The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



     The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers ran a double race (sort of) November 3 @ Southwest University Motorplex to finish out the convoluted 2018 racing season, and two different winners made late points.

     First off, the weather was as perfect as you will ever have at this altitude. 5785' density altitude, clear skies, mild breeze, 75 degrees as eliminations began, near perfect. With only 4 cars doing battle, the SWSC had plenty of time to have this race and finish the semi-final and final rounds from Sept 18 race that was rained out here in El Paso.

      Time trials/qualifying began with Janna Skinner and Ricky Esparza starting the ritual burnouts to lay down fresh rubber, heat the tires and clean everything for a great pass. Ricky's slingshot jerked the frontrunners out of the beams, red light start on a 4.5778/155.60 to Janna's close-to-index 4.5153/154.22. Christian Leffew likewise pulled the fronts up and went a soft 4.7035/147.78 to Joe Navar's better 4.5247/151.46.

      Rd2 Qualifying was also the semi-final round of our postponed September 18 race, so Joe Navar met Ricky Esparza. Joe advanced to the final of that race by way of his superior 4.5380/151.21 to Ricky's red light initiated 4.4729/157.89, under index. BTW, index for this El Paso race was 4.50.

      Next pass was the first round of eliminations for the current November 3 race. Same pairing as last pass. Joe Navar again advanced to a final via his 4.5255/137.83 to Ricky's under index pass of 4.4946/156.69. Looks like the Esparza's have a handle on the high powered slingshot. Janna Skinner also advanced when she went 4.5044/149.60 to Christian Leffew's 4.9484/114.62 (slippery). 

     Next up the SWSC ran the final for that days race, another Janna vs. Joe kinda pass. There has been several of these throughout the season. But first, a runoff between Ricky and Christian was in order just for the spectators. Esparza arrived first on his 4.8481 to Leffew's 6.8404. The final saw Janna Skinner take the "JERRY" based on her 4.5939 to Joes loose 7.3854. One final round in the history books.

     In the final round for the Sept 18 race, Janna would again meet Joe. This time the tables were turned as Joe Navar took home the winners share with 5.6874 as Janna lit the dreaded red bulb and ran 4.6052. 

     Joe Navar won the Good Vibrations Quick Light with a scary .003 light! Great Job! 

     As we in the Southwest Superchargers close out our 20th successful season, we would like to take a few minutes to thank our sponsors/partners who have been so helpful in our continued success. Tate Branch Family of Dealerships in Portales, Carlsbad and Hobbs, New Mexico. Andy Mears of Mears Mazda/Volvo, of Lubbock Texas. Good Vibrations/Drag Parts of Whittier, Calif, Thank you for sponsoring our Quick Light Award Bonus forever. TR Chassis, Las Cruces. Lyle Byrum of ATI Jet Executive Charter of El Paso, couldn't do it without your continued assistance. Micro Machine, Gary & Mark Jones, Gary Smith, Gary Hill, thanks again. Hope to see you in 2019.

 Watch our website and Facebook page, the 2018 SWSC Awards banquet is in the planning stages We'll see you there!


Floyd Stringer

Janna Skinner winner in El Paso and the 2018 SWSC Champion!!

Joe Navar runner up in El Paso.

Mears Mazda Winner  

Mears Mazda Runner-Up

SWSC Bounty.

ATI Jet Quick Qualifier


TR Chassis Progressive Qual.

Good Vibrations Quick Light