The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!




The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers campaigned @ Amarillo Dragway August 3 and Rodney Ferguson took home the SWSC "Jerry"

     With great weather in the forecast and nine SWSC racers attempting to take home top honors, Q-1 began as the day cooled around 7:30. First out of the Amarillo pits was Ray Stringer driving a nice r.e.d. for Steve Meiwes of Muleshoe, Texas. His opponent in the first pass was SWSC Rookie Paul Vinyard of Albuquerque. Paul made a great off-the-trailer pass of 4.677/147.12 but Ray outpaced with a terrific 4.622/152.02. What a spectacular start for the SWSC's return to Amarillo! Next up was the slingshot of Jacob Penner vs. Christian Leffew. Jacobs mount struggled to a soft 5.364/98 as Christian went 4.666/146.56. Ricky Esparza brought his front-engined car out to run Rickie Weeaks' Ford-powered altered. Esparza went straight to the head of the class with his unbeatable 4.600(!)/153.58. Weeaks' altered made a full straight run that netted him 4.935/139.51. Hereford, Tx. resident Rodney Ferguson came out in Wayne and Gaylene Reinert's r.e.d. and lined up vs. Joe Navar. The Navar clan brought their Top Dragster to this meet for testing with all its extra "hardware". Joe made a 4.3629/158/91 to Rodney's 4.798/144.82. Finally rounding out Q-1 was Gilbert Tejeda. An officially ignored 4.447/154 was the result.

     Just after 8:30 the SWSC pulled out for Q-2. Penner started the round with Leffew. Jacob improved to a 4.860/134.70 to Christians consistent 4.652/147.53. Rodney met Ray next and Rodney made a nice 4.647/149.02 to Rays quicker 4.615/151.07. Paul V went 4.633/149 vs. Joe's tire-shaking 6.040/74. Rickie vs. Ricky resulted in Weeaks going 4.793/143.84 and Esparza 4.597/153.12. Gilbert made an SWSC legal 4.580/121.40.

     A couple of things here: The SWSC has always allowed legal qualifying times down to .10 secs. UNDER the index to get on the ladder. As in the case of Gilbert Tejeda. Good Job!

     And second: The Amarillo Dragway surface was second to none August 3. The Leffew car saw it's best 330' times ever, best 60' times at altitude ever, more than one of the SWSC cars saw nice wheelies due to superb traction and track prep. Excellent work by Amarillo Track Prep Team. Thanks!

     So the SWSC math wizards (-ish) went to work on the print-outs and discovered the #1 Qualifier 4.600 ..(how difficult was that). Ricky Esparza. At .0003 of the SWSC 4.60 index! WOW! A new record close-to-index pass in the group. #2 was Ray Stringer at just .015 off. #3 Gilbert Tejeda was .019 off. #4 Paul Vinyard came in at .033. #5 Rodney Ferguson was .047. #6 Christian Leffew made it at .052. #7 was Rickie Weeaks altered at .193. And #8 Jacob Penner made it on at .260 off index. Just in case you didn't notice, #1 through #6 was 4.60, 4.61, 4.58. 4.63, 4,64, and 4,65 on the 4.60 index. I love these guys!

     Rd 1 Elims got under way as #4 Paul Vinyard fired to meet #5 Rodney Ferguson. Rodney was .09 quicker on the tree and took a holeshot victory over Paul, 4.688/148 winning to Paul's better 4.631/149. That's gonna leave a mark! Next #1 Mr. R. Esparza ran #8 Jacob Penner. At the green Jacob's slingshot went skyward, shut off, broke the front and a soft 29+ e.t. to Ricky's 4.763/130. Hope Jacob has some pipe for wheelie bars on order! Our next pair has #2 Ray Stringer and #7 Rickey Weeaks. At the green Rickey's mount has issues and Ray advances on a on the brakes 4.88. Next #3 Gilbert Tejeda went up against #6 Christian Leffew. Both drivers tried to out-pedal the other, and Gilbert got the stripe 4.763/130 to Christians 4.783/136.

     E-2 roared to life behind the "bleach box" when #3 Gilbert prepared to run #2 Ray. Gilbert was a tad late and tried to make it up down track only to go under the SWSC index widely, Rays excellent 4.608/151.39 winning over Gilberts 4.476/153/52. The other pair in E-2 was #1 Esparza vs. #5 Ferguson. Ricky's trans brake refused to do its assigned task giving Rodney the instant win, @ 4.631/148.54. No time for Ricky E.

     The SWSC/ Amarillo Dragway Final Round pitted two Texas cars (one with a New Mexico driver) for the win. As both cars ran frighteningly close to index in the semis, this was gonna be a tight one. Ray left with a superb .018 light, only to be outdone by Rodney's .008! At the top end both pedaled and Rodney Ferguson took the win with his 4.671/147 outshining Rays 4.701/137 (BRAKES!). Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers Congratulations to the Team of Wayne & Gaylene Reinert car owners and driver Rodney Ferguson of Hereford, Texas!

     Our undying never ending Thanks to our SWSC sponsors/partners Tate Branch Motor Group, Mears Mazda/Volvo, TR Chassis, and Good Vibrations Motorsports of Whittier, Ca. We couldn't do this without you!

     OK, SWSC Racers & Fans, we are next off to Penwell/Odessa Texas August 24. C'mon out, we'll have a terrific time!

Floyd "Fuzzy Gearhead" Stringer


Rodney Ferguson

Runner Up Ray Stringer

Mears Mazda Winner  Rodney Ferguson

Mears Mazda Runner-Up Ray Stringer

SWSC Bounty.

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier


TR Chassis Progressive Qual. Paul Vinyard

Good Vibrations Quick Light Rodney Ferguson .008 in the Final!