The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers put on a blown heads-up display of non-electronic horsepower July 8 @ El Paso Motorplex. Christian Leffew took home top honors for his first win in the SWSC.

     SWSC Qualifying began in the warm West Texas sunshine as Andy Mears and Christian Leffew rolled through the water box to kick off the days racing. Andy's 4.5293/153.85 was a touch faster than Christians closer-to-index 4.5963/147.73. A blast from the SWSC past showed to join again, Rick Peterson brought his long-absent r.e.d. to meet the Ford-powered altered of Rickey Weeaks. Ricks dragster suffered tire failure about mid-track, lifted, and made a 5.1054/138.72 vs. Rickey's 4.7475/146.58. Next up was Lyle Byrum and SWSC Points Champion Joe Navar. Joe made a super-close to index 4.5912/148.37 to Lyles 4.6443/151.67. Jacob Penner met slingshot driver Ricky Esparza next. Jacob had a header issue, 4.8100/143.54 to Ricky's nice 4.6283/151.92. Janna Skinner ran vs. Don David and Janna went a sub-index 4.5840/153.11 to Dons close 4.6119/149.80. The final pair in Q-1 was Gary Hill and the hot pink El Paso based altered of Al Seelig. Als altered weaved its way toward the stripe and displayed a 5.6813/99 as Gary's Mopar could only muster a 5.1402/137.07. Keith Mauldin was shoeing John Browns beautiful "Jalapeno Popper" altered, but had trans problems and retired for the day.

     Q-2 kicked off with Esparza meeting Seelig. Al improved with a 5.4856/122 to Ricky's 4.6714/149.60. Hill made a 4.9194/139.45 to Don David's index-busting 4.6042/149.30. Mears ran a 4.7197/130.47 to Leffew's Vertex-shaking 4.9662/136.53. Navar made a 4.5779/148.66 vs. Byrum's 4.5635/156.85(!). Janna went 4.6999/142.14 to Weeaks' 4.8078/144.37.

     After crunching numbers for several time slots, the ol' SWSC pen 'n' paper revealed the qualifying ladder to be #1 Qualifier Christian Leffew, only .0037 off the SWSC 4.60 index. #2 was Don David, .0042 off. #3 Joe Navar, .0088. #4 was Janna Skinner, .0160 off index. #5 Qualifier was Ricky Esparza, .0238. #6 Lyle Byrum, .0369 off. #7 Andy Mears was just .0707 off. And #8 Rickey Weeaks made a pass .1475 off. #9 Jacob Penner, #10 Gary Hill, #11 Rick Peterson and #12 Al Seelig would sit out eliminations.

     SWSC Eliminations started when #1 Qualifier Christian Leffew decided to be first pair and called out opponent #8 Rickey Weeaks. Rickey's reluctant ride refused to rotate, handing Christian a free pass to the next round via his 4.7220/133.73. Next up was #2 Don David vs. #7 Andy Mears. Don got the win light by going 4.6448/148.76 to Andy's 4.7155/125.07. #3 Joe Navar met #6 Lyle Byrum and Lyle advanced by running 4.6166/152.13 to Joes 4.6346/142.00. MOV .0197. Finally #4 Janna Skinner met #5 Ricky Esparza. Ricky won with a 4.6913/149.01 to Janna's excellent 4.6838/151.98.

     Rd-2 got under way when Christian came up to run Ricky's slingshot. These two young second generation drag racers displayed their prowess when Christian went 4.6343/144.97 to win to Ricky's game 4.6775/148.76. The other pair was a couple of more experienced racers in #2 Don David and #6 Lyle Byrum. Don took the win with a pass of 4.6159/148.47 as Lyles dragster couldn't fire.

     The SWSC final was run about 11:15 p.m. between #1 Christian Leffew and SWSC Chair #2 Don David. Both left with tires screaming for mercy beneath their alcohol-fed supercharged Chevy powered dragsters, the win going to Christian based on his 4.6585/144.56 to Dons sub-index 4.5887/141.69. Congratulations Christian Leffew on your first win in the Southwest Superchargers! And Don David takes over the SWSC points lead with this R/U finish.

     OK, SWSC fans, we next race ...El Paso Motorplex August 26! The points race is tightening up, so be there or be square!





Christian Leffew, winner. This is his first win with the SWSC!


Don David on his 3rd runner up of the season!

Thanks to long-time sponsors Mears Mazda-Volvo/Lubbock, ATI-Jet/El Paso, Good Vibrations/Drag Parts/ Whittier , Ca., and Rick Esparza's TR Chassis of Las Cruces, NM

Floyd R. Stringer


Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Christian Leffew

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Bonus Don David

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Andy Mears (4.529)

TR Chassis Progressive Qualifier Joe Navar

SWSC Bounty Bonus Christian Leffew took out Don David.
 Christian will be the bounty driver at the next event!

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Christian Leffew (.013)

And our Thanks again this season to Tate Branch Auto Group of Southern New Mexico

Our thanks to all our partners/sponsors! Tate Branch Family of Dealerships, Good Vibrations, ATI Jet, Gary Hill, Gary Smith, TR Chassis, Gary & Mark Jones Racing Engines and Andy Mears from Mears Mazda.