Southwest SuperChargers Point System

Attendance Points
(One Qualifying Run Required)            5 Points

Display Points                                     20 Points

Qualifying Position Points
#1.  8 Points                     #5.  4 Points
#2.  7                               #6.  3
#3.  6                               #7.  2
#4.  5                               #8.  1

Event Points
Winner                                   50 Points
Runner Up                             30 Points
2nd Rnd Loser                      20 Points
1st Rnd Loser                      10 Points

Race Day Payouts are as follows:
Runner Up:.............$500.00
1'st Round:.............$300.00
4 alternates:........$200.00 
(must  make 2 Qualifying Runs, $100.00 per run)

Payout is paid to qualifiers 1 thru 12 at each event.
Must be pre-entered to receive full money.
If not pre-entered half-pay-out.
Non-Members $100.00 entry and receive half money
     Southwest SuperChargers will present trophies and cash awards at the end of the season. The list below is an example.

Actual end of year results will be dependant on the number of cars we have at each race.

1st Place in Points                                        $600.00 & Trophy
2nd Place                                                        $400.00
3rd Place                                                        $200.00
4th & 5th                                                          $100.00 ea.


Your Tate Branch Auto Group 2018 Southwest SuperChargers Champion

Janna Skinner

Driver Name Albuquerque San Antonio Amarillo Caprock Roswell Total
Christian Leffew 80 25 38 83 83 309
Ricky Esparza 42   53 51 42 188
Gilbert Tejada   20 51 62 51 184
Jacob Penner 58   36 39 38 171
Rodney Ferguson 41   59 30   130
Paul Vineyard 39   40   50 129
Janna Skinner 33       35 68
Ray Stringer     62     62
Benny Davis        37 17 54
Rickey Weeaks     17 18 16 51
Paul Roybal 47         47
Joe Navar   25       25
Buck Woolen Sr.         19 19
Bill Ort         5 5

 Please contact me if you feel there is an error. Corrections must be made before the next race, or points stand as is! When races are back to back weekends, corrections from the first of those two races can be made up to the race in the following month. Please print this page for future reference.

The SWSC are members of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s Team DUKE
 A portion of each ticket from 2010 event ticket sales will benefit the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to bring courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer. To make a donation to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation in the name of Southwest Superchargers, please visit To learn more about the John Wayne Cancer Foundation
(JWCF) and Team DUKE, please visit and The JWCF and
Team DUKE name and logos are used with permission.




2019 Schedule

 Odessa, Tx

Canceled  San Antonio, Tx

Christian Leffew***Albuquerque Dragway

Rodney Ferguson*** Amarillo Dragway

Christian Leffew***Caprock Motorplex

Christian Leffew*** Alien City Dragway

Canceled   San Antonio, Tx

Nov.2nd***Caprock Motorplex


SWSC Contacts
Event Director:  Don David
Ph: 1-432-266-0788
Race Director: Floyd Stringer
Ph: 1-575-437-3164
Tech Inspectors:
Points Director: Ray Stringer
Ph: 1-575-439-1004