The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!



                                                                  DON DAVID CLINCHES 2017 POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP

     The Tate Branch Southwest Superchargers ran their final race of the season @ San Antonio Raceway September 23. Janna Skinner of Albuquerque of Albuquerque took home the winners share and collected her first "Jerry".

     Seven supercharged faithful made the haul to the city of the Alamo for San Antonio's "Night of Fire" that included SWSC, fuel altereds, and Pro Mods.

     SWSC qualifying started @ 7:00p.m. with Rickie Weeaks' Ford powered altered meeting Christian Leffew in Sue Stringers dragster. Rickie's car hiked the front and turned left sharply, 7.9242/73 to Christians sub-index 4.4435/154.00. SWSC COO Don David made a close 4.4835/153.01 vs. Janna Skinners 4.5554/150.75. Joe Navar's single was 4.8960/147.73. The Hemi -motored altered of Bill Ort displayed a 4.8788/144.69. Jacob Penner's car punished the battery into submission, no pass.

     Q-2 began with Christian Leffew rolling into the bleach box opposite Jacob Penner. Jacob made a decent 4.6997/151.41 to Christians consistent but sub 4.4582/152.91. Joe Navar climbed the qualifying ladder with his 4.5320/149.75 to Don David's 4.7840/145.73. The altereds ran together, Bill Ort going 4.9678/147.40 to Rickie Weeaks loose/high/crossed up 10.64/49. Janna Skinner went near the top with her 4.5186/151.98.

     A piece of charcoal on the trailer wall made it look like Don David was the #1 Qualifier, just .0165 under the 4.500 SWSC San Antonio index. He would get a bye run due to the 7-car field. #2 qualifier was Janna Skinner, .0186 off. Her opponent in Rd 1 would be #7 Rickie Weeaks, 3.42 off. #3 Joe Navar (.0320), would run #6 Bill Ort (.3788). And #4 Christian Leffew (.0420) would meet #5 Jacob Penner who was .1997 off index.

     The SWSC Final race of 2017 began with #4 Christian Leffew rolling up to meet #5 Jacob Penner. Christian advanced to the semis via his 4.5709/146.44 to Jacobs 4.7170/146.63. #3 Joe Navar next came around to run #6 Bill Ort. Joes decent 4.6199/127.48 overshadowed Bills 5.3305.123.29. #2 Janna Skinner made her burn-out vs. #7 Rickie Weeaks. Rickie again had handling issues, 6.4797/98 to Janna's winning 4.6932/131.89. Don David's single proved to be anti-climactic as after his burnout the track crew had to retrieve a breaker bar off the track before Don could run. Dons mount got too hot, he aborted the run, surrendering lane choice in Rd 2. 

     SWSC Rd 2 Elims started when Janna Skinner met Joe Navar. Janna's near-perfect 4.5104/152.08 outpaced Joes 4.5881/142.68. In the other half of the round, Christian Leffew took the win over Don David's wheel standing dragster, 4.5702/136.49 to 4.7789/146.06.

     So we have the final final of the season at hand. Don David had clinched the SWSC 2017 Points Championship by now. Christian is locked into #2 in points. Janna is looking for her first win in SWSC, hopefully here. At the light .037 to .047 r.t., but Christian ran UNDER the 4.50, 4.46 to Janna's winning 4.52 on the index. Congratulations Janna and Alan Skinner on your first SWSC win! Great season! And Nice Job to Don David on his first SWSC Championship finish!

     Racers & Fans, that closes another fine racing season with the Southwest Superchargers, something like our 20th successful year! Stay tuned as we begin to plan our awards banquet for January/February 2018. Did you catch us on from San Antonio last weekend? And watch us on Facebook! We'll see you at the Races!

Floyd Stringer

We would like to remind everyone to patronize our racing sponsors at every opportunity, they help keep racing alive and fast everywhere, and in the SWSC!
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Winner Janna and Allan Skinner! Congratulations to the both of you. Thank you for supporting the SWSC!!

 Runner up Christian Leffew. Way to go! Christian has come along way in a very short time! Very Proud of him!!!

Congratulations to Don & Lisa David on winning the Southwest SuperChargers 2017 Championship!

And our Thanks again this season to Tate Branch Auto Group of Southern New Mexico

Mears Mazda Winner Bonus Janna Skinner   

Mears Mazda R/U Bonus Christian Leffew

ATI-Jet Quick Qualifier Christian Leffew

TR Chassis Progressive Qualifier Don David

SWSC Bounty on previous winner Christian Leffew

Good Vibrations Quick Light Janna Skinner (.035 Rd3)