Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


                   SWSC OPENS 2011 @ CANAAN LONESTAR DRAGWAY

         The Southwest Superchargers gathered fourteen boosted baddies April 9th @ the new Canaan LoneStar Raceway near Lubbock, TX. As the realization set in that the wind was not going to allow any serious competition, we soon had our first SWSC Social Event.

           While waiting for a respite from the wind, the SWSC gathered up all their racers and crews and treated the staff and SWSC fans to an old fashioned parade lap down the dragstrip.
            After a long wait for the immoderate wind to subside, the track staff decided to go ahead and try to spray the track surface. Of course the wind was obliged to deposit half of the 60 or so acres to the south on the fresh sticky compound, rendering it a curious shade of red, and fairly un-raceable. But amazingly, after a few passes with a power broom and several more by dedicated local racers, the surface was declared somewhat raceworthy.
                 Single passes of moderate power in the freshly swept left lane were to be the order of the day. Don David and Team from Odessa struck the tires at the hit but soldiered on to the finish line safely if not straight. Andy Mears “Banzai” team (Lubbock) made his attack on the eighth mile count with a terminal speed near 130. Soon it was open season as more SWSC racers lined up to show off for the die hard fans who had “weathered the weather”. Buck Woolen and Buck Woolen Jr. from Alamogordo blistered the pavement unmercifully in the 4.90’s. Gary Smiths tranny refused to reverse after a championship burnout. Lyle Byrum (El Paso) ran a a remarkable 4.76. SWSC reigning points champ Julian Moody brought the flopper and did a 400’ tire melting show. Gary Hills Mopar ran over 136 mph. Gilbert Tejeda got major crossed up in the burn out but made a sweet run after. Sue “Twisted Sister” Stringer went a soft 5.35 but had a mph over 138. Local Lubbock hero Mike Jones ran a spectacular (and straight) 4.74. But Brittny Blakely of Anthony NM/TX made the run of the day with her 4.72 on what would have been a 4.70 index race. On a new motor! Brother Bill Norman in the Norman Bros/Fabulous Fat Boys car ran a safe pass with a speed of 140+. Ignition and starter problems plagued Clay Cunningham's Waynes World entry.
              So, everything considered, a somewhat successful display of speed by the SWSC. The SWSC wishes to thank all the race fans who showed and we promise to make it up to you soon!
               A big SWSC Thanks to Andy Mears of Mears Mazda/Volvo of Lubbock for sponsoring the first race of 2011. Also Thanks to the staff and crew of CanaanLloneStar Dragway for hosting us, we look forward to a successful return.
               Awright, away we go! Race 2 for the SWSC in 2011 is scheduled to be at Desert Thunder Raceway in Midland, TX. Let’s go compress some air around Midland!
Floyd Stringer