The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers gathered for their first race of 2018 March 24 @ Caprock Motorplex/Penwell. Andy Mears took home the first "Jerry" of the year over 10 supercharger advocates.
Qualifying began around 5:00 p.m. as Ricky Esparza brought his slingshot-style dragster through the burnout box to face Buck Woolens traditional car as the first pair of the season. Buck made a 4.8943/142.36 to Ricky's better but sub-index pass of 4.5365/158.73(!). Next up was Jacob Penner vs. Andy Mears. Jacobs Vertex mag quit, 5.9347/114.62. Andy ran an officially ignored 4.4539/156.85. If you're are new to SWSC rules, any pass more than .10 under the index of 4.60 is officially ignored, thrown out. On to the next pair. Former SWSC Champion Joe Navar started to meet Rickie Weeaks altered, and Joe ran a nice sub-index pass of 4.5744/151.72 to Rickies great 4.6733/150.30. Nice! A long-absent Gilbert Tejeda brought a sling-shot style competition coupe-looking dragster and ran 4.8829/142.59 against Janna Skinners 4.6475/149.45. And the hot pink altered of Al Seelig eeked out a soft 5.5058 (killed the plugs) opposite Christian Leffew's Best Pass Of The Club 4.6007/147.78! Just 7 ten-thousandths off index! Tough!
Q-2 began with Buck Woolen improving slightly to a 4.8492/143.08 vs. Andy Mears legal 4.6881/147.16 Next it was Ricky Esparza going an excellent 4.6109/157.07 to Christians 4.6013/145.58. Did I mention how close to index the SWSC racers can get? WOW! Gilbert slowed slightly, 4.9057/139.02 to Janna's near-perfect 4.5962/150.25. Just under! Rickie Weeaks caught a bad tree, 5.8288/142.59 to Joe Navar's 4.7075/151.11.

     After consulting the SWSC adding machine/calculator/abacus, the competition ladder was revealed to be #1 Qualifier Christian Leffew, just .0007 off index! His competition in Rd-1 would be #8 Buck Woolen, .249 off. #2 Qualifier was Janna Skinner, .0038 under, who would meet #7 Gilbert Tejeda, .282 off. #3 Ricky Esparza (.010 off) would run #6 Andy Mears (.088). And #4 Joe Navar (.015 off) would go against #5 Rickie Weeaks, who ran a best pass .073 off index. So far we have had 9 passes within 1/10 of a second of the index!

     Eliminations kicked off as #4 Joe Navar fired to meet #5 Rickie Weeaks Ford-powered altered. Rickies altered spun slightly and twisted, requiring a quick pedal job, but Joe was off to the stripe, a near-perfect 4.6046/137.70 to Rickies 8.1539/55.84. Next up was #3 Ricky Esparza vs. #6 Andy Mears. Esparza drew the dreaded "red eye" by .079, surrendering his 4.9968/97.78 to Andy's sub- 4.5847/151.52. Third pair was #1 Christian Leffew and #8 Buck Woolen. Buck went red (first), -.057, 4.8421/144.32 to Christians early -013, 4.6656/143.63. And #2 Janna Skinner met #7 Gilbert Tejeda and Janna came out the winner, as Gilbert went red, .-044, 5.4451/91.19 to Janna's .-027, 4.5718/150.75. Tough round, SWSC!

     Rd 2 Elims began as #1 Leffew roared to life to meet #4 Joe Navar. Christian had a tire issue, delayed burn out, and kinda hurried through his burn out. On the starting line, Joe patiently and politely waited. At the green, Christians car spun slightly, and Joe was away on a great winning 4.6127/142.86 to Christians slower 5.7664/83. The other half of the round was #2 Janna vs. #6 Andy. Janna took a bad r.t and slowed to a 4.8743/149.85 to Andys better 4.6515/131.93.

    The first SWSC Final round of 2018 came to be #4 Joe Navar vs. #6 Andy Mears. Now please stay with me as the numbers are excellent in this final. Andy went .014 r.t., Joe .029! Joe ran 4.6091, Andy 4.6054!! By .019 at the stripe, Andy won the race, and what a race. Our kind of side-by-side, supercharged alcohol-fed heads-up drag racing! May be the closest pass in our 20-year history. Fantastic.

    The SWSC extends our Thanks to the Management and Staff of Caprock Motorplex. Hope to return soon!
Let's give away some bonus money!

The SWSC  awards the Tate Branch Junior Dragster Winner and Runner-Up Bonus to every race where we and junior dragsters are competing. This week @ Caprock Motorplex the Winner was Ashton Frasier. Runner-up in the class was Piper Everett.
Congratulations from the SWSC and Tate Branch Dealerships to these young racers!

 Caprock Race Winner Andy Mears.

Caprock Race Runner up Joe Navar

Our eternal Thanks to our sponsors and everyone who assists in the continuing success of the Southwest Superchargers, year after year. Now in our 20th year!
Tate Branch Family of Dealerships
Mears Mazda/Volvo, Lubbock, Tx
Good Vibrations/Drag Parts Whittier, Calif.
ATI Jet Executive Charter El Paso, Tx
TR Chassis/Design/Welding Las cruces, N.M.
Race #2 is coming April 7 @ Prairie Hill Raceway, Axtell, Texas. Come join us! We'll see you at the races!

Floyd Stringer

Mears Mazda Winner Andy Mears!  

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Joe Navar

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Joe Navar (4.5744)


TR Chassis Progressive Qual. Buck Woolen (#8)

SWSC Driver Bounty (Janna Skinner) Andy Mears!

Good Vibrations Quick Light Andy Mears (.014)