The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Southwest Superchargers went to the City of Aliens May 6. Buck Woolen Jr. took home the winners share for the first time in his racing career.

     Qualifying began as Janna Skinner and husband Alan fired their nice looking dragster to be first down the Roswell 1/8 mile. Her first attempt yielded a close-to-index 4.6613/151.98. This team routinely has the highest MPH in the SWSC. Next up Buck Woolen Jr. clicked off a 4.6752/147.30. Behind him SWSC Chief Don David made a 4.7198/147.59. Ricky Esparza went 4.7456/148.86. Reigning SWSC Points Champ Joe Navar displayed 4.8171/144.69. Christian Leffew coaxed Sue Stringers car to a 4.9008/140.63. Gary "The Quick Thrill" Hill went 4.9223/139.62. The Ford powered altered of Roswell resident Rickie Weeaks made a sharp 4.9676/141.20. And Buck Woolen Sr. went a soft 5.3086/132.90 with his stand-by 427 Chev.

     Q-2 got under saw Joe Navar jump to the top of the SWSC heap with a sweet 4.6262/149.06. Janna picked up the pace, 4.6332/151.77. Don slowed imperceptibly, 4.7231/147.83. Ricky Esparza same, 4.7727/149.01. Christian improved to a 4.8200/143.45. Gary picked up a tenth, 4.8428/141.11. Rickie W. stepped up with a fresh 4.8960/143.31. Buck Sr. improved with his 4.9860/138.93 to Buck Jr.s red-light initiated 7.5398/147.20.

     We broke out the SWSC coal-fired steam-powered old-school non-electronic supercharged fountain pen to do the math. Joe Navar stood out as #1 Qualifier per his pass of 4.6262, just .0262 off the SWSC 4.60 index. #2 was Janna Skinner, just a few thousandths behind at .0332 off. #3 Buck Woolen Jr. .0752. #4 qualifier was Don David at .1198. #5 on the ladder was the slingshot of Ricky Esparza with a pass just .1456 off. #6 Christian Leffew came in .220 off. #7 went to Gary Hill, .2428. And closing out the SWSC pairings sheet was Roswell's own Rickie Weeaks who made a pass just .296 off index. Buck Woolen Sr missed at .386 off.

    First we wish to show our appreciation to the local Southern New Mexico sponsors who helped bring the SWSC back to Roswell this trip. First Tate Branch Family of Dealerships (Artesia, Carlsbad, and Hobbs, NM), Powell Tire/Roswell, Westlake Ace Hardware/Roswell, and Big-O Tire in Roswell. Your assistance is noted and appreciated. Let's do it again!

     Round 1 of SWSC Eliminations began with #3 Buck Woolen Jr. challenging #6 Christian Leffew to the line. Christian left first but was outrun to the stripe, Bucks 4.7494/125.73 over Christians 4.8742/.14196. Next up was #4 Don David vs. #5 Ricky Esparza. Don made a near-perfect 4.6022/150.85 to take out Ricky's nice 4.6542/151.11. Great job, guys. #1 Joe Navar met #8 Rickie Weeaks and Joe walked away with the win, 4.7891/148.66 to 7.2501/92, a little slippery in the altered. Finally #2 Janna Skinner went 4.6795/133.73 to defeat #7 Gary Hill's .0035 initiated 4.9566/139.97.

     SWSC Semis started with #3 Buck Jr. going up against #2 Janna. Both drivers left early, but Janna's was the more flagrant. Win light to Buck 4.6929/149.06 to Janna's lifting 4.9566/114. #4 Don David met #1 Joe Navar next. Don ate up the r.t. clocks, .0036/4.8925/130.02 to Joe's .114/4.8951/148.56.

     Relatively early in the evening, the SWSC turned out for the final pass of the event. #3 Buck Woolen Jr. had run fairly close to index all day and was chomping for his first win in his fourth or fifth final round. Don David finished 2nd in points in 2016 and was looking to make a few more points toward an SWSC Points Championship in 2017. But Don's trans brake slipped causing a deep stage position, breaking his concentration resulting in a terrible reaction time. Buck charged to the Roswell finish line, his 4.7627/119.65 over Don's 14.2/72. Buck Woolen Jr. gets his first "Jerry Norman" trophy. Congratulations!

     Excellent race! Thanks to the Management and Staff of Alien City Dragway for an impeccably groomed track and a great facility. We love this place! Hope to return soon! And another SWSC Thanks to local sponsors Tate Branch, Big-O tire, Ace Hardware, and Powell Tire. Couldn't do it without you!

     OK, SWSC Race fans, next we're off to El Paso Motorplex July 8. Come on out, we'll have a blast! See you at the races!


Winner in Roswell Buck and Stesha Woolen. This is Bucks first win with the SWSC!

Don and Lisa David were the runner up in Roswell.

Thanks to long-time sponsors Mears Mazda-Volvo/Lubbock, ATI-Jet/El Paso, Good Vibrations/Drag Parts/ Whittier , Ca., and Rick Esparza's TR Chassis of Las Cruces, NM

Floyd R. Stringer


Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Buck Woolen Jr

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Bonus Don David

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Joe Navar.

TR Chassis Progressive Qualifier #4 Don David

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Gary Hill (.0035)

And our Thanks again this season to Tate Branch Auto Group of Southern New Mexico

Our thanks to all our partners/sponsors! Tate Branch Family of Dealerships, Good Vibrations, ATI Jet, Gary Hill, Gary Smith, TR Chassis, Gary & Mark Jones Racing Engines and Andy Mears from Mears Mazda.