Franks Race Results

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


                                       NORMAN BROS CLEAN UP @ SAN ANGELO
          The Southwest Superchargers latest trip down the tarmac was September 18 @ San Angelo Raceway, San Angelo, TX. This was the SWSC's grand return to the former Wall Dragway after an 8-year hiatus.
          A late-year eleven-car supercharged field lined up for Q-1 around 7:00 p.m. Buck Woolens dragster and Marvin Boyles small block slingshot were first on the San Angelo Raceway 1/8 mile. Boyles kind of struggled to a 7.313/69 vs. Bucks tire-trouncing 5.409/144.74. Andy Mears 540 cubic inch car made a nice sub-index 4.663/150 against Sue Stringer's 427-equipped dragster pass of 5.352/142. The Voodoo Child himself Mike Jones and his altered ran an excellent 4.744/148.5 (4.70 1/8 mile index) to Doug Meshirer's piston-gobbling 5.233/136. Jacob Penner's 427-motivated mount blazed the tires and displayed a dismal 10.285/40 to Julian Moody's 477-urged pass of 4.934/141. Lyle Byrum (unconfirmed cubes) smacked the Goodyears for a meager 5.462/136.5 vs. Bill & Jerry Normans 426 Hemi-propelled 4.809/145. The other Hemi in the  SWSC, Gary Smith, had oil pressure issues and missed Q-1.
          Q-2  came around as the density altitude lowered and the fans filled the track. Marvin Boyles improved to a 6.778/100 vs. Buck Woolens impressive 4.783/145. Moody stepped up with his 4.829/143 to Sues soft 4.919/125. Andy Mears went farther under with his 4.641/151 against Jacob Penner's much happier 4.870/141.5. Mike Jones slowed marginally to a 4.934/144.8 as Bill Norman displayed a consistent 4.840/144. Finally Lyle Byrum had a single and hooked up on a 4.987/144.6
          After SWSC Coordinator Donnie Powell fired up the pairing program, the field found #1 Qualifier was Andy Mears (.036 off index) and would meet #8 Lyle Byrum (.287 off). #2 Mike Jones (.044 off) would race #7 Sue Stringer (.219 off). #3 Buck Woolen (.083) was on the ladder vs. #6 Jacob Penner (.170 off). And #4 Bill Norman (.109 off) would race #5 Julian Moody (.129 off the SWSC 4.70 index). #9 was Doug Meshirer  (5.233 best), #10 Marvin Boyles (6.773 best), and #11 Gary Smith (no times).
          Rd 1 of SWSC Eliminations began when #4 Bill Norman of the Norman Bros/Bennett & Oliver Hemi-powered funster dragged the #5 Pipeliner  of Julian  Moody/Henry Keller and Team to the starting line. But the pairing had an anti-climatic start when Moody's brakes failed after the burnout and Bill got a bye, 4.727/147. Nice pass! The closest pass to index so far! Next up was #1 Andy Mears "Banzai Racing" team vs. the ATI-Med Assure team of #8  Lyle Byrum. Lyle started a little early (.001 red!) and surrendered a nice 4.809/145 to Andys softer 4.865/140.88. #3 Buck Woolen was next against #6 Jacob Penner. Buck  immediately had traction troubles (5.482/145) and Jacob advanced on the merits of his 4.799/138. #2 Mike Jones rolled up to meet #7 Sue Stringer. Mikes unpredictable altered drifted right and displayed a 4.940/148.8 giving Sue the win via a 4.926/118. Only half of the top half of the SWSC field advanced, #1 Mears and #4 Norman. The other half of the semis would be #6 Penner and #7 Sue.
          That pairing in the semi final round came around as #6 Jacob Penner and #7 Sue Stringer sweetened the night air with alcohol fumes. Penners dragster refused to reverse without muscle power but got staged without undue heat in either engine. After a nice green light start by both the win light came on in Sues lane  as her 4.718/144.9 (best pass to index of the race!) won over Jacobs off-pace 4.949/140.69. #1 Andy Mears rolled through the water with #4 Bill Norman and the Norman Bros came out  on top 4.727/147 to Andys 4.865/140.88.
          After the temp had fallen below 78 and the humidity had climbed over 66%, #4 Bill Norman and #7 Sue "Twisted Sister" Stringer suited up for the SWSC final round. Both cars had sub-.060 r.t.s and Bill Norman triumphed 4.753/146 to Sues off-pace 4.861/121.7. Congratulations to both drivers, their first final since they would have met in the final in Denton in 2007 (last pass cancelled there for dew on track). Great job, nice work!
          The SWSC is rapidly running out of races! Race 10 of 2010 will be Wichita Falls October 16, the Last Gasp of the 2010 SWSC Season!

Mears Mazda #1 Qualifier   Andy Mears
Mears Mazda #2 Qualifier   Mike Jones
Mears Mazda #3 Qualifier   Buck Woolen

Sunset Racecraft Progressive Qualifier  #4 Bill Norman

Good Vibrations Quick Light of Eliminations  (.007) Andy Mears
Jerry Norman Driver Bounty on Don David  (not  awarded- did not attend)
      An Oversize SWSC Thanks to Gattis Pizza & Goodfellow AFB BX for hosting the SWSC Saturday morning displays. And special attention to Jerry Norman for the newspaper article and radio interview highlighting the SWSC event.
          Thanks to track owner Carol Pierce & the San Angelo Raceway crew. Hope you  liked the show. Thanks!
 Awright, Race Fans! We're off to Wichita Falls Texas. We'll See You There!!