The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers hosted their second race of the year @ San Antonio Raceway May 19 and Janna Skinner took home the "Jerry" for the second time from this property.

     Qualifying for the 8-car field began after a warm afternoon @ 7:30. Great weather and density altitude around 3400' greeted our first pair. SWSC newcomer Ricky Bain met Christian Leffew and Bains polished unpainted car went 4.6198/152.65 vs. Christians matching 4.6919/152.18. We're off to a great start! Next to the line was previous San Antonio winner Janna Skinner and another SWSC newbie, Butch Baros in Jacob Penner's "Just For Kicks" r.e.d. Baros' mount went "BOOM" around half track (broken blower belt) and slowed to a 5.2276/103.40 to Janna's super 4.5438/150.75. Joe Navar raced Jacob Penner in his new front-engined dragster and Joe went a fine 4.5811/149.01 to Jacobs 4.8400/142.90. Larry Bradford brought his altered over from the Waco area (Hemi, Lenco, clutch!) and went against Rickie Weeaks' Ford powered altered. The result was Rickie went a career best 4.5653/150.15 to Bradford's struggling 5.4426/122.65, still working on the combination. Gilbert Tejeda made a single in his comp coupe style car, started with a 4 foot wheelie, pedaled it, came back to earth violently, stepped on it again, crossed up, surrendered, and got to the stripe in 8.9518 sec @ 48.81 m.p.h. WHEW!


   Rd 2 Qualifying went off after the sun had gone down, the temp got cooler, and the d.a. was down to close to 3100'. Navar improved his standing with a 4.5434/150.20 vs. Ricky Bains equally better 4.5850/152.18. Janna topped the SWSC ladder with an outstanding 4.5055/152.49 against Christians softer 4.9761/137.99 (high gear lost). Bradford's altered stayed about the same with a 5.3617/121.89 to Rickie Weeaks  4.6042/141.11.  Jacob Penner did a bye, 4.8179/145.68. Tejeda was a no-show, bent front end, as was Baros, not enough parts to repair and return. Too bad.

     The Southwest Supercharger rented adding machine and calculator divulged the pairings with a little coaxing and a beating. #1 Qualifier Janna Skinner (.005 off index!) would meet #8 Larry Bradford (.861). #2 was Joe Navar (.043), and he would get #7 Butch Baros (.727). #3 Qualifier was Rickie Weeaks (.065 ), and his competition would be #6 Jacob Penner (.317). #4 Ricky Bain (.085) would race #5 Christian Leffew (.091) in the first round. Gilbert Tejedas only pass after the wheelie was several seconds off the pace.


      Round #1 SWSC Eliminations kicked off as #4 Ricky Bain came out to meet #5 Christian Leffew. At the hit both cars left hard, but Christian surrendered the pass about 150' later knowing his car had no high gear. Win to Bain for his 4.6962/150.15. Next through the water was #3 Weeaks vs. #6 Penner. After identical r.t.'s, Rickie got the win light for his 4.6937/143.95 to Penner's slowing 5.0789/70. #2 Joe Navar enjoyed a competition bye when #7 Baros failed to appear. Joe ran a sweet under-index 4.4949/151.06. #1 Janna Skinner took the win with a 4.6393/130.70 to Bradford's non-pass (didn't leave the line).

     SWSC Semi-finals started as #4 Bain squared off against #1 Janna Skinner. SWSC Rookie Bain proved he was no rookie with a valiant 4.6781/149.85 but Janna was not be denied with her better 4.5980/139.84. The other half of the semis was #2 Joe Navar vs. @3 Rickie Weeaks, but Rickie was nowhere in sight. He reported earlier he had developed a serious backfire problem, and would not make the call. So again Joe got a competition bye! How lucky can you get? Joe made a serious 4.5245/147.78 for lane choice in the final.

     So about 11:15, the SWSC Final Round rolls up. Would-be Two-time winner Janna Skinner vs. former SWSC Points Champion Joe Navar. At the green Joe left with the better light but spun the tires horrendously, giving Janna the chance to get to the stripe first. Her 4.5661/139.79 sealed the deal to Joes soft 5.6581.118.98.

Congratulations to both our Finalists, Janna Skinner the Winner and Joe Navar Runner-Up! You put on a great show.

Janna Skinnner Winner in San Antonio

Joe Navar Runner Up.

Our thanks to the Management and Staff of San Antonio Raceway, we love this place! See you when we return in September!

Mears Mazda-Volvo Winner Bonus to Janna Skinner
Mears Mazda-Volvo Runner_Up Bonus to Joe Navar
Good Vibrations Quick Light Bonus went to Joe Navar for his .033 light in the semis.
TE Chassis Progressive Qualifier was #6 Jacob Penner
No award for SWSC Driver bounty as last race winner Andy Mears was absent.
ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Bonus to Janna Skinner (4.505)

Stay tuned, Race Fans! We next appear at our "Home Track", El Paso June 2! We'll see you at the races!


Mears Mazda Winner Janna Skinner

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Joe Navar

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier Janna Skinner 4.508


TR Chassis Progressive Qual. Jacob Penner(#6)


Good Vibrations Quick Light Joe Navar .033