The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


 The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers put horsepower on display @ Alien City Dragway in Roswell July 21. Ten supercharged faithful made the trip in the New Mexico heat to compete.













     After an unusually warm afternoon of static display in the sun, off we went to the Roswell eighth mile. Time trials/qualifying began as the sun set around 8:00 and Ray Stringer, driving Wayne Reinart's "Prairie Fire" funny car appeared to run Keith Mauldin in Mike Aton's "Comfortably Numb" dragster. Mike and the team are working on a new combination and struggled to a soft 5.7698/125.63 to Ray's 4.9842/142.68. Next up was Rodney Ferguson shoeing a fresh dragster to the SWSC, owned by Steve Meiwes from the Amarillo, Texas area. Gremlins bedeviled Rodney, 6.0808/113.69 to Christian Leffew's 4.7102/148.32. Another newbie to the SWSC Landon Thompson drove the former "Banzai" dragster of Andy Mears (now owned by Kevin Burks) vs. Jacob Penner in his sweet slingshot. Landon ripped off a great 4.6804/152.85 to Penner's 4.6823/152.75. How's that for close side-by-side competition! Next up Janna Skinner met Joe Navar. Joe had traction woes, 5.3909/139.62 to Janna's index-close 4.6222/15075. Finally Butch Baros made a 5.2708/131.66 in the "Just For Kicks" car from Seminole.

     Our SWSC Thanks to all the Roswell sponsors/associates that saw to it that the SWSC returned to Roswell for this race. Tate Branch Dealerships, Westlake Hardware, Powell Tire, and Peppers Grill, Thanks again. We love coming to Roswell and putting on a show for the Roswell fans.

     Rd 2 Qualifying got under way with Joe again squaring off against Janna. Janna thundered away to a sweet 4.6223/151.11 as Joe again had traction issues, sliding completely over crossing into Janna's lane. Only a masterful job of handling a race car by Joe prevented the two from occupying the same space for a brief moment. Close! And no e.t. as Joe decided to stay where he was rather than take a chance of running over Roswell equipment. The father and son pair of Ray and Christian next appeared to run. Ray left, but Christians tranny brake refused to set. Rays e.t. was 5.4390/135.14 as Christian reversed and re-staged, finally realizing low gear was gone, resulting in a 10-second e.t. at 63 m.p.h. Landon went under index in Kevin Burks dragster, 4.5816/154.80 to Jacobs 4.9487/151.52. Keith Mauldin made a 5.5766/124.45 vs. Butch Baros' 5.3030/128.28. Rickie Weeaks came out in his TAD style car to test the equipment. This was the first time out in this car since purchase, and a super safe/soft 8.66 was the result. Nice car!

     At this point the SWSC had a little unfinished business. We had to run off the Final from our previous race in El Paso, postponed because of a late oil-down there. Finalists Joe Navar and Janna Skinner made their way to the bleach box for that race as the other racers watched in earnest. Janna squeaked out the win over Joe as he made his best pass so far of the weekend. 4.62 to win for Janna to 4.64 for Joe. Great race, SWSC!

     After crunching the numbers like a day-old bowl of stale tortilla chips, the reliable SWSC #2 yielded the ladder as #1 Qualifier Landon Thompson (.0184 off index) in Kevin Burks dragster. They would meet #8 Keith Mauldin (.9766) in Rd 1. #2 Janna Skinner (.0222) would run #7 Joe Navar AGAIN (.7909). #3 Qualifier was Jacob Penner (.0923). He would get #6 Butch Baros (.6798). #4 Christian Leffew (.1102) would face off vs. Ray Stringer (.3842). #9 Rodney Ferguson and #10 Rickie Weeaks would be the cheer team for this race. Notable pairings to the outsider here: Joe vs. Janna AGAIN, Father and Son (Ray vs. Christian), and Jacob and Butch (Jacob owns both cars!). How unique.


 First pair out of the Alien City race pits was Ray Stringer and Christian Leffew. Both drivers knew Christians car was wounded (no low gear), but both were determined to put on the best show possible for the Roswell race crowd. Ray took the win in the flopper, 5.2432/138.42 to Christians 5.0446/129.68. Next was Jacob and Butch. Jacobs trans brake failed, handing the win to Butch, 5.8778/131.64 as Jacob l.b.3.a. #1 Landon got ready to race but his opponent #8 Keith was a no-show (hurt motor). As we went looking for #9 Rodney Ferguson, same report! So #10 Rickie Weeaks stood in to make a pair. After the ritual burn-out, Rickie had a malfunction and couldn't get the car in forward, Landon still got a bye after all that, and made a 4.6605/154.22. Last pair was Janna vs. Joe. Joe made his best pass of the weekend, a nice 4.6606/147.93, but to no avail as Janna went her best also, a sweet 4.6188/150.30 for the win.

Rd 2 Elims began with Butch Baros meeting Janna Skinner. Janna took the stripe with another close-to-index 4.6275/139.88 (BRAKES!), to Butch's softer 5.3004/116.64. Landon and Ray met in the other half of the semi-final round. Landons 4.6634/132.78 won over Rays 4.9841/140.58. We are burning up the Wilwoods!

     The Southwest Supercharger Final Round pair made their way to the starting line around Midnight. First-time SWSC racer Landon Thompson lined up vs. SWSC Points Leader Janna Skinner. Landon's .0114 r.t. put him ahead early, as he hung on for the win with a 4.6456/148.76 to Jannas quicker 4.6303/150.30. Fantastic race, Racers! Sooo close, margin of victory just .037 seconds. What a show.

   Again, our Thanks to all who made this race possible. We love coming to Roswell's Alien City Dragay. Hope to see you in 2019!

Winner in Roswell Landon Thompson with car owner Kevin Burks and sponsor Strategic Energy Products

Janna and "Pit Boss" Alan Skinner runner up in Roswell.

Let's see who got the SWSC Bonus money!

Excellent! Stick around as the Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers travel to Albuquerque Dragway August 4.
C'mon out, we'll see you at the races!

Mears Mazda Winner Landon Thompson

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Janna Skinner

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Landon Thompson (4.58)


TR Chassis Progressive Qual. Christian Leffew


Good Vibrations Quick Light Landon Thompson (.011)