Southwest SuperChargers Point System

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What we are all about:
        Eight (8) car qualified field.  7.60 index. Qualifying will be set by the time closest to either side of the 7.60, no quicker than 7.50, .4 pro tree: Deep stage at your own risk, starter will not wait.  Safety per NHRA. Blowers MANDATORY.  Fuel Injectors and Methanol Required! Diapers Mandatory, SFI date waived (oil retention).  
NO ELECTRONICS, i.e. automated throttle controls, 2-steps, stutter boxes, delay boxes or automatic shifters. All vehicle controls will be a direct action of the driver, PERIOD! NO EXCEPTIONS!  No Data recorders allowed, recall tachs are ok.  Rev limiter allowed, max rpm only.  
    SWSC will have a person responsible for coordinating the display, 2 qualifying passes, pro style run ladders and assembling race cars to run at your desired times.
There will be no by runs: alternates or the fastest loser will be reinstated to replace broken cars. 
    Break re-insertion goes to the next alternate or alternates in ascending order before 1st rnd. After 1st rnd the looser of the previous round closest to the 7.60 index providing a non disqualified pass, (red light or break out is no a disqualified pass.)
     If racing has to be run on Sunday due to weather, Saturdays runs stand for qualifying.  i.e. not tune up runs will be made on Sunday.


Southwest Superchargers Roll Call 2014

Rickey Weeaks                            Blown Ford                                Roswell, NM
Charlotte Schmidt                                                                             El Paso, Tx
Rickey Esparza                      Esparza Front eng. dragster       Las Cruces, NM

Julian Moody            Pipeliner    Big Block Chevy                         El Paso, TX
Jacob Penner          Just For Kicks Big Block Chevy                      Seminole, TX
Mike Jones              Voodoo Racing              BBC                        Lubbock, TX
Sue Stringer            Twisted Sister Racing   BBC                         Alamogordo, NM
Andy Mears              BANZAI Racing          BBC                           Lubbock, TX
Bill Norman             Faboulas Fat Boys        Hemi                        Odessa, TX           
Gary Hill                   Quick Thrill Racing     Maxwedge               Truth or Consequences, NM    
Don David                Army / ISC                    BBC                        Odessa, TX
Ray Stringer            Stringer Family Racing   SBC                         Alamogordo, NM
Buck Woolen          Woolen Trucking           BBC                         Alamogordo, NM
Buck Woolen, Jr                                        BBC                          Alamogordo, NM
Lyle Byrum            ATI                              BBC                          El Paso, TX
Eddie Tidwell         Munster Racing            SBC                          Andrews, TX
Gary Smith             Seismic Activity            Hemi                        Lubbock, TX
Mike Aton                Comfortably Numb     BBC                        Artesia, NM

Albert Seelig                                                  BBC                      El Paso, Tx.

Joe Navar              




    For More Information Contact:
Floyd Stringer Alamogordo, NM 575-437-3164

        Don David   Odessa, Tx   Ph: 1-432-266-0788