Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


       B Blakely Batters SWSC Brethren

The Southwest Superchargers latest foray onto the Concrete Quarter was June 4 at El Paso Raceway, and Anthony, NM resident Brittny Blakely won the event in her “bracket” car.

Qualifying for our SWSC competitors began around 6:00 p.m. with the Buck Woolen clan firing their respective motors to be the first pair down the strip. Buck Sr. posted a decent 7.792 but was outrun by son Buck Jr. who went 7.703. Next Sue Stringer and son Ray Stringer made a side-by-side debut in their new matching paint schemes. Rays new car/motor combo exceeded expectations with a spectacular 7.645 to Mom’s troubled burst-panel bursting run. Lyle Byrum of El Paso ran an under-index but legal 7.510. Gary Hill (Truth or Consequences, NM) and his 525 in. Mopar put up a 7.625. SWSC Points Champion Julian Moody ran a sub 7.549 Brittny Blakely’s first pass was a nice 7.698. And Bill Norman (Flashback) made a decent 7.656. (7.60 1/4 mi. index).

The second round of time trials began after the sun was at least hidden and the temp had dropped to “blast furnace”. Brittny Blakely improved marginally to a 7.678. Lyle Byrum ran farther from the index, 7.800. Buck Woolen Sr. stepped up markedly, 7.644. Buck Woolen Jr. went the wrong way, 7.817. Sue Stringer disposed of a fuel pump, and missed the field. Bill Norman gained a few hundredths on the index with his 7.610. Gary Hill went backwards with his 7.546. Julian Moody improved with a 7.641. And Ray Stringer’s motor proved to be happy with a 7.610. (Rays “Thanks” to Doug Sitton of Spanish Fork, Utah for his new set of custom billet aluminum connecting rods).

After gathering up the evidence, the SWSC run sheet looked like this: #1 Bill Norman/Fabulous Fat Boys .010 off index, #2 Ray Stringer Team SFR .010 off (#2 by slower MPH), #3 Gary Hill Mopar Max Wedge .025 off, #4 Julian Moody Pipeliner .041 off, #5 Buck Woolen 509 BBC .044 off, #6 Brittny Blakely Anthony .078 off, #7 Lyle Byrum ATI Jet .090 off, and #8 Buck Woolen Alamogordo .103 off index. Because we watch these things, we noticed only one racer qualified under the index, by .09.

As the SWSC prepared for eliminations the West Texas wind made it’s presence known and blasted all the racers unmercifully ‘til the management called the race ‘ til Sunday. Everyone would return at 10:00 a.m. and run Eliminations starting at 1:00 p.m. Welcome to El Paso.

Rd 1 SWSC Elims began with #4 Julian Moody and #5 Buck Woolen Sr cleaning the sand from their ears and injectors and lightin’ ‘em up. Julian came out on top and moved into Rd 2 with a 7.755. Next in the burnout box was #3 Gary Hill vs. #6 Brittny Blakely. Brittnys big block bracket motor took the win with a 7.650. #2 Ray Stringer and #7 Lyle Byrum were next. Rays small block left the line a little late and surrendered the pass to Lyles 7.733. Finally in Rd 1 #1 Bill Norman met alternate Sue Stringer (replacing an absent #8 Buck Woolen Jr.) While dead even at half track, Bill triumphed with a 7.85 to advance to the semis.

Rd. 2 saw #7 Lyle Byrum meet #6 Brittny Blakely. Now these two have history. (I’ll have to look up their record vs. each other). Brittny advanced to the SWSC final with a 7.866. And the other half of the round was #1 Bill Norman vs. #4 Julian Moody. Bill took the stripe with a super 7.666.

Now pardon me while I make an observation here going into the final. Bill is, well, one of our “most experienced” drivers. And conversely Brittny is certainly our youngest. Just an observation. But Bill won the next-to-last race of 2010. And Brittny was in three consecutive finals over a period of time. So neither was going to be a pushover. And neither team would have it any other way. So... away we went. But just as it began, it was over as Bill Norman left early enough to get the dreaded red-eye, handing the win to Brittny Blakely, and parents Paul and Lisa Blakely. A big SWSC Congratulations on a well fought race. Good Job! Also, Kudos to the Fat Boys and the Norman Bros on a Runner-Up and a #1 Qualifier.

Brittny Blakely took her first win of the season at her home track in El Paso, Tx.

Bill Norman had a good weekend with a runner up in El Paso

Davidson Racing fuels, the fuel choice of the SWSC. The winner of the drum of fuel from this race is Bill Norman.

The Mears Mazda bonus goes to #1 qualifier Bill Norman and #2 qualifier Ray Stringer

  MSD Winner and Runner Up Brittny and Bill will recieve bonus money from MSD!

  The Good Vibrations quick lite award goes to Julian Moody for a GREAT .409 r.t.

OK, faithful SWSC Fans! It’s on to San Antonio on July 2, a first time visit to that track for the SWSC. See You There!

ALL 7-SECOND PASSES IN TIME TRIALS! Once again we are proving the model of index shows everywhere!

F. R. Stringer