Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



          The Southwest Superchargers closed out the 2011 Season October 8 @ Roswell Dragway. Thirteen compressor cultists vied for a spot on the 8-car field.

          The weather was PERFECT as our supercharged racers began qualifying around 7:00 p.m. But the track gave some a cool reception. Brittny Blakely was one who spun in Q-1 and could only garner an 8.501 e.t. Similarly Buck Woolen Sr. slid to a meager 8.180. Lyle Byrum fared much better with his 7.501. Sue Stringers pass was only a 9.223. Gary Hill slipped to an 8.658. SWSC rookie Ricky Esparza shut off and showed 13.074. Bill Norman & Friends struggled to 9.676. Clay Cunningham had a “faux pas” and displayed 8.139. Past SWSC Points Champion Julian Moody went a great 7.503. Mike Jones made the trip only to go an 8.920 in Q-1. Don David slipped down to 16.301. Jacob Penner went a good 7.724. And Ray Stringer ran off the SWSC ladder with his 7.485 with the only small block in the field.
         Q-2 came around and the racers were ready! Lyle improved his position on the ladder with his 7.575 (7.60 1/4 mile index). Buck went 7.660. Brittny still couldn’t get hold of the track, 8.634. Sue improved to a 7.865. Gary missed again, 8.823. Ricky came around with a 7.678. Bill got in with a 7.728. Clay under shot the index wildly, 7.333. Likewise Julian, 7.467. Penner reached the top rung with his 7.591. Don David squeezed too hard 7.466. Mike Jones went under index, 7.382. And Ray got in with an excellent 7.612. 

          The official SWSC numbers crunchers gave us the pairings as #1 Jacob Penner (.009 off) vs. #8 Sue Stringer (.265 off). #2 Ray Stringer (.012) vs. #7 Bill Norman (.128). #3 Lyle Byrum (.025) vs.  #6 Julian Moody (.097). And #4 Buck Woolen (.060) vs. #5 Ricky Esparza (.078 off index). 

          SWSC Eliminations began as #1 Penner called out #8 Sue Stringer. Sue had a major mechanical meltdown @ the shift, and Jacob advanced to Rd 2 on a nice 7.6919/174. Next up #2 Ray Stringer challenged #7 Bill Norman. On the double breakout rule, Bill took the win with his less serious 7.552/183 over Rays 7.536/167. #4 Buck fired to run #5 Ricky and Buck got the nod with a 7.501/179 when Ricky lost track of time and carded a 7.057/171 (BRAKES!). Finally #3 Lyle Byrum (the NEW SWSC POINTS CHAMPION) fired to run the 2002-2010 SWSC Points Champ Julian Moody. In one of the closest races in SWSC history, Lyle won with numbers like .0256 r.t., 7.527 e.t. @ 176 mph vs. Julian's infinitesimally slower .0571 r.t., 7.5239 e.t., @ 181 mph! Margin of victory, .0284, virtually all of it in r.t.! Nice Pass, Guys!

          The semi-final round pitted Buck Woolen against Jacob Penner. Jacob advanced to the SWSC final on a legal 7.6493/178 vs. Bucks under pass of 7.5380/179. The other pair was Lyle Byrum and Bill Norman. Another double under index pass with Lyle coming out on top with a 7.4330/182 to Bills all-out 7.379/184!

          So the final pass of the 2011 SWSC season came down to the newly recognized (if yet to be crowned) SWSC Points Champ Lyle Byrum and #1 in qualifying Jacob Penner. Good atmosphere prevailed in another double under run, Lyles 7.5556/180 taking the win over Penner's more serious 7.5459/160.

     WOW! What a race....and what a Season! A new points champion! Eight events! Close racing! Good times..and great people! Watch for info on the SWSC 2011 Awards Banquet, location to be announced soon! Thanks, Race Fans! 



Lyle Byrum and team.... Roswell race winner and 2011 SWSC Champion.











Jacob Penner  Roswell Race Runner up.   back to back finals...


Jerry Norman Race Cars Drivers Bounty to Jacob Penner for a better r.t. than Sue Stringer in Rd 1 (.080 vs. .109)



MSD Racers Bonus    Winner Lyle Byrum

                                       R/U        Jacob Penner



Davidson Fuels drum of methanol to:    not awarded because both the winner and r/u have already won!





Good Vibrations Quick Light Award for best r.t of elims:  Buck Woolen (.0229 in Rd 1)





Sunset Racecraft Progressive Qualifier   #5 Ricky Esparza






Mears Mazda Qualifier Bonus  #1 Jacob Penner

                                                         #2 Ray Stringer



  7.60s     5

  7.50s     12

  180+      5 just in elims!



See You At the RACES!


Floyd Stringer