Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



                                               SWSC PUTS FORTH BEST FIELD EVER 

                                                    IT'S TEAM MOODY AGAIN 

          The Southwest Superchargers ran at Desert Thunder Raceway, Midland, Tx. July 31 and produced the best quickest tightest field in its 11-year history.

          Fourteen supercharged drivers and crews attacked the DTR 1/8 mile concrete surface around 7:30 for Q-1. Buck Woolen produced a fine 4.8207/145 vs. Don David's 4.7864/148. Jacob Penner ran a great 4.7911/148 with Andy Mears in Lane 2 (5.0754/124). Sue Stringer went 4.8582/146 against Doug Meshirer (5.1419/145). Clay Cunningham went 5.1372/143 to Julian Moody's nice 4.8208/146. Bill Normans 4.8382/145 matched Brittny Blakely's 4.8258/144. Lyle Byrum produced a nice 4.8223/146 vs. Russ Padgett's Camaro 6.2970/111. In Q-1 Gary Hill topped the SWSC chart with his 4.8031/144. Finally Marvin Boyles slingshot went 6.0526/89 carrying the wheels at various points on the DTR track. Now notice at this point the #8 Qualifier was just 4.8258. It's about to get much stranger.

          Q-2 kicked off with Moody running an under-index 4.7364/147. Buck Woolen stunned everyone (including Buck Woolen) with his amazing 4.8010/145. Folks, thatís .001 sec. off the 4.800 index! Doug improved to 5.0846/141. Sue Stringer stepped up and got in the program with her 4.8093/143. Andy went sub-sub index and produced an officially ignored 4.6897/141. Jacob ran 4.8305/148. Bill & The Fat Boys displayed a great 4.8176/147. Dons Q-2 pass was 5.5045/146. Lyle repeated his Q-1 performance 4.8218/145. Brittny improved with a 4.8062/144. Clay went 5.1542/143. Ross struggled with his 6.4311/105. Gary stumbled and only showed a 5.2229/140. And Marvin got better with his 5.5219/108.

          Now if you've been counting that's 4 cars that ran 4.80. FOUR! And one of them didn't even get in the top half of the ladder! Penner's 4.7911 was #4. Incredible!

          So after crunching the numbers (by computer, of course) the ladder went:  #1 Buck Woolen (.0010 off) would meet #8 Julian Moody (.0208), #2 Gary Hill (.0031) against #7 Bill Norman (.0176), #3 Brittny Blakely (.0062) would race #6 Don David ((.0136), and #4 Jacob Penner (.0089) vs. #5 Sue Stringer(.0093). Missing the tightest field in SWSC history was #9 Lyle Byrum (.0218), #10 Andy Mears (.2070), #11 Doug Meshirer (.2080), #12 Clay Cunningham (.337), #13 Marvin Boyles and #14 Russ Padgett. Spread of the field from quickest (Don David's .0136 under) to slowest (Julian Moody's .0208 over) was a total of just .0344 sec! Like Brother Bill said, "That's obscene!" Fully 50% tighter than the old record spread of .0764.

          Rd 1 Eliminations began with #8 Julian Moody and the surprising #1 Buck Woolen drawing up to the bleach box. Buck wasted a great 4.8145/145 after a red-light to Julians sub pass of 4.7608/146. Next up was #3 Brittny Blakely vs. #6 Don David. Dons "bulb" launch surrendered early to Brittny's 4.7793/145. #2 Gary Hill met #7 Bill Norman next and both drivers had .009 lights. Both drivers went sub-index, Bills less offensive 4.7929/148 getting the nod over Gary's 4.7860/145. The last pair in Rd 1 was #4 Jacob Penner vs. #5 Sue Stringer. Sue launched first and hung on for the win as Jacob ran out of track, 4.8455/144 to Sues winning 4.8748/144, a margin of victory of just .023 sec! WHEW!

          Remarkably, the same four semi-finalists met at the most recent SWSC race at Roswell: Brittny Blakely, Julian Moody, Sue Stringer, and Bill Norman.

          #5 Sue and #8 Julian went off first. Another double sub-index run saw Sues 4.7549/147 lose to Julian's closer to index 4.7894/144. The other half of the round was a little bit of a disappointment when #7 Bill Norman couldn't fire and #3 Brittny took a comp bye into the final, 4.8149/144.

          The SWSC final was a repeat of the final a few weeks ago in Roswell, Brittny Blakely and Julian Moody. Here at DTR Midland, Brittny had out-qualified Julian. In the last stanza she left on him (.0178 vs. .0329) but gave in with her sub-index 4.7855/143 losing to Julian's better 4.8258/145. Our grandest SWSC Congratulations to the two winners of the toughest field ever! Extraordinary Work! And "kudos" all-around to the SWSC competitors--outstanding!

          Our  thanks and appreciation to the Owners, staff and crew of Desert Thunder Raceway for the exemplary job on the track surface!

          Come join us in two weeks as we travel to historic Hobbs Raceway, Hobbs, NM August 14.  Can  the SWSC produce another record field? We promise alcohol-burning, edge-of-your-seat, high-performance side-by-side drag racing at its best!

          We'll See You At The Races! 


Back-to-Back Winner Julian Moody and Team

Runner Up, The Blakely Family and Brittny Blakely

Mears Mazda #1 Qualifier                     Buck Woolen

Mears Mazda #2 Qualifier                     Gary Hill

Mears Mazda #3 Qualifier                     Brittny Blakely


Good Vibrations Quick Light

 for best r.t in elims                                  Julian Moody (.0014)


Sunset Racecraft  Progressive Qualifier #7 Bill Norman 

Jerry Norman Race Cars bounty      not awarded 

SPREAD                      .0344!    (Beat that, Pro Stock)

4.80s <4.81               5

4.80-4.89                  18                (on a 4.80 index)

145+mph                 20   in 1/8 mile