Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


                                      BYRUM GETS SECOND SWSC WIN OF 2010
        The Southwest Superchargers just returned from historic Hobbs Motorsports Park, Hobbs, NM August 14.   Eighteen blown baddies loaded up the field Saturday afternoon.
        Round 1 Qualifying began after 8 pm in the cooler un-sunlit evening air.   Greg Powell (funnycar/Hobbs) ran a barely legal 7.5067/174 to Sue Stringer's (bbc/Alamogordo) off-pace 7.9128/134.  Doug Meshirer (bbc/Midland) went 7.9035/144 alone after Brittny Blakely (dragster/Anthony TX-NM) had a major motor meltdown.   Mike Jones (alt/Lubbock) was .0006 under legal with his 7.4994/179 against Bill Norman's (Hemi/Odessa)  7.6810/180.   Gary Hill (MaxWedge/TorC)  ran 7.4336/171 vs Jacob Penner's (bbc/Seminole) 7.6620/176.   Lyle Byrum (T/D-El Paso) went 7.4719/183 with Buck Woolen, Jr. (bbc/Alamogordo) opposite
(7.9031/172).  Don David (U.S. Army Dragster/Odessa) put up a nice 7.5633/173 against Al Selig's (alt/El Paso) 9.1469/112.  Andy Mears (dragster/Lubbock) displayed
7.5449/183 vs Buck Woolens (dragster/Alamogordo) super 7.5978/177.  Next came two rookie singles.   First, from the Fort Worth area was Mike Wheelers big block 23T altered which looked good, launched straight and quit early to an 8.3186/114.   Next the long awaited debut of the "Seismic Activity" hemi-powered dragster of Gary Smith from Lubbock.    Gary took it easy to a first pass of 14.49/63.

            Q-2 came around and the temp was still 89 with density altitude of around 6600'.   Penner tightened up with his 7.5557/174.   Hill made the program with his 7.7243/172.  Meshirer improved with a 7.7999/133.   Wheelers 23T squeezed the index with a 7.8395/165.  Greg moved up the SWSC ladder via a nice 7.6339/174.

Sue could only find a 7.7742/153.  Lyle went 7.5360/178 in Q-2.   Buck Jr. missed with a 7.9161/172.  Mike Jones ran another too-quick 7.4686/189.  Bill improved by a 7.5877/181.   Likewise Don David's 7.5943/173.   Buck Woolen killed the tree and the quarter mile with an outrageous .007 rt coupled to a 7.6093/174 pass.  Mears displayed a great 7.6137/184.   And Gary Smiths Hemi improved to 9.2032/102 without high gear.

         During a brief lull (during which Jacob Penner of Penner's Automotive Machine served up most welcomed fresh fajitas) the SWSC pairings were revealed.

#1 Top SWSC Qualifier (for the second race in a row) Buck Woolen (.0022 off the SWSC 7.60 index) would run #8 Gary Hill (.1243) #2 SWSC Qualifier was Don David (.0057) vs #7 Lyle Byrum (.0640).  #3 Bill Norman (0123) got #6 Jacob Penner (.0443).  And SWSC #4 Andy Mears (.0137) would run #5 Greg Powell (.0339). 

          SWSC eliminations exploded out of the box as #1 Buck Woolen met #8 Gary Hill.   After identical .064 rts, and a side-by-side under-index pass, Buck got the win with his less offensive 7.5675/177 vs Grays farther under 7.5543/176, a spectacular SWSC margin of just .0126 seconds!  WOW!!!  Next up was #4 Andy Mears vs #5 Greg Powell.    Powell started earlier and ran right on the index (7.6069/173) as Mears ran a sub-index 7.5854/176 for the loss.  #2 Don David met #7 Lyle Byrum.   Don left first but struggled to a 7.846/139 to Lyles better (and winning) 7.7667/173.   The final pair in E-1 was #3 Bill Norman and #6 Jacob Penner.   Bill got the win with his superior 7.6159/167 to Penners 7.6536/176.   Also in E-1, Don David collected the Jerry Norman Race Cars drivers bounty on Lyle Byrum with Dons better rt of .0672 to Lyles .0759.   And Bill Norman took the Good Vibrations Quick Light Award with his .0184, the best rt of eliminations all night!  

         Round 2 of SWSC eliminations began when #1 Buck Woolen and #5 Greg Powell rotated their power plants.   Bucks fired but Greg's aluminum monster was barking like a chained up dog and surrendered to the quick alternate from E-1 Andy Mears.   Mears quickly did his burnout and lined up with Buck Sr.   Bucks sub-index 7.5926 (.0074 under) had to move aside to Mears winning 7.6584/171!  OW! That hurt!  But Andy Mears had to say "Thanks, Dad."   The other half of the round was #3 Bill Norman and #7 Lyle Byrum.   Byrum advanced on his 7.6838/171 when Bills lane...... had a FOX in it!  Quick, lift, 'chute, brakes, etc.!   Never seen anyone lose 'cause of an animal on the track.    We're gonna have to start posting armed guards past half track!!  

         The SWSC final round featured #7 qualifier Lyle Byrum and first round loser and #4 qualifier Andy Mears.   Andy left first with a nice .0110 rt, but his 7.7690/166 was passed by Lyles 7.7427/159.   Do the math.....m.o.v. of .001 seconds!   Lyle Byrum and Bobby Brown and The ATI Med-Assure Team got their second SWSC win of 2010.

Congrats!!     And to Andy Mears and the Banzai Team its nice to be lucky and good!    Good job! 

Thanks to the management and staff of Hobbs Motorsport Park for a great surface.   Hope to come back next year.  

        Follow the SWSC  as we return to El Paso Motorplex Sep 4.   And our display will be on Fort Bliss at the BX area.  See You There!!!!
Mears Mazda #1 Qualifier               Buck Woolen Sr

Mears Mazda #2 Qualifier                Don David
Mears Mazda #3 Qualifier               Bill Norman
Sunset Racecraft Progressive Qualifier      #6 Jacob Penner

Good Vibrations Quick Lite Award: Andy Mears, .011 in the final round.

7.60s          10
170mph+  28
m.o.v. of less than .1       6!