Here you will find the print outs and work sheets we use to write the reports, figure up points, and use for our statistics  you find here on the website. Some have been asking for them at the races. That takes way to much time for those working the "numbers".

   Each race I will try to scan in these sheets for you to view at your leisure. They are just pictures of the sheets. You can save them to your computer and work with them so you can see them better. I will try in the future to get them in PDF.
   The info gathered from the print outs alone can be great! What you can learn about your competition just from looking at the numbers!

Albuquerque TT #2
Albuquerque 1st rnd
Albuquerque 2nd rnd
Albuquerque final

Hobbs TT #1
Hobbs TT#2
Hobbs 1st rnd
Hobbs 2nd rnd


Caprock 2013 TT-1
Caprock 2013 TT-2
Caprock 2013 Rnd 1
Caprock 2013 Rnd 2
Caprock 2013 Final


Roswell 2012 Time Trial 1
Roswell 2012 Time Trial 2
Roswell 1st rnd.
Roswell Semi
Roswell Final Round

Midland 2012 Time Trial 1
Midland 2012 Time Trial 2
Midland 2012 1st rnd.
Midland 2012 2nd rnd
Midland 2012 Final


San Antonio Qualifying
San Antonio Rnd 1
San Antonio Rnd 2
San Antonio Final

Midland Print out


Midland 1st Time Trial
Midland 2nd Time Trial
Midland Eliminations

Roswell 1st Time Trial
Roswell 2nd Time Trial
Roswell 1st rnd
Roswell 2nd rnd
Roswell Final rnd

Midland Rain Out Qualifying 1
Midland Rain Out Qualifying 2

Amarillo Qualifying
Amarillo 1st rnd
Amarillo Semi
Amarillo Final

Midland Qualifying and Elims page

Hobbs Qualifying and Elims page

Odessa Qualifying Rnd 1
Odessa Qualifying Rnd 2
Odessa Rnd 1
Odessa Rnd 2
Odessa Semi
Odessa Final

Tucson 08 Qualifying Rnd1
Tucson 08 Qualifying Rnd2
Tucson 08 Eliminations

Denton Qualifying Rnd 1
Denton Qualifying Rnd 2
Denton Qualifying Sheet
Denton 1st rnd.
Denton 2nd rnd.
Denton Semi
Denton Final

Lubbock Qualifying Rnd 1
Lubbock Qualifying Rnd 2
Lubbock Ladder
Lubbock 1st rnd
Lubbock Semi.

Abilene Qualifying Rnd 1
Abilene Qualifying Rnd 2
Abilene Rnd 1
Abilene Rnd 2
Abilene Semi
Abilene Final

Amarillo Qualifying Rnd 1 & 2
Amarillo Rnd 1 & 2
Amarillo Final

Wichita Falls Qualifying Rnd 1
Wichita Falls Qualifying Rnd 2
Wichita Falls Rnd. 1
Wichita Falls Rnd 2
Wichita Falls Final Rnd
SWSC Wichita Print Out

Midland 08 Excel Print out.
Midland 08 Track Print out.

Pueblo07 Qualifying
Pueblo07 Qualifying Rnd 1
Pueblo07 Qualifying Rnd 2
Pueblo07 First Rnd
Pueblo07 Eliminations
Pueblo07 Ladder

Lubbock07 Qualifying
Lubbock07 Qualifying Rnd 1
Lubbock07 Qualifying Rnd 2
Lubbock07 First Rnd
Lubbock07 Second Rnd
Lubbock07 Final Rnd
Lubbock07 Ladder

Midland Race Sheet
Midland Qualifying

Abilene Ladder
Abilene First Rnd.
Abilene Semi
Abilene Final