Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


        SWSC RACE REPORT, MIDLAND #2  2011
      After the Southwest Superchargers qualifying sheets were perused, Lyle Byrum was discovered to be the #1 Qualifier only .0119 off index. Gary Hill was #2 @ .0153 over. #3 Clay Cunningham’s best was .0181 from perfect. #4 Don David made a pass .0330 off. #5 qualifier Julian Moody ran ,0364 off index. #6 Sue Stringer ran .0556 from perfect. #7 was Brittny Blakely @ .0582 & #8 Andy Mears secured the final spot on the SWSC ladder with a pass that was .0850 off the 4.70 index. From closest to index to farthest off index, a spread of only .0731 seconds! Tough field!
   #9 Jacob Penner  #10 Bill Norman  #11 Buck Woolen and  #12 Gary Smith all ran .090 or more off.
   #4 Don David met #5 Julian Moody on track in Rd 1 SWSC Eliminations. Julian advanced on his 4.7203 to the SWSC semi-final round. #6 Sue Stringer advanced a round when #3 Clay Cunningham drew the dreaded red eye from the DTR ‘tree. #2 Gary Hill won over #7 Brittny Blakely with a 4.7271 (compounded by Brittny’s red light). #1 Lyle Byrum took a win (4.7601) over #9 Jacob Penner who got in for #8 Andy Mears.
    Rd 2 of elims began with #1 Lyle Byrum meeting #5 Julian Moody, who had lane choice thanks to a better e.t. in the previous round. Lyle took the win light early in the pass when Julian turned on the foul light. Lyle still ran a 4.6723. Next #2 Gary Hill fired to meet #6 Sue Stringer. Gary took the left lane on the DTR concrete and the bite was extra good, in fact, that Gary’s 4.6477 lost ‘cause it was farther under index than Sue’s winning 4.6889. After calculating the .r.t.’s, the margin of victory was just .0371.
    The SWSC final came around in the wee (OK, not THAT wee) hours of Sunday morning. Sue had lane choice, having run closer to index in the semis than Lyle. With a side-by-side launch (matching .0484-to-.0484 r.t.’s) Lyle took the early lead and out-paced Sue to the stripe, a winning 4.800/131.73 to Sues slower 5.0501/126.65. Congratulations to Lyle Byrum, Bobby Brown and the girls of the ATI Jet team on their second SWSC win in a row! With two races left in 2011, the team has a fair lead on the rest of the SWSC pack.

Winning team Lyle Byrum from El Paso Texas.

Runner Up team Sue & Floyd Stringer from Alamogordo New Mexico.

  MSD Winner & Runner-Up Bonus’ were awarded to Lyle Byrum and Sue Stringer respectively.
  Mears Mazda Qualifier Bonus’ went to #1 Lyle Byrum, #2 Gary Hill and #3 Clay Cunningham.
  Sue collected the Davidson Racing Fuel 30 gallon drum of racing methanol because Lyle won it last month in Lubbock. Thanks Davidson Fuels! (And Lyle!)
No one collected the SMC/Jerry Norman drivers bounty on Sue for better reaction time in eliminations. (Sues r.t.’s were .072, .028, and .048).
OK, SWSC race fans, only two races left in 2011. September 10 it’s off to El Paso. Come on down and join in the action! We’ll see you at the races!