The Finish Line

     Welcome to the results page. After each race, we will have the results of each race, the "who made it and who didn't"! Who struggled and who was on top!


Late Start.....Short  Field @ Alamo City Raceway

     The Southwest Superchargers were finally allowed to start their 2020 season June 13 @ Alamo City Raceway, San Antonio. With only four cars on the property carrying the SWSC banner, it was to be an abbreviated evening. 

     Our old friend  and SWSC racer from El Paso Al Seelig had every intention of attending the first race, but truck trouble prohibited him from bringing his hot pink altered to Alamo City Raceway. Too bad, would have been a big hit with the fans

     Track partner/owner Rodney Zambula also had high hopes of making the field, but the Brown Truck of Happiness didn't bring much needed parts in time to finish the car. Maybe next time. We look forward to seeing his blower car. 

     One who did make the trip was Rodney Ferguson from Hereford, Tx. Rodney was slated to drive the r.e.d. of Steve Meiwes. During a test session Friday night @ Alamo City Raceway, they broke a lifter. Ouch! Broke off in the block and they had to remove the cam to get the bad part out. End of a weekend for that team. Rodney and Steve say they plan on racing more with the SWSC this season. 

     Three newcomers graced the pages of the SWSC pairings book. Dennis Smith of San Antonio has been trying to race with the SWSC for several months, only to have problems plague his attendance. Finally able to show up with his beautiful  r.e.d. powered by a traditional big block, Dennis also ponied up some serious bonus award money for the rest of the field to squabble over. $250 was the award for Best Pass to Index in eliminations. $125 would go to the Quick Qualifier, over or under index down to the SWSC legal 4.40. And another $125 for the Driver Bounty on the winner of the last SWSC race, in this case 2019 SWSC Points Champion Christian Leffew. Watch for more on these bonus awards later.

     Coming down to join the SWSC from Oklahoma with his sparkling slingshot-type dragster was the big block equipped car of Mike Caknupp. A great looking car, Mike had kinfolk to visit in the area and joined the SWSC for a race while in the area. Mike and the team made a welcome addition to the field.

     Ardmore, Oklahoma surrendered the likewise sweet slingshot of Steve Matthews. Dennis' car was powered by a small block with a not-so-traditional B&M blower. A smart looking ride, with performance to match. Thanks for coming and joining in on the competition. 

     A non-eliminations type show was agreed on by the competitors and runs began. We still needed an eliminations ladder, so qualifying began. First out was the fresh/new 23T altered of Christian Leffew. Last season (and the season before) Christian had a well-known r.e.d. powered by a "normal" 454/468 bbc. This season, he had the opportunity to trade/purchase the long-stored 23T of a former Alamogordo racer, and the deal was made. New car bugs made their appearance early, as the shifter cable detached after the burnout, negating a reverse to the starting line. Abort, next car. In the right opposite Christian was Mike Caknupp and his big block slingshot. Another one bit the dust when an important ignition wire dislodged itself during the burnout. Result, dead motor, next car! The other pair of Dennis Smith and Steve Matthews fired to make a pass. These two made up for the forgettable pair earlier. Steve's small block put up a great 4.458/154.43 only to be outrun by Dennis Smiths 4.440/160.21! Holy Smokin tires, Batman! Thank You, fellas!

     After a couple hours watching the other classes and Funny Car Chaos, and a little between-round maintenance, Q2 was at hand for our racers. Christian again fired first in the right lane, but his ride sounded a little abnormal. A nice 1.09 60' only led to a short 5.973/84.24 after a couple of pops were from the altereds big block. In the left lane, Dennis Smith made a clean/straight/legal 4.628/152.03. Nice! Next up Steve Matthews' small block car went 4.599/150.96 vs. Mike Caknupps shut-off pass as he crossed the center stripe early in the run. 

     Now we either had another qualifying run or a first round pass next. Doesn't matter, everybody was eager to run. Steve Matthews lined up vs. Christian Leffew. Matthews went 4.772/152.48 to Christians wounded 6.854/93. Sounded pretty ill. Dennis again displayed a barely legal 4.418/155.66 to Mikes 5.036/140.06. 

     That last run had been considered a semi-final, so all that was left was a final pass by all to determine First, Second, and Third and Fourth. Christian fired, but soon surrendered the pass as his ride sounded worse than ever, later determined to be a thrown pushrod on #8 intake and a bad electronics box. So Mike Caknupp took a bye for Third Place unofficially. In the last pair of the night for the SWSC Dennis Smith met Steve Matthews. Dennis again ran sub-index with his 4.440/156.03 surrendering the win to Steves 4.72/146.39. 

Winner! Steve Matthew from Oklahoma!

our Runner up Dennis Smith form San Antonio

     Our congratulations and SWSC Thank You to the new guys. You made a great showing on your first time with the SWSC and we hope to see you again this season. And an extra special Thanks to Nogalitos Gear Co. of San Antonio and Dennis Smith, proprietor.

Nogalitos Gear Co. Best Pass to Index of eliminations  Steve Matthews   4.72

Nogalitos Gear Co Quick Qualifier    Dennis Smith  4.440

Good Vibrations Quick Light        Steve Matthews  .004 (!)

Nogalitos Gear Co. Driver Bounty   Dennis Smith  (first round vs. Leffew)


C'mon, We'll see you at the races! 

Watch for us to post more schedule as the season goes on. As the country goes, so goes our 22nd year with the Southwest Superchargers!  

Floyd (Fuzzy Gearhead) Stringer