The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!




    The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers held their fifth race of the year August 4th @ Albuquerque National Dragway. Ten blown alcohol burners appeared to challenge the competition. 

     The weather was perfect (94 d., 9000' ft d.a.), if not the density altitude. Time trials/qualifying kicked off @ 6:00 p.m. when we learned the poor road back to Broadway would be closed for repairs at Midnight! Here we go! Jacob Penner (Seminole, Tx.) launched his front motored mount against Christian Leffew (Alamogordo, N.M.) as the first pair. Jacob sent out a notice to the other racers with his 4.6287/151.46 vs. Christians softer 4.7936/144.46. Rey Baros (Seminole) met the slingshot of Ricky Esparza (Las Cruces, N.M.) next. The "Just For Kicks" car of Baros went 4.9201/141.29 against Ricky's 4.7139/149.60. Seldom-seen Rodney Ferguson (Amarillo, Tx.) ran Joe Navar (Dell City, Tx.) as third pair. A close 4.7803/144.46 (Navar) to 4.7772/146.20 resulted. SWSC rookie Nick Johnson (Nebraska) made a single when Paul Roybal's (Albuquerque/Santa Fe) blower quit in the burnout. Nick was driving the "Prairie Fire" funny car of Wayne Reinert of Amarillo, 5.3808/127.08 in only his third pass in a flopper. Finally Janna Skinner (Albuquerque) went off against SWSC most recent race winner Landon Thompson (Gardendale, Tx.) . Janna put up a 4.7184/148.76 to London's super 4.6179/152.96. 

     Q-2 now and the d.a. was still 8200'+. Janna went to the top of the ladder with a 4.6176/151.01. Johnson in the funny made an improved 5.1248/136.53. Christian repeated, 4.7710/ 148.03 vs. Jacobs 4.8863/150.60. Joe improved to 4.6488/146.39. Rey went 4.9605/140.59. Rodney coaxed the Wayne's World dragster to a 4.7881/146.48 to Ricky's 4.6765/149.55. And Landon repeated 4.6226/152.75.

      Our Thanks to all the supporters/sponsors in Albuquerque who made this race possible. Yearwood Peformance, Precision Transmissions, and everyone else who pitched in. Thank You!

     After scanning the Albuquerque printouts with our trusty rusty SWSC magnifying glass/binocular, the ladder appeared to be #1 Qualifier Janna Skinner (.0176 off index). She would race #8 Rey Baros (.3201) in E-1. #2 Qualifier was Landon Thompson (.0179) would meet #7 Rodney Ferguson (.1772). BTW, notice #1 vs. #2 was .0003 sec! #3 Jacob Penner (.0287) would see #6 Christian Leffew (.1710). #4 Joe Navar (.0488) got to race #5 Ricky Esparza .0765).  

     So, let's get started to meet our Midnight deadline, or get locked in 'til Noon Sunday! #4 Joe Navar rolled through the water to race #5 Ricky Esparza. Ricky drew a flash of red from the tree, dq. and a 5.5739/85 surrendered to Joes winning 5.8529/86. #3 Jacob Penner smoked the tires in the bleach box as prep to running #6 Christian Leffew. Jacobs .0256/4.8296/149.35 lost to Christians better .012/4.8102/137.87. (MOV .019) #2 Landon Thompson met #7 Rodney Ferguson and Rodney got the win with a .005/4.7806/146.44 to Landon's .122/4.7053/150.00. And #1 Janna Skinner took the win light with her 4.8457/124.07 over #8 Baros 4.9763/140.58. 

     E-2/The Semis began when the most repeated match-up of the SWSC fired to race, Janna vs. Joe. In a squeaker of a pass, Janna got the win via her .0113/4.6844/130.04 to Joes .1795/4.6512/146.34. That's gonna leave a mark. Rodney "bulbed" against Christian, and still ran a close 4.7657/147.83 form Christian to Rodney's 4.7841/147.06. 

     The Albuquerque Dragway/Southwest Supercharger final pulled through around 11.15 p.m. #1 Janna was looking for her second (third?) win of the 2018 season. #6 Christian Leffew gave up at the stripe, his losing .043/4.7887/146.01 to Janna's best .003/4.6050/145.21. What a winning pass, best effort of the race by anyone. Congratulations, Janna and Alan Skinner!


Janna & Pit Boss Alan Skinner won the Albuquerque SWSC event. Congratulations!!!

Christian Leffew was our runner up with a little help from the family! Congratulations to the team from Alamogordo.

     Follow us in two weeks as we return to Southwest University Dragway/El Paso August 18.

We'll See You At The Races

 Fuzzy Gearhead


Mears Mazda Winner  Janna Skinner

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Christian Leffew

SWSC Bounty Rodney Ferguson.

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier  Janna Skinner


TR Chassis Progressive Qual. #3 Jacob Penner

Good Vibrations Quick Light  Janna Skinner   .003!