The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



 The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers kicked off the 2017 racing season @ San Antonio March 25. SWSC CEO Don David took home the hardware after a hard fought evening of supercharged drag racing.

     Rd 1 Qualifying began around 6:00 p.m. With nine cars on the property, someone was going to miss the first round. Buck Woolen made the first pass of the year, and went 4.7558/145.02 on the low altitude 4.50 index. Andy Mears "Banzai" dragster made a 4.7001/122.88. Ricky Esparza's slingshot went 4.8359/143.72. Don David's first pass was a near perfect 4.4967/152.34. Janna Skinner went a close 4.5830/152.65. Jacob Penner's "Just For Kicks" car made a 4.8902/111.88. Buck Woolen Jr.s new combination went 4.4712/153.58. And Christian Leffew went 4.5739/151.11 in Sue Stringers dragster. Dustin Bradford's '23T had fuel system issues, no pass.

     Q-2 started with Christian Leffew going -.001 on the tree, 4.7662/131.81 (loose). Andy Mears ran 4.4781/157.29 in the opposite lane. Buck Woolen made a soft 6.0660/96 vs. Ricky Esparza, 4.8892/141.60. Don David's second attempt was 4.5394/150.30 (.009 light). Janna Skinner went 4.5541/152.91 opposite. Nice close pair, there. Jacob Penner's last qualifier was 4.5935/149.11. Buck Woolen Jr. was in the pits busily thrashing to replace a pushed out head gasket so he could make Rd 1 Elims.

     With a borrowed Sharpie and an old light-sensitive calculator (it's night), the SWSC Elimination Ladder revealed itself to be #1 Qualifier Don David (best pass just .0033 off index). He met #8 Ricky Esparza (.335). #2 Andy Mears (.0219)got #7 Buck Woolen Sr. (.2558). #3 Buck Woolen Jr (0288) ran #6 Jacob Penner (.0935). And #4 Janna Skinner (.0541) raced #5 Christian Leffew (.0739). #9 Dustin Bradford didn't make a pass.

     With the SWSC and a group of Pro-Mods on the property, and two jet cars, the bleachers were looking mighty close to full as Round 1 Eliminations rolled up to the bleach box. #4 Janna Skinner (Albuquerque) lined up vs. #5 Christian Leffew. At the light, Janna reacted .009 too early, surrendering a nice 4.5925/138.59 to Christians loose 5.1927/96 for the win. Next #1 Don David met #8 Ricky Esparza. Dons 4.8155/147.06 was too much for the slingshots 6.8286/61. #2 Andy Mears ran #7 Buck Woolen Sr. in the third pair. Andy's 4.6502/33.65 came out on top of Bucks 5.5435/138.08. #3 Buck Woolen lined up for the first round vs.....Dustin Bradford. #6 Jacob Penner discovered a broken a-arm front end, can't make the call. Buck Jr went 5.1954/149.85 when Dustin's '23T failed to complete the burnout.

     On we got to Rd 2 Elims. #1 Don David met #5 Christian Leffew. Christian again was having handling issues down track, Don David got the win light, 4.6768/131.89 to a softer 5.1796/126 (.006 r.t.). The other half of the semi-final round was #3 Buck Woolen Jr vs. #2 Andy Mears. Andy lit the dreaded red light by .0065, handing the win to Buck Jr., 4.4847/154.11 to Andy's 4.5134/155.82. These guys were pushing it!

     So, we have a final, the first of the new year. #1 Don David, 4.49, 4.53, 4.81, 4.67, vs. Buck Woolen Jrs 4.47, 5.19, 4.48. Watch this. Don wins with a .007/4.5294/150.25 to Bucky's .005/4.4922/149.90. I love this group. What a final! An almost perfect pass and another almost perfect pass/just under index. Excellent!

Winner Don & Lisa David

Runner Up Buck Woolen Jr.

OK, SWSC Race fans, it's off to Albuquerque Dragway April 9. From the best elevation on our schedule, to the highest. Time to work on your tune-up! C'mon, we'll have a great time!

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Don David

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Bonus Buck Woolen Jr

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Buck Woolen Jr (4.4712)

TR Chassis Progressive Qualifier #6 Buck Woolen Sr

Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus Buck Woolen Jr (.005)

And our Thanks again this season to Tate Branch Auto Group of Southern New Mexico

Our thanks to all our partners/sponsors! Tate Branch Family of Dealerships, Good Vibrations, ATI Jet, Gary Hill, Gary Smith, TR Chassis, Gary & Mark Jones Racing Engines and Andy Mears from Mears Mazda.