolen Jr met Jacob Penner in the next pair and Jacobs 4.541/154.56 outran Buckys 5.055/137.54. Then Don David ran Joe Navar. Both went under index on the super-bite surface in the great air, Dons 4.578/150.08 to Joes 4.535/150.66. Nice close pair! Ricky Esparza met a new guy to the SWSC, Dan Rusk of Tucson. The Rusk Jewelers Ken Cox 1972 Top Fuel car made decent 4.757/147.31 to Rickys 5.044/140.91. Andy Mears "Banzai" entry ran 4.574/152.61 vs. Paul Roybals small block altered, an altered style 6.374/92. Rickey Weeaks first attempt at the Tucson track was 6.017/87. And Bill Orts Hemi-powered fuel altered went 5.808/121.

     TT-2 started when Buck Woolen Jr. came up to meet Jacob Penner. Bucky's mount came up lame after the burnout, no pass. Jacob improved to a 4.639/150.58. Don David again met Joe Navar. Joe went a super 4.613/147.42, but Don went to the top of the chart (temporarily) with his 4.606/150.10. Great pair, again! Janna made a 4.64/151.89 to Andy's 4.603 (!)/151.24. Paul Roybals altered again had handling issues, 6.272/95 vs Ricky Esparza's much-improved 4.828/145.64. Dan Rusk went 4.711/149.15 to Christian Leffew's off pace 4.991/137.20. Bill Ort stepped up with his 5.035/140.04 and Rickey Weeaks Ford-powered altered made a nice 4.685/144.63.

     The trusty rusty SWSC pairings pencil revealed the elimination ladder to start with #1 Qualifier Andy Mears (.003 off index!) and would meet #8 Ricky Esparza (.228 off). #2 was Don David (.006 off), and would run#7 Dan Rusk (.111). #3 Joe Navar (.013 off index) got #6 Jacob Penner (.039). And in the middle #4 Janna Skinner (.022)would race #5 Christian Leffew (.032). #9 Buck Woolen Jr, #10 Paul Roybal, #11 Rickey Weeaks and #12 Bill Ort were relegated to the side lines for this event.

     The Southwest Supercharger Junior Dragster Bonus Program on behalf of Tate Branch Dealerships went to two young racers who had a run-off between their classes to decide a Jr Dragster Eliminator. Tripp Beitkreitz was the run-off winner. Dylan Smith was the Runner-Up. Congratulations to these young drag racers from Tate Branch Family of Dealerships and the SWSC!

     Away we go to the first round of SWSC eliminations. #2 Don David elected to be first pair with #7 Dan Rusk. Don pulled out a hole-shot win, his 4.710/126.55 getting the stripe before Dans 4.700/150.80. Close race, more brakes. #1 Andy Mears next fired to run #8 Ricky Esparza. Andy came out on top 4.688/132.04 over Ricky's 4.891/144.41. #3 Joe Navar squared off vs. #6 Jacob Penner. Jacobs car skittered enough to make him lift, Joe was off to the stripe, but ran under the 4.60 index, surrendering the win to Jacob, 6.798/65 to Joes illegal 4.580/145.93/. All I can say is "WOW". #4 Janna Skinner pulled through to meet #5 Christian Leffew for the last pair of the round. Christians car broke a valve in the burnout, giving Janna a comp bye win, 4.579/153.95. Nice.

     SWSC Semis began as #2 Don David met #6 Jacob Penner. Dons dragster sprung a leak serious enough to be shut off, sending Jacob to the final on a 4.744/145.00. #1 Andy Mears met #4 Janna Skinner for the battle to get to the final. Andy took the win, his 4.611/151.41 over Janna's under pass of 4.559/145.

     So this SWSC event would close with #1 Andy Mears (Lubbock, Tx.) meeting #6 Jacob Penner of Seminole, Tx. An excellent pair, both under the 4.60 ensued with Andy taking the trophy with his closer 4.588/152.55 to Jacobs more seriously flawed 4.571/149.83. Margin of victory for Andy just .0174 seconds! What we in the SWSC prize, close, blown, no electronics, heads-up racing!

Our Winner in Tucson Andy and Jan Mears

Runner up in Tucson Jacob Penner

A special Thank You to all our sponsors/helpers this season. Tate Branch Dealerships, Mears Mazda/ Volvo of Lubbock, ATI Jet Executive Charter El Paso, Good Vibrations/Drag Parts of Whittier, Ca., Gary Hill, T or C, NM, Gary Smith, Lubbock, Tx., and racers sponsors throughout. We couldn't do it without you!

See in two weeks for the final SWSC race of the season in San Antonio!



Lets give away some bonus money!

Mears Mazda Winner .......Andy Mears

Mears Mazda R/U ........Jacob Penner

TR Chassis Progressive Qualifier
Christian Leffew

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Janna Skinner .000

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Janna Skinner

Gary Smith/SWSC Best Pass Bonus Andy Mears

Gary Hill #1 Qualifier Andy Mears

Our thanks to all our partners/sponsors! Tate Branch Family of Dealerships, Good Vibrations, ATI Jet, Gary Hill, Gary Smith, TR Chassis, Gary & Mark Jones Racing Engines and Andy Mears from Mears Mazda.