The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers went back to Southwest University Motorplex in El Paso August 18 for their sixth race of the year. Racing was cut short when the Mother Nature reminded us it was Monsoon Season in the region.

     Qualifying/time trials began for the supercharged competitors around 7:00 p.m.  Christian Leffew and Joe Navar were first through the water. Joe's  big block made a very nice close to index 4.6379/144.37 to Christians loose 4.7400/137.24. Next up was SWSC points leader Janna Skinner vs. Ricky Esparza in his front engined rail. Both drivers went sub-index, Janna's 4.5302/152.91 worse than Ricky's 4.5379/155.66. More super close side-by-side supercharged action. Jacob Penner brought his slingshot up to meet the "Just For Kicks" car driven by Butch Baros. Jacobs sub- pass of 4.5675/153.53 outran Butch's 4.8017/145.91. Finally seldom seen Rick Peterson went a lazy 5.4417/128.53, fuel system woes.  Only 7 SWSC racers made the trip for this race.

     TT-2 started when Ricky Esparza and Rick Peterson fired to attack the concrete at Southwest University Motorplex. Ricky E. drifted out of the groove and lifted, 5.1244/99. Rick P still hadn't found the bug in the fuel system, 5.4718/125.12. Jacobs second run was a softer 5.3180/93, and Butch Baros in the opposite lane never got out off the line, unknown troubles. Next the constant match this year of Janna Skinner and Joe Navar fired to try and better their first round positions on the SWSC ladder. Janna again went under, 4.5563/152.23 but Joe went to the top of the ladder with his 4.6168/147.88. Nice! Christian made a single and early in the ritual burnout a distinct "POP" was heard. As the car stopped to back up, it was obvious something was amiss, but still running and not smoking. How bad could it be? Christian went through wounded, 5.1342/130.85. Later investigation found a broken valve, two destroyed pistons and both heads in need of extensive repair. Race it, break it, fix it, repeat.

     The SWSC combination slide rule/yard stick helped the staff assess the readouts and the ladder came out #1 Qualifier Joe Navar (.016 off index) would meet one. The seven car field yielded a bye run  to the top qualifier. #2 was Jacob Penner (.0325) would get #7 Rick Peterson (.8417). #3 Janna Skinner (.0437) met #6 Butch Baros (.201). And #4 Ricky Esparza (.0621) would meet #5 Christian Leffew (.140).

     Round #1 Eliminations got under way with #2 Jacob running #7 Rick P. At the hit Jacob took a lead and never faltered, his winning 4.8044 to Ricks 5.5456/124.79. Next was a pair of bye runs, run together so as to give the El Paso spectators a pair of racers. Since #1 Joe Navar was to get a competition bye, and #4 Ricky E. competition was absent, both cars were set to run together, with both advancing to Rd 2. In the closest pass of the night, Ricky Esparza coaxed his slingshot to a sweet 4.6319/151.67 against Joe Navar's mutual 4.6363/146.53, just .005 seconds separating the two! Nice SWSC-style pass, Guys!

     Finally #3 Janna S. met Butch B. Janna ran away with the race, 4.7492/124.72 as Butch was wandering all over his lane, trying to keep his ride on four wheels! The result was a laundry-expanding 5.2142/99. WHEW!

     And then before the SWSC could muster up for E-2, it rained, hard. One of those Southwest Monsoon type rains, short but intense. The night was over form the Southwest Superchargers, and I dare say for the other racers in attendance as well. We'll have to see if we can finish this race another day. Only two Bonus monies were awarded, ATI-Jet Quick Qualifier, Ricky Esparza for his qualifying effort of 4.5379. And TR Chassis Progressive Qualifier #2 Jacob Penner. The Good Vibrations Quick Light can't be decided 'til eliminations are complete, though Christian had r.t.'s of .011 and .003 in time trials. Joe Navar had a .018 in Q-1.

     So...we are off to San Antonio Sept 22nd. Stick with us, we will see you at the races!




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