Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Southwest Superchargers returned to El Paso Dragway September 11 for their seventh race of the 2011 season and Jacob Penner of Seminole, Texas had a “max performance” kinda day.

     The first qualifying session for the 11 SWSC cars started around 6:30. Gary Hill made a stunning 7.602/181.89 right out of the trailer. Charlotte Schmidt had a great 7.78/171.49 in her and Al’s pro-mod style Camaro. Relative newby Ricky Esparza went 8.00/191.97 in his and Dad’s big-block-urged front motored rail. Buck Woolen, Sr. clicked off a close 7.64/183.02. Sue Stringer hazed the hides horribly and had to quit in her first pass. Bill Norman/Norman Bros./Bennett & Oliver funster made a decent 7.71/188. Local SWSC standout and recent winner Lyle Byrum made a sub-index 7.52/180.86. SWSC past points champion Julian Moody went 7.56/184.57 out of the box. But Jacob Penner made the run of Q-1 when his 7.601/190.03 came in under Gary’s 7.602 for the #1 spot on the SWSC pairings board. Honorable mention and Kudos to Penner for the stir-fry fajitas served up after Rd. 1 Qualifying!

     Qualifying opportunities returned around 8:00 pm. Buck’s Q-2 pass was 7.53/187. Sues run was an 8.03 on a half-track pass. Lyle stepped up to a 7.71/172. Julian went 7.63. Brittny Blakely showed a nice 7.62/183.82. Ricky ran a sub-index 7.54/191. Gary Hill slowed to 8.22/176. Bill Norman made a respectable 7.65/186.25. And Penner’s Q-2 was 7.63. Charlotte had shredded a front tire in Q-1 and could not return for Q-2, and Al Selig broke (Sorry ‘bout that, good to see you out!)


     The SWSC ladder lined up like this:
#1 Jacob Penner (7.601) would race #8 Lyle Byrum (7.520, .080 under), #2 Gary Hill (7.602) vs. #7 Ricky Esparza (7.543, .057 under), #3 Brittny Blakely (7.580, .020 under) would meet #6 Bill Norman (7.650), and #4 Julian Moody (7.630) would do battle with #5 Buck Woolen Sr. (7.641). Sue, Charlotte and Al missed the field.

     Let the racing begin! #4 Moody lined up to race #5 Buck. When the smoke cleared the clocks showed Buck had run under the SWSC index of 7.60 (7.517/174) and Julian had matched his qualifying numbers to the thousandth, 7.630 for the first round win. Next up was #3 Brittny Blakely who lost a double breakout duel to Bill Norman, her more serious 7.502 to Bills winning 7.551/186. #2 Gary Hill gave away a nicely launched pass to #7 Esparza when Gary lifted to save an under index pass, slowed to a 7.829/139 and allowed Rick’s slingshot the win with his 7.627/184.70 after blazing the bolonies blatantly at the hit. Great job! Finally #1 Penner won over #8 Lyle Byrum with a sub 7.567/184.72 to Lyle’s 7.529/185.18.

     Rd 2 SWSC saw #6 Norman Bros run #7 Esparza. In what may have been the closest race of the event Esparza got the win light with a 7.686/166.79 over Bill’s 7.71/181.74. The other match in the semi-final round was #1 Penner vs. #4 Moody. Julian had a rare race equipment failure (.20c cotter pin ) and couldn’t back up after the burnout, handing the win to Penner who hung it out to a crowd-pleasing 7.473/186.10.

     The final round revealed #7 Ricky Esparza (Mesilla Park, NM) had lane choice over #1 Jacob Penner (Seminole, TX). Ricky’s story-book race ended early on his red-light start and instant Runner-Up finish as Jacob cruised to a soft 7.90 for the SWSC win. Congrats to Penner Auto Machine Team and more Congrats to the Rick & Ricky Esparza team of Esparza Race Chassis on their first money win with the windmill crowd! And Best Wishes to Ginger Esparza & Get Well Soon!


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     OK, race fans, only one race left on the SWSC 2011 race calendar. Lets have a big one in Roswell in October! We’ll see you at the races!










  Jacob Penner winner in El Paso, Tx.



 Rick and Ricky Esparza runner up in El Paso.



Good Vibrations Quick Light of Elims Julian Moody (.422)





Mears Mazda Top Qualifier Bonus’ #1 Jacob Penner
#2 Gary Hill

Jerry Norman Race Cars/SMC Driver Bounty not awarded



 MSD Winner Bonus Jacob Penner

MSD Runner Up bonus Ricky Esparza


  Davidson Racing Fuels 30-gal drum of Methanol to Winner Jacob Penner

  7.60 passes 12
  7.50 “ 10
  180+ mph 19!
  Spread of field (7.601-7.520) .081!