Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


                  MOODY MAKES MAX POINTS @ EL PASO
          The Southwest Superchargers team of Julian Moody (El Paso) took home the trophy at most recent race for SWSC faithful May 15 at El Paso Raceway.
          Excellent racing weather greeted 15 supercharged machines for the third race of 2010 season.   Former El Paso winner Clay Cunningham (Hereford, Tx)
ran a sub index 7.542 (SWSC index of 7.60 on 1/4 mile tracks).   Lyle Byrum ( El Paso) ran an excellent 7.620 out of the box.   New SWSC member, Ricky Esparza,
(Mesilla Park, NM) went 8.465 on his first supercharged small block pass in a new f.e.d..   Don David (Odessa, Tx) displayed a 7.799.  Anthony, NM Brittny Blakely's big block went
7.667.   Buck Woolen (Alamogordo, NM) ran 7.993.   Jacob Penner's dragster rattled off a 7.664.   Gary Hill (Truth or Consequences, NM) spun in Q-1 to a 8.241.
Julian Moody (El Paso) came out with a 7.737.   Bill Norman/Norman Brothers/Fabulous Fat Boys (Seminole, TX) struggled to a 7.822.   Albert Selig's (El Paso)
hot pink altered worked at an 8.366.   Ray Stringer (Alamogordo) ran an excellent 7.618.  Greg Powell (Hobbs, NM) was still creeping up on an index pass with
his 7.980.   And Buck Woolen, Jr (Alamogordo NM) spun the tires and recorded an 8.659. 
          Q-2 began and everyone had sharpened their tune-ups.   Clay went farther under, 7.523.   Lyle's Q-2 was under, 7.555.   Ricky slowed slightly to a 9.630.
Chestnut went possibly the quickest SWSC qualifying pass of all time 7.004 (officially ignored).   Don got in the program with his 7.670.  Brittny slowed minimally, 7.706.  Buck climbed the ladder 7.628.  Jacob improved with a 7.641.  Gary made his Mopar stick 7.692.  Julian ran a chart-topping 7.606 for the #1 spot.  Bill went 7.764. Selig slow in Q 2 8.720.  Ray went for consistency 7.653.  Greg made his quickest funny car pass to date 7.841.  Bucky improved but still rattled the Goodyears 8.329.
          After Jerry Anderson did the computer work the PRINT button revealed Julian Moody to be the SWSC #1 qualifier, Ray Stringer #2, Lyle Byrum #3, Buck Woolen #4, Jacob Penner #5, Clay Cunningham #6, Brittny Blakely #7 and Don David #8.   Outside the qualified field was Gary Hill (.092 off index) Bill Norman and team (.164) Greg Powell
(.241) Buck Woolen, Jr., (.639) Albert Selig (.766) Ricky Esparza (.865).  And David Chestnut's -.600 under pass.  
          In Round 1 of Southwest Superchargers eliminations #4 Buck Woolen and #5 Jacob Penner ran and Buck advanced on a hole shot win, 7.68 vs 7.61 (!).


  #3 Lyle Byrum couldn't make his mount light so #9 Gary Hill was substituted to run #6 Clay Cunningham.  Clay took a hole shot win over Gary 7.67 to 7.65. 

  #2 Ray Stringer moved to Round 2 on a double under-index pass with Brittny Blakely 7.59 .478 r.t. to 7.56 .463 r.t.. 

Finally, #1 Julian Moody advanced win #8 Don David ran under 7.62 vs Don's 7.58.




 Round 2 of the SWSC started after a oil down and clean up on the El Paso Raceway surface.   Ray Stringer's small block won over Clay Cunningham, who struggled in the aforementioned lane.   Likewise the other half of the semi final round, Julian Moody won over a tire smoking Buck Woolen.

          As the night cooled and the field shrunk, 2 SWSC racers moved their respective dragsters up the hill toward the burn out box.  #1 Julian Moody's 470 + inch big block vs #2 Ray Stringer's 355 small block.  As the burn out rituals began, Ray's car ominously discharged an inordinate amount of smoke ...... from that hole in the block and oil pan where the rod was hanging out!    A single pass for Julian Moody and team for their first SWSC win of 2010.   A Max Points win  (#1 qualifier, max points win)!  Congratulations Julian, CC Henry Keller, DJ and the whole Moody family!









Winner Julian Moody and Team










Runner Up Ray Stringer and son Christian.


 Honorable mention to Greg Powell (new SWSC funny) Ricky Esparza (first blown pass, small block slingshot) and SWSC member Jack Bartlett who attended to

sharpen his tune-up for a future 200 mph pass (6.87/191 @El Paso).  


          Stick with us as we next travel to Amarillo Dragway 29 May.  SEE YOU AT THE RACES!
          On index 7.60's          10
                          7.70's            4
          Under index 7.50's      3
          All 7.'s                         22
         Mears Mazda #1 Qualilfier bonus     Julian Moody
         Mears Mazda #2 Qualifier bonus     Ray Stringer
        Mears Mazda #3 Qualifier bonus      Lyle Byrum
       MSD winner bonus          Julian Moody
       MDS R/U bonus               Ray Stringer

       SunSet RaceCraft Progressive Qualifier #10 Bill Norman

      Fuzzy Gearhead