Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


          The Southwest Superchargers raced at Roswell Raceway Park, Roswell, NM July 10 for its fifth race of 2010. SWSC  points leader Julian Moody extended his points lead with the win in Roswell.


          Fifteen supercharger machines began qualifying under threats from the weather man of 60% chance of precipitation with corresponding humidity, unusual for New Mexico. In Q-1 Lyle Byrum ran a good 7.7092/175.37. Brittny Blakely's first pass was 7.8218/169.49. Andy Mears went a nice 7.6299/180.22 (7.60 index). Buck Woolen Sr. ran 7.6373/175.51. #1 Son Buck Woolen Jr. struggled to an 8.0349/170.58. Clay Cunningham performed an uncharacteristic 8.8376/174.83. Don David displayed 7.8547/169.88. Jacob Penner's opening pass was 7.7191/174.22. Julian Moody went 7.6664/173.14. Sue Stringer ran 7.6409/174.49. Gary Hill showed an under-index 7.5370/174.89. Bill Norman drove to a 7.6453/180.22. And the altered of Albert Seelig went 8.3933/152.54. The slingshot of Marvin Boyles lacked a high gear and popped a burst panel before half track. Also, Greg Powell brought the funny car and made a super 7.5654/174.
          Rd 2 Qualifying kicked off with Penner running a too-quick and officially ignored 7.4177/180.22. Gary Hill went quicker (unintentionally)7.5234/174.83. Buck Sr. ran 7.5256/174.37. Mears went 7.5486/183.90. Greg made a 7.6552/174.62. Brittny improved to 7.5715/174.22. Sue became #1 Qualifier with her 7.5916/176.19....until Bill went 7.5950/180.29 for the top spot on the SWSC ladder. Julian stepped up with his 7.6250/174.89. Lyle ran 7.6974/177.80. Buck Jr. improved with his 7.7992/173.34. Don David broke a rear on his Q-2 pass. Clay could only produce a 8.1899/ 173.08. Selig had ruined a slick tube in Q-1, no pass.
          The SWSC computer pairing program (by Carl Meador) revealed the #1 Qualifier to be Bill Norman (.0050 off index), #2 Sue Stringer (.0085), #3 Julian Moody (.0250), #4 Brittny Blakely (.0285), #5 Andy Mears (.0299), #6 Greg Powell (.0346), #7 Buck Woolen Sr. (.0373), #8 Gary Hill (.0630). Missing the qualified field @ Roswell Raceway Park was #9 Lyle Byrum, #10 Jacob Penner, #11 Buck Woolen, #12 Don David, #13 Clay Cunningham, #14 Al Selig, and #15 Marvin Boyles.
          SWSC Rd 1 Eliminations began when #2 Sue Stringer and #7 Buck Woolen Sr roared to life. Bucks on-the-brakes 7.6869/152.59 gave way to Sues 7.6353/171.30. Next #4 Brittny Blakely met #5 Andy Mears and Brittny won 7.6389/167.22 vs. Andy's 7.6921/167.47. #3 Julian Moody and #6 Greg Powell were next through the water. Greg left first but surrendered a nice 7.6876/173.34 to Julian's 7.6433/171.76. Finally #1 Bill Norman met #8 Gary Hill both driving Chrysler powered machines. Garys 7.6992/168.04 was eliminated by Bills 7.7138/ 170.07 (HOLESHOT!). And Bills .0305 r.t. was the Good Vibrations Quick Light Award. And remarkably all four top qualifiers advanced to the next round, the semi-finals.
          E-2 featured #2 Sue Stringer vs. #3 Julian Moody. Sues slightly better r.t. lost to Julian when she ran a sub-index 7.5833/157.89 to Julian's near-perfect 7.6043/175.10! Then #4 Brittny Blakely lined up against #1 Bill Norman. Brittny advanced to the final on her 7.6310/173.01 as Bill "bulbed" and ran a sub-index 7.5764/181.31.
          So the #3 and #4 Qualifiers met in the SWSC final. Virtually neighbors in or around the El Paso area, #4 Julian Moody left first with the better r.t. (.0389 vs. .0616) and needed it to win with his slightly softer 7.6085/173.14 to #3 Brittnys quicker and faster 7.6023/173.41. The final margin of victory after doing the math revealed a razor-thin .0165 seconds for Julian Moody & Henry "The Wizard" Keller and the Team. Nice Pass, Everyone! And Congratulations!
          The SWSC moves back to Desert Thunder Raceway for a reschedule of an earlier rain-out, July 31. Come join us for a great day of drag racing!

Winner from Roswell, 7 Time champ Julian Moody from El Paso, Tx


Runner Up from El Paso, Tx 2nd time finalist Brittny Blakely

Spread of field      .100
On index 7.60s     17
Over index            10
Sub                        12
Over 170mph        27
Over 180 mph        5
Mears Mazda #1 Qualifier          Bill Norman
Mears Mazda #2 Qualifier          Sue Stringer
Mears Mazda #3 Qualifier          Julian Moody
Good Vibrations Quick Light Award  Bill Norman
Sunset Racecraft Progressive Qualifier #8 Gary  Hill